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Duck Life: Retro Pack APK

Duck Life: Retro Pack

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Description of Duck Life: Retro Pack

The cutest animal champions of racing are back in action with Duck Life Retro Pack!

Start your adventure today with the 3 original Duck Life games remastered for Android. Raise, train and grow your pet Duck and race your way to the top of the ultimate Duck racing tournaments!

Please note: This game pack includes 3 full games.


This where it all began - train your Duckling to become the supreme champion of Duck racing and save your farm from total mass extinction. Train up your pet Duck in running, swimming and flying skills by playing various mini games to level up in hopes to race your Duck to become the fastest little duckling ever in the sport! Collect hats along the way and customize your cute Duck just way you like it!


The sequel to the Duck training phenomenon! You must now travel the world racing your pet Duck to become the World Champion. With greater fierce intense competition your Duck has learned a skill that no Duck has ever learned before, will you be able to release the power?


With the popularity of the sport at an all time high, a breakthrough in Duck racing technology has happened, the scale of which has never been seen before! Take on the adventure with a modified Duck that can evolve to new unchartered heights. Teach these Ducks new skills and master all the new capabilities of your amazing pet Duck!

These 3 revamped versions features higher quality graphics made for True HD display, a smoother frame rate and a complete new set of touch controls! It also includes a brand new challenge gameplay mode where your training mini game skills will be tested to the ultimate max... Just try and keep up!


- 3 Full Games

- Full High Definition Graphics

- Smoother Game play at 60/fps

- Brand New Challenge mode to test your Duck Life Mini Game Skills!

- Over 45 Total Races

For any additional help or concerns please leave us a message and we will do our absolute to address any issues... QUACK ON!

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lable: Sports - Games Current Version:2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:MAD.com

User Reviews


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Taz_ 2015-08-30

Much better. With the recent updates, the game now functions as it should, for the most part. However, whenever I return to the app\'s main menu, it still prompts me to buy the full version. Another bug is in World Champions, though it may be in the other two. After a race or two, the stamina bar freezes, and my duck has unlimited stamina. I don\'t know what causes it, nor what ends it, but it was strange. I stopped racing to not exploit the bug, which was kind of annoying.
Taylen Jacobs 2016-12-21

Fun but I found a glitch I used to play the duck life games on my pc when I was younger so I was very excited to play them again but every time I do a race on Duck Life: World Champion it crashes. If you fix this glitch the game should be perfect. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if that helps find the glitch
LuckyShot91 2016-04-21

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Michael Kreisher 2016-03-01

I like it but It keeps on kicking me out of the game after random amounts of time and it doesn\'t always save I hope y\'all can fix this or reimburse me the money
Tate 2015-11-22

Best app It\'s just like on the computer but you can do it in the car ride😊
Malachi Alle 2016-06-23

Had no problems Its really Entertaining and makes time go by fast. It only has one problem the problem when you start it freezes BUT still works! Also there is no violence graphics
Joel Longhurst 2019-01-22

the reason i put 4 not 5 is because all the trainings are the same but diffrent theme. Good game otherwise! 🐥🐣🐤but only on evolution so its good 😊
8Chasey Pikerson 2021-02-14

EDIT: This is WAY better now. Thanks!
luzbernice pearson 2019-05-19

reason why I rate this 1 star is because if u return to menu from 1 of 3 or beat a challge or fail it force u to get full game when u playing full game please fix it also what happened to duck life retro pack free
craig scherer 2017-11-07

Very glitchy. Will randomly shut off while participating in races, requiring you to restart. Doesn\'t save data like it should, many times you have to exit out to main screen to hopefully get it to save data. Add a save button. Always asks to buy now, even tho you have. And other issues. When it works, it\'s fun