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Description of Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

Following the massive success of Dumb Ways to Die, we are giving the world something fresh, new and original to fall in love with: a sequel.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games has taken the world by storm.

Boasting all new levels and challenges, leader boards, as well as a cast of new characters, Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games is bringing train safety message to the world in a cheeky and fun way.

External Storage privileges are required for .OBB files and also for caching advertisements on the device.

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:5.1.10 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:PlaySide Studios Ltd

User Reviews


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Piyush Sharma 2019-06-08

it\'s an intresting and provides many games and also earning us to not to do unsafe things . My time goes in amusement and glee when I play this game . The updates are also very nice this is one of my most satisfactory game I HOPE GAMES LIKE THIS ARE MADE BY YOU 👩 WONDERFULLY DESCRIBED !!!!!MUST BE CROWNED AS THE BEST GAME👑👑👑
Sophia Richardson 2020-11-25

I love this game so much!! It never freezes on me, and if it does, it usually happenes every blue moon lol!! It has so many options to choose from...in terms of levels. Basically, a more evolved version of the first one. Make sure to be on Team Lax\'s side!!!
cherrycqla 2020-12-06

I loved this game so much as a kid! But now it\'s just glitchy, and most of the minigames don\'t even work. The ads aren\'t a huge problem, it\'s just super frustrating for the tilting ones. I can tilt my screen except it delays it and pushes the character way further than I tilted. It\'s a good game due to the non wifi aspect of it and engaging minigames but that\'s it.
Logan McKeon 2019-02-16

(I CAN\'T PLAY IT!!) so here\'s the story. so i just opened the app then it came up with dumb ways to die 2 the games, then it went to the screen that says to die 2 the games but it didn\'t have dumb ways?? then i pressed the button \"press\" and then it came up with Loading. AND IT STAYED ON THAT SCREEN AND DID NOTHING!!! i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and THE SAME SITUATION HAPPENED AGAIN!!
WaywardWitch69 2020-09-17

Loved this & the original for manyyy years now ! It\'s one of those games that has a style all its own; very hard to replicate !, It\'s a blast to play, humorous, lifts my mood no matter the day. Excited to try Dumb Ways To Die3 ! Thank you ! Buying a few others too like the hospital & cooking games not just for myself but my 4 year old lol ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
raiza j 2019-05-29

THERE ARE TOO MUCH ADS! The games are fine but everytime you\'ve wasted three lives you watch a video, also when you want to play again or go to the map U HAVE TOO WATCH A VIDEO!!!!
LM Gaming 2020-09-16

I cant even explain how much joy this brings me! Its classical fun and hilariousness! This was my childhood and I love it. I highly recommend this to you! If you don\'t have it, download it. You\'ll thank me in the future. It brings back so many childhood memories with me and my brother! It deserves the best game of the world, in all seriousness, amazing game. Nothing id change about it. I\'m so glad I found this again!
Retrobyte 101 2020-05-23

The game is so great, until there are glitches. In freezerville, and if the skater loses, there\'s an insect at the top of the screen. 2, every time I play a stage, the music is suddenly gone. Pls fix this.
A Google user 2019-11-30

It\'s really good and there\'s new games lots of good stuff start playing now!!And there are some things that need to be fixed but overall great game!!
Nate M. 2020-10-13

It looks funny but all it does is continuously drop you into mini games that are so fast that literally by the time you\'ve read and understood the instructions you\'ve already lost. At least once it didn\'t even give me instructions. And you can\'t retry; it just instantly drops you into another game. Let me read instructions before starting and give me more than 3 or 4 seconds to play it, and then let me retry, and maybe it would be playable.