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⭐️ Pocket Gamer - GAME OF THE YEAR 2020 FINALIST!

⭐️ Google Play - Best of 2019 Winner! (India)

⭐️ Over 500,000 downloads!

DUNGEON FASTER, an original hybrid of dungeon crawler, turn-based strategy, and card game. It's the roguelike from hell! 🔥


✔️ Solo dungeon exploration! Many rooms for you to explore!

✔️ Automatic saves at every room! Play and stop at anytime!

✔️ Lots of content waiting to be unlocked!

✔️ Hero leveling! Deck Building! Looting!

✔️ Play offline!

✔️ Completely free to play and no pay to win!

✔️ Only in-app purchases are donations to support me! The one man developer!

HEROES - Many different characters for you to play! Each character is unique! Play as the beautiful Paladyna or the sneaky Thiefo!

CARDS - Build your own custom deck to defeat your enemies! Cards can be upgraded permanantly so you will always be getting more powerful! ⚡️

DUNGEON - Traverse a deep dungeon with many rooms full of treasure! But beware! That treasure belongs to someone else and they aren't going to be happy you're stealing it!

ITEMS - The dungeon is full of items that can either help or hurt you!

ENEMIES - Full of terrifying monsters who are angry that their parents gave them weird names! Wherewulf! Zombiebie! Skeletoon and more!

FIGHT - Power up yourself up as much as possible before fighting the boss! If you're super strong you can kill him in one hit! If you're super weak YOU might be the one who gets killed in one hit!

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:1.127 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Old Oak Den

User Reviews


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Geoff Landskov 2019-08-25

Pretty good concept, but way too much RNG, too little player choice, and upgraded cards are a must as you go on, but take forever to grind (sped up by paying). The grind is made worse by how frequently teeth are taken away in seemingly arbitrary ways. Uninstalled after about an hour, just not enough meat behind the RNG.
Dylan Tillman 2019-06-22

Tutorial is somehow too long without explaining the game at all. Once you play for a while and understand the game, you realize there is no gameplay--just tapping tiles to reveal some artwork.
Samuel Riggs 2019-09-19

Honestly super fun game, which is completely free and ad free. If you like rogue likes or card games, this game is like a gold mine. Super addictive and a blast to play. I appreciate the developer, trying to go for a completely free to play mobile game and not requiring you to pay a penny to access it all. Very unlike most mobile developers this day. I even donated to the game\'s development. You deserve it man
James Calitz 2020-08-26

what an awesome game. in contrast to the coffee break roguelitess that are so abundant on mobile, runs can last quite a while. a great art style makes it a pleasure to look at and the absence of in-game ads makes the gameplay something to be sucked into. some minor tweaks i would suggest are: - the ability to view your character sheet mid-game - a way to inspect cards while they arent in your hand - hover tooltips for status effects all in all a great way to waste a few hours :)
Ilya Baklashov 2020-10-30

Cards don\'t feel exciting or powerful(maybe after grinding some teeth they do), most of them are just plain useless. There is zero tactical or strategic component in discovering the game board... makes wonder why is it a board at all. Runes are supposed to add extra dimension, but the only thing they add is \"sacrifice 1 health instead of gold to rotate a card\". Overall the game seems like a collection of mechanics that other card games don\'t have(coz they don\'t work).
J C 2019-11-06

Thought it was tough but fun at first but updates just add more traps and things to mess you up and nothing that actually helps you. It\'s unplayable unless you pay to win now. Uninstalled.
Paul WV 2019-08-09

great game all around. cant wait for the infinite dungeon to come out. i had a lot of fun playing this all day for a few days. would be nice if we got a leader board of eome sort eventually. i love that yhis is 100% free to play with no ads! support this dev, he deserves to retire off this great game! dev responds to review in like 3 minutes, awesome service!
Alex Bochman 2019-10-18

Looked for an in depth but accessible RPG, but I instead stumbled upon this stylish deck building rogue like. An easy game to pick up and play for a short time, and with enough nuances to learn to make it really interesting. Definitely my top mobile game currently. I recommend giving it a COUPLE shots, try and get into it. Also, it\'s free.
quotetheraven72 2019-11-19

It\'s a neat game with some humor. Has a good tutorial. Simple concept: find the key beat the enemy, then exit. It\'s a lot more challenging than it sounds. Overall an enjoyable game. I can\'t get the game to log into Google play, which is why I gave 4 stars. Updated: thanks for fixing the Google play login issue 😀. Rerated 5 stars!
Meetup Kai 2020-03-28

I really wanted to like this game and all other no-ad or no-IAP apps. After playing it about 6-7x, I was ready to give up on it. You need to explore and survive 11 different boards to unlock a tunnel so that in subsequent plays you do not have to follow the 11 room route. To do this is tedious work. You are not strong enough with the starting character so you\'ll have to upgrade the cards in your hand to beome stronger. This is done with repeated plays. However, even if you do upgrade, the card that is now quite useful might never appear in your game to be effectively used. Whether you do well or not is based on skill but mostly (80%+) luck. I stuck with the game a little longer and did manage to unlock the tunnel but shortly after that, I was given an opponent with 24 health, 8 attack and 10 defense. There is no way I can defeat such an opponent at that stage. In another play, the enemy was more reasonable and I passed that room. I think one would have to play this game 100+ times to defeat the final boss and frankly I don\'t want to do that. Though the game system has promise, the grinding would be too tedious. The tutorial could be better and does not explain enough. There is not one online resource that explains everything in satisfactory detail, so I never feel like I understand everything, However, I do know enough to conclude that I\'d regret spending too much time on this game.