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Description of Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG

You fought bravely against endless waves of monster attacks.

But in the end, you were overwhelmed and fell.

When you opened your eyes, the time has turned back to 3 years before the Armageddon.

You realize that you were thrown back in time.

Don’t let this opportunity to save the world slip away.

Merge diverse weapons and classes to become stronger, and stronger!

▶ Idle game with real control features

Dungeon Knight is an idle game, and so much more!

Control your hero to move and attack!

Use skills to wipe out monsters with a single strike!

Or you can easily level up with the Auto hunt feature and collect items.

Too busy to play Dungeon Knight? Do not worry, we got you covered!

It's a real Idle RPG, which means your hero consistently earns gold even when you're offline.

▶ High-quality 3D graphics

Feel the spectacular skill effects and high-quality graphics!

Explore and experience different regions of the realm!

▶ Play together

Communicate with other players through the chat feature.

Challenge players from around the world in the Arena and claim your top position in the Ranking system.

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.0.1 Publish Date:2021-11-29 Developer:mobirix

User Reviews


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Sairek Ceareste 2021-02-14

The game itself loop is okay, it doesn\'t really do anything innovative but it works, but the big problem the game has is that it relies extremely heavily on the premium currency to do anything in the game. That wouldn\'t be too much of an issue as the game allows free players to earn premium currency except... I\'ve only ever managed to get an ad to work once—ever. And it didn\'t even give me my currency. Any other time, all I\'ve gotten is \"no ads available\", so when ads don\'t work or load, a free-to-play player basically has no way to progress in this game because the game relies so heavily on the \"diamond\" currency to progress. There two ways to fix this: One— try to load the ad, and if it fails, give the player the currency anyway since it\'s not their fault that nothing loads or is available, or two, balance the gameplay loop so diamonds aren\'t SO important that they are basically a requirement to progress through the game by giving you extremely high multipliers (also fixing the ads so they actually work would probably be a good idea, too). If the simple gameplay loop of your game wilts for free-to-play players because something as simple as ads not working, than it may be time to rethink the current game design balance and how much \"support\" you may be \'asking\' from your players.
ramaker8 2021-01-29

Typical mobrix fashion... game starts out ok. Then hard walls you cant get past without spending a lot of money on gambling for weapons and such. It\'s not fun being stuck at same spot for 2 days. Game will also likely be abandoned and no future updates. I would avoid if you are looking for a long term fun game. Ok if you want to be amused for a couple hours.
Tim Ozmina 2021-03-16

Final review: Decent idle game that could have been great... if EVERYTHING wasn\'t premium currency random loot boxes. All armor/pets/weapons/relics are based on getting lucky with premium currency (0.003% chance for some stuff) After months of playing as a top player (ranked 1, 2, or 3) every update is just more rng loot box type rewards. Looks like all focus is on money grabs, not player enjoyment. If you want to be at all competitive it\'s 100% P2W, and if you\'re F2P... good luck?
Chris David Susi 2021-03-06

This game is trash and a money graber, you need to to spend 200$ just to reach a top rank. This game is P2W(pay to win), you need to spend a lot of money/cash in this game. This game is so boring that you just need to afk while griding. There\'s no good at social status also there\'s a lot of toxic people. So if you guys are finding a good RPG game, I advise you not to install this because this game only thinks of a money.
Nice Guy Doom 2021-02-15

Pay to win... The upgrade system slowly reduces your % chance to succeed down to 1%. (This is fine and makes it feel rewarding when you succeed) The catch is that if you are spamming that 1% chance over and over, when it finally succeeds the next option costs gems and does not give any prompt. So it\'s designed to trick you into wasting all your gems. So that you pay money to buy more. Having just started the game and it stealing all the gems on a low lvl item is a major turn off...
Noah C. 2021-02-03

The idea is decent, but the gameplay just doesn\'t go anywhere. Same generic levels and you arbitrarily upgrade stats. That lets you progress to further levels with the same enemies, skills, etc. It\'s a grind fest with no noticeable payoff. Oh and Arena? Don\'t bother trying it. You get matched with people who are 10-50x stronger than you. There is no actual calculations to their matchmaking system.
John Fischer 2021-01-29

You don\'t do anything besides level up your abilities, you can control your character, but there isn\'t any reason to. This is the perfect example of a cash grab game, made for people who think being at the top of a leaderboard is worth spending money on. Edit: the first event is about spending money, and getting half the amount you spent, in gems back after it\'s over; see total cash grab.
Phoenix Matthias 2020-12-31

A very fun and very enjoyable game! I like how merging is easy (button press) much better than drag and drop. Though the flash when Summoning is really sudden and bright. Perhaps add an option to disable that flash? For future class/weapon ideas. After merging a UUU tier class to X, then say Archer. After getting through Archer all the way to UUU, merge to X for Mage. Then starting at D for Mage. Then: Druid Paladin Necromancer, Ranger, Wizard, and same for weapons. UUU merge to D for next type
OverLord TJ 2021-03-01

Great game, wish it had Game Moderator on it to stop some spam/language lol. Also an auto translator to the users preferred language would be nice since everyone from all over play and don\'t know what they say. Guild system would be cool, private chat or even a friend\'s list be nice. Could add like 50-100 friends and give gifts. Maybe hearts or another currency to use as another summon when given X amount of gifts. Overall its a great time killer and like idling =)
Lloyd Newman 2021-01-16

Manipulative in app purchases. I\'m willing to pay for a quality of life upgrade in a free game. I paid $10 to remove ads for buffs as it seemed to be the only buff you could buy meaning the game wouldn\'t be pay to win. After purchasing I was imediately printed to spend $40 to increase my attack by 25x.. pathetic snakes your game deserves to fall into obscurity