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Description of Dyson Link

The Dyson Link app helps you get the very best from your Dyson machine. With our connected features, you can activate, schedule and monitor your machine, whether you’re at home or away.

In our latest release, we’ve created faster connections, simplified the navigation, and made it easier for you to understand your machine’s performance.

By connecting to your Dyson purifier fan or heater, you can:

• Review both indoor and outdoor air quality information, in real time

• Explore historic air quality information, and learn about your indoor environment

• Remotely control air flow speed, mode, timer, oscillation and other settings

• Receive software updates and access product guides.

Plus, you can control your machine with simple, spoken instructions*.

Please note, some Dyson machines require a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection. Please check specific connection requirements on the Dyson website.

If you have any comments you’d like to share on the latest release, you can contact us directly at support@dyson.com.

*Voice control is compatible with Amazon Alexa in Australia, Germany, India, the UK and the US. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:5.1.22140 Publish Date:2022-05-23 Developer:Dyson Ltd

User Reviews


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Bksmilton 2019-07-17

I have a dyson TP02 pure link fan and the fan is great. This app and the support is hot garbage on android. I spent an hour and a half trying to simply connect to my router. I contacted support only to be disconnected on when \"reboot the devices\" didnt work. Thanks \"Tessa\", you\'re worthless. I found out later on some obscure forum on google that android has major connection issues and to try to connect on an apple product which works. Absolutely pitiful. 2 star because once connected app works
Joseph Fernandez 2020-05-15

Does almost everything you want it to, with one noticable acception. You can adjust fan speed, but you can\'t adjust the heater temperature for the app. I understand that it\'s for safety reasons, but I\'m more likely to sit on the remote and turn on the heater than I am to accidently unlock my phone open the app and change a setting. If you are already in the market for a Dyson, this app is a great companion.
John Tziortzis 2020-12-16

December 2020 update, the address Google support (on/off), which is good. They brought back the swipe function for multiple Dyson units. Generally the app is okay, but as mentioned by other users the temperature is not in real time, so nursery may be cold, but when I set the heat it won\'t heat up because it shows non real-time temperature. I then have to turn it up higher. Not good.
Sally Van Eycke 2020-08-11

This only works with Amazon Alexa and not Google Home. I wish Dyson didn\'t pick a side and just let it be open. I also I am forced to use this app because the remote that comes with the fan/heater/filter has no tactile indications of any of the settings. Which makes this incredibly hard to use for blind or low-vision impairments. I like that I can set an on off schedule through the app. As well as a temperature setting.
Bill 2020-03-07

No Google Home support. Latest updates connect over Wi-Fi to the devices only 40%of the time, and even when they do connect, and I get a moment of remote connection, the app still thinks it\'s disconnected. There is no pattern to which of the four devices I have and if it makes or fails at connecting. Our Wi-Fi is rock solid, fiber optic with repeaters and all bandwidths supported. I\'m very technically capable, this app is badly written. Notice how Dyson always dodges the Google Home issue!!
Scott Kusch 2019-06-09

Poorly written App. Will not allow me to connect to my Air Purifier unless I remove the numbers from my Wifi password, which I have no intention to do. Worked with Dyson Help desk to resolve, but couldn\'t correct the issue without revising PW
Andrea Benvenuti 2021-01-31

Edit: after years of.waiting they fixed the one issue this fan had, not it is almost perfect.! Old review: Screams for google home integration, connection with the Dyson fan is a bit dodgy. after 1 year still no google home.... bah..it cost and arm and a leg and they cannot update an app.. Still in 2020 no google home support...ridiculous. Never recommended to buy this fan for this reason as everyone I know uses google home.
Daniele Boldi cOTTI 2020-06-29

After an year and several updates I still cannot pair my dyson with the app. No words!! the app is just a joke, it simply doesn\'t work at all!!! 600€ of fan and the app doesn\'t work??? what a waste of money!!! I wanted to check the air quality in my house but the app is not able to pair the mobile (android) with my dyson pure cool device. extremely disappointed!!!!
Hanna Awad 2020-01-31

The device is great and the app is straight forward BUT it still does not have a Google home integration
Jeremy Pumphrey 2019-09-04

Horrible, will not connect... have an air purifier and it did connect 1st time but had a power outage and lost wifi connection. Repeated attempt to reconnect failed. Cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, tried to connect repeatedly but stops loading at network connection. Everyone else complains about the same thing here. Don\'t bother. Wasted 100s of dollars on a fancy purifier that doesn\'t work with app. Taking it back to the store... no thank you!!!