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Description of Earth 3D - World Atlas

This interactive 3D globe features wonders of the world, political and physical maps, and weather. Discover a lot of fascinating facts and useful information about our planet! Original and colorful graphics, user-friendly interface and accurate information – this is what Earth 3D - World Atlas is all about!


• Relief model of the Earth

• World political and physical maps

• Day/night cycle with city lights

• Time zones

• More than 2,600 geographic objects

• More than 500 wonders of the world

• More than 2,100 photos

• Human World add-on

• Animal World add-on

• Plant World add-on

• Sky Map add-on

• Full description of any object or point on the surface

• 15x zoom

• Global weather

• Demo mode with an original music track

And much more! New data is constantly being added, so please expect further updates!

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:8.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:3Planesoft

User Reviews


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Joshua Gouge 2020-11-29

Very possibly my most-used and most-loved app! I have learned so much via this very beautiful and informative app! I highly recommend this to anyone with even the slightest interest in geography or culture or even the vegetation or animal life of this large and beautiful planet. With an astronomy add-on, it is even easy to visualize our place in space. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
Rajat Kumar Murmu 2020-01-10

Very very bad application.... very disappointed..this app is not showing present things......which is already given.... Not showing all countries\' state, capital etc... So this app is very very bad app for me.... And please don\'t charge for language map and vegetation map.. . . . . Thank you
Ken Greene 2020-09-29

I truly like the detail & information on our planet especially the links to Wikipedia. I invested in the full deal including the $3.96 extra for the add ons however the app froze I hope the freeing up of memory, cleaning of all the digital sludge, app closing & the uninstall & reinstall finally get this program spinning like the real McCoy Earth THIS IS A KILLER APP THAT\'S WORTH KEEPING! The Freezing issue is why I dinged it 1 star!
David Pavlovic 2019-09-15

Pretty amazing app, full interactive, awesome for kids and adults alike. One of those things that you can immerse yourself in for hours. Intuitive and clean interface, just really fun. Everything you click on, more information, pop ups, photos and links to wiki. Beautiful app visually as well. Great stuff, this is a keeper
Claire Wilson 2020-05-11

This is a pleasant enough toy, but nothing more. The info for major cities and countries are simply excerpts from Wikipedia, and there\'s next to no detail to speak of. Worse: I don\'t know about the other add-ons, but certainly enabling the languages/prior add-on simply crashes the so on my Huawei Y6.
Steven B 2021-01-27

It doesn\'t tap into any online research and will be outdated data but again online data archive or waybackmachine is non-existent. I wanted this for my family library but spending another $4 per kid is a bit too much and considering the lack of detail and online further research and archive or items I find are important to learning more beyond the generic synopsis or cover of detailing. I would have kept it if a full unlock existed and had deep dive links or user editable context sensitive links
Sameer Siddhanti 2019-07-14

Excellent atlas, good dynamics. ■ However, when you click on any of the items, the details pages that it navigates to seems more like 90s UI with old background colors. ■ No font and color preferences for details tabs. ■ A dark background for the reading panel (aka night mode) would really help. ■ Also no option to bookmark favorites. This really makes the app less useful. ■ Also under the languages view, India is not depicted correctly; states in India were formed based on linguistic basis.
aamir shah 2019-09-19

It keeps crashing. It is not working on my mobile
Louis Hazard 2020-11-19

Wonderful app for learning various information about the planet we live on. Beautiful graphics. Easy to control. Add-ons WORTH purchasing.
JM Aranduque 2019-07-12

Great Design, informations and add-ons, my only problem with this is not all name of places is added on the map also the pictures on info doesnt load offline, it would be great to view the photos offline and have complete names of all places not just those with wonders , great app so far but im expecting more😁👍