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Earth Protect Squad: TPS Game

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Description of Earth Protect Squad: TPS Game

This is the beginning of the invasion.

We do not know where they came from - from the depths of space or from another dimension.

All we know is that they did not come in peace.

Huge extraterrestrial spaceships have just appeared in Earth's orbit.

First, they destroyed all large military bases, then they began to look for something in different parts of the planet.

They used war machines and strange mutant creatures to attack us.

Then it got worse - they began to turn our people into their weapons - remotely controlled brainless zombies.

The Earth Protect Squad is our last hope. A small military organization was created to counter the alien threat.

We have everything to fight - highly skilled soldiers, many modern weapons and the latest technology such as war drones and force fields in our arsenal.

We have an armory to customize our weapons and gain a tactical advantage - you can easily change your scope, barrel mount, or even ammo type before a mission.

We need to find out what they are looking for.

We need to learn how to fight them and defend our home.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-10-25 Developer:Kisunja - Fun Shooting Games

User Reviews


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Ярослав Машталяр 2021-01-22

The game is really cool! I enjoy it. But there is a few things that don\'t let me give 5 stars. 1) Something strange happens to my camera, when I shoot manually. I looks like I quickly swiped the screen. I use 2 fingers at the right side - 1 for aim, and 2 for shooting. 2) I have to play with my handgun 90% of time as there are to little ammo for main weapon. It forces me to by handguns instead of main weapons. I\'m sure it shouldn\'t be like that. At least, you can make ammo suply drop like health
Leam SynthWave 2020-12-27

I went into this game with low expectations but it\'s probably the best third person shooter I\'ve played, the gameplay is pretty good, graphics are average but the various missions keep the game from being tedious to play and the best part is the deep customization options. You can customize your soldier, drones, and add barrels and scopes to various weapons, even changing their ammo to shoot fire bullets. That\'s amazing!. Pls add more levels and more weapons and characters. 100/10
H4CKD0G3 Gaming 2021-02-14

I like this game! It is smooth and easy to control. The limited ammunition can be annoying at times, when you have to fight a boss and you have no ammo on your main weapon. I like the fact that limited ammunition is quite the challenge, and adds up the challenge, it will made us conserve the main weapon for bosses and some monsters. Overall a nice game. And please add the LAN wifi multiplayer just like you guys did in cybersphere offline :)
Overlord 2021-01-31

Honestly, it\'s a good game. It\'s unique and well put together. It\'s just a little barren, by that I mean dispite the game being well made it the game just feels a little stiff, and so far the singleplayer doesn\'t have a story you have to check the description. But I like the game and look forward to it improving.
Christopher Freeman 2021-01-06

So far so good. Good wholesome fun. Cant go wrong with some good old fashsion alien killing.. Good game play... Good grafics.. Only little problems ive encountered horror fairies and cost too much little bit too much gold and ammo capacity runs too short... need to increase ammo capacity by 30 to 35% giving each character a full load out... Other then that so far im LOVING THE GAME.. THXS and keep up the good work...
Thami ATLAS 2021-02-27

This is a very fun game, but it has some issues. 1. Increase the fire rate of the weapons, it gets annoying when you have to reload so many times. It takes the fun out of it. 2. This game is too difficult, training AIs are relentless, its ridiculous. If the difficulty is set at easy, let it be so. 3. Coins in this game are a little bit hard to get, i say this because watching 30sec ads (pretty long) gets you a single coin. And playing the game with difficult AIs makes it harder.
Yantooo 2021-01-05

Hello Leonid. First of all, Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Hope you the best for 2021. Ow and the games is really good. 10/10 and to think that it was made by 1 person alone is making it ever more amazing. Control is fluent. Difficulty is challenging. Gameplay is simple but hard to master. No p2w and no ads (Seriously i really don\'t mind some ads). And that little touch at the main menu to rate is brilliant.
Darius Parson 2020-12-24

I just came from cod mobile since the latest season broke the game for me. Coming across this game was the best thing for it as has some pretty nice graphics, variety of weapons and mods to add to them, characters , and maps much more then what I originally expected. Solid 8/10 only thing I was changed was instead of simply melee we had animation takedown but I know are to make so the melee is nice to have. Thanks for an awesome f2p game.
Robert Arnold 2020-12-13

This is an amazing game. Your team did a great job of keeping some good aspects of your games and adding some new aspects. My only suggestion is more characters and could you add some skins.
Voltrain [GD] 2021-02-08

This game is really fun, but when i started to play on training its even hard to get passed it even for begginers like cant u decrease the amount of enemies every wave like mission the difficulty is easy but when i started playing it its even harder than i expected, tgis game really needs a lot of improvements just like you\'re other games and when my equipment sets all died it doesn\'t give u any gold like why?! Its not really fair to play this game (sorry for my grammar im not really good at eng