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Description of Earthmate

Pair your inReach® satellite communication device with the Earthmate® app to get all the features you need to send and receive text messages, navigate and stay connected during your outdoor adventures. It’s perfect for planning, tracking and sharing your trip anywhere around the globe.

This Garmin application lets you access*:

• Unlimited topographic maps that you can cache on your device and store for offline use, including topographic maps, quad sheets and U.S. NOAA charts

• Aerial imagery

• Hybrid maps

• Waypoints and route navigation

• Tracking and location sharing

• High-detail GPS trip logging

• Unlimited cloud storage of routes, waypoints and tracks

• Online trip planning

• Control and access all the features of your inReach device from the app: send 2-way custom or preset text and email messages, trigger an SOS from anywhere in the world, track your location and more

By pairing your mobile device (via Bluetooth® technology) with inReach, the Earthmate app turns your mobile device into a true satellite communication, GPS navigation and safety tool. To access the 100% global Iridium® satellite network for live tracking and messaging – including SOS capabilities – from the Earthmate app, an inReach device with active satellite subscription is required.

You can plan your adventures from your account on the Garmin Explore™ website, wirelessly sync them to your smartphone or tablet, and then save all your trip data and maps with unlimited cloud storage.

Learn more about inReach devices and technology at www.garmin.com/inreach.

*Access varies by model.

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lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:DeLorme Publishing, Inc.

User Reviews


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Howard Snell 2018-12-29

I use InReach on solo backpacking, packrafting & bikepacking trips at request of spouse for security - I check in once every 24 hrs & she lets me take the trips. Great compromise. I don\'t link to phone, but use InReach as standalone text machine to extend battery life. I use Earthmate as standalone mapping app to determine public/private lands.
Richard Allen 2017-09-19

Like the app and system with the hunt detailed mapping. The biggest problem is battery drain. That needs to be fixed
B Hannam 2017-10-15

I use this for kayaking, pretty dissapointed in the marine charts. If you could combine I-boating with this, it would be perfect... but its not.
Phil Polizzo 2019-06-19

doesn\'t sync all messages from mini. doesnt support copy/paste, i cant send a message to my group, because the empty text is 218 words used out of 160(~). its EMPTY! there are no letters!! As with most garmin software, always a problem, this is not acceptable for InReach users, we dont have the luxury of cell or wifi coverage. update. downgraded to one star, you cant solicit any tech support via inreach email, and if you need to make account changes, you need an internet connection.
Bessel Function 2020-03-09

Reasonably decent app but still a good number of quirks. Hopefully app will continue to improve. History and previous tracks still sketchy, logging into inreach on computer still the way to go there. 1/19/2020 Tracking is screwed up again. Inreach account shows correct stats, app shows correct path but distances shown for tracks are approx. half what they should be. Sync in the menu does nothing, why does Garmin continually screw this up?
Andrew 2019-06-24

Honestly, one of the clunkiest app experiences I\'ve ever had. The hardware is great but Garmin really doesnt follow through on mobile and web apps. The app can\'t do basic filtering of tracks and waypoints, menus are unintuitive with basic functions hidden behind multiple clicks, and syncing is inconsistent between device/web/mobile. Two stars because ultimately I CAN download maps, see where I am, send messages, and get weather fairly easily. Everything else is just... really shaky.
Mike Fisher 2019-01-18

this app really needa some TLC. it used to be great but is going downhill fast. public lands arent updating and what is updated is not showing the right color schemes for the type of public land. please fix. For an app that is made to pair with a $450+ device this is really disappointing.
Eric McDonald 2019-04-03

horrible app development. horrible product management. such a waste of effort to only work with one device. yall are making a lot of people mad because you dont make anything compatible with your line of products. if you wanna win, make EVERYTHING WORK WITH EVERYTHING YOU MAKE! How stupid can you be?
Pat Gioannini 2021-02-22

The app is very buggy. Like another reviewer mine does not always pull the messages from the inreach device. Once this happens there does not appear to be a way to manually pull the messages. The count of unread messages on the device get out of sync and there is no way to fix that either. These 2 problems combine to make it very difficult to tell if you have a new message. Changed to one star because after 2 years these problems are still not fixed.
Lenny Carrell 2017-06-19

Why does this app start in the background and drain my battery very quickly, even when I\'m not using my Inreach? If the InReach wasn\'t such a pain to text on I would have no use for this app. Last update \"fixed multiple bugs\", how bout you fix probably the biggest one. Maybe you need to pay the upgrade to get one that functions correctly? Not willing to take that chance.