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Description of Earthquake Network

Earthquake Network is the most comprehensive app on earthquakes and for most countries of the world it is the only earthquake early warning system able to alert you before the seismic waves. More details about the research project at https://www.sismo.app

Main features:

- Earthquake early warnings

- User's reports on felt earthquakes

- Earthquake data from national and international seismic networks starting from magnitude 0.0

- Earthquake notifications through voice synthesizer (only PRO version)

The Earthquake Network research project develops a smartphone-based earthquake early warning system able to detect earthquakes in real time and to alert the population in advance. Smartphones are able to detect earthquakes thanks to the accelerometer on-board each device. When an earthquake is detected, users with the application installed are immediatly alerted. Since earthquake waves travel at a finite speed (from 5 to 10 km/s) it is possible to alert the population not yet reached by the damaging waves of the earthquake. For the scientific details about the project please refer to the Frontiers scientific journal at https://bit.ly/2C8B5HI

Note that the information on earthquakes detected by national and international seismic networks is usually published with a delay ranging from a few minutes to many hours, depending on the seismic network.

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lable: Communication - Apps Current Version:12.5.23 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Futura Innovation SRL

User Reviews


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dzlandis 2019-07-07

I live in California and just felt a 6.4 LA Earthquake. I did not feel it as bad but I recieved an alert right as it happened. I installed other apps like this and this app was the only app that notified my right away! I would like to thank this app so much because of how helpful it is with receiving early warning earthquake notifications and regular ones to. Thank you for this amazing app! New: Just felt a 7.1 in California and this wonderful app gave me at least 30 seconds to prepare before it
Jesús M. Rodriguez Nuñez 2020-01-23

This app is pretty helpful, since Puerto Rico began to tremble, I\'ve had this app as my advantage. In my location, waves of earthquakes comes after 5-10 seconds has passed and this app alerts me when there is a incoming seismic wave. Wonderful app, I feel safe with it.
James Henderson 2019-07-08

Well, so far this app would wake me up in the middle of the night to notify me about quakes that just happened somewhere across the world, but when the 6.4 and 7.1 quake hit Ridgecrest and our Burbank Apt was shaking like crazy, not one peep from this app. No \"head\'s up\" notification, and no message about it days later. Don\'t claim your app can give real time updates if it cant. People shouldn\'t have to stake their safety on false claims.
Dave Headland 2020-06-26

The app, although useful when it is working, is clunky and cluttered. I\'ve had it installed for 2 days and already the earthquake network has been down for the good part of a day and unusable. I looked through reviews and find the developer\'s responses quite rude with his comments towards people that experience problems with the app, calling them stupid, and unable to read. I wouldn\'t pay for the Pro version until the developer improves both the layout of the app and his attitude towards users.
Tom Alberts 2020-03-19

Just worked for me! Gave me at least 5 seconds of advance notice for the 1:15PMish aftershock in Salt Lake City on 3/18/20. Center was about 5 miles from my house. I\'m very impressed!
Jesse Perez 2020-01-11

Very accurate. the network alert in some cases give the alert few seconds before the movement. we are testing here in Puerto Rico with more than a thousand movement in the last 2 week excellent. The best app I try for earthquake. the faster alert
Amber Lasiter 2019-10-18

I live in Northern California and I have several earthquake apps. This app consistantly provides real-time notifications that are received immediately, while my other apps may (or may not) eventually notify me of a quake that occurred 30 - 60 minutes ago. It\'s easy to use & I\'m able to quickly post \"I felt it\" notifications. This is also the most detailed app that I\'ve found. I recommend that new users be sure to adjust their settings to what their notification preferences are ahead of time.
Andrew Metzger 2020-06-04

Great! - There was a 5.5 earthquake about 1:00 miles away to day and I got an alert from the app before the USGS email and I was able to see all of the reports come up on the map and I could tell where it came from based on the color coding
J C 2019-12-25

It\'s absolutely useless because it doesn\'t have an option to filter notifications by Richter scale. I\'m getting all sorts of Magnitude 4 notifications in my zone that I don\'t want. I\'m really not interested in anything less than a 6. All these small Earthquakes make the app like The Boy Who Cried Wolf so I\'m at the point I will just uninstall it.
Kat Bohème 2020-01-08

It kept asking me to go pro for every little information needed. I paid for every featured and still kept asking for more money to view more information or to do a simulation test. I know is a not founded app, but if you need to pay for every little thing $10, $2, $1; then what\'s the use. Useless!