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Description of EASI - Food Delivery

EASI, No.1 Asian food delivery app used in Australia. Popular restaurants, cafes and grocery stores have joined us. Enjoy the best Asian foods in Australia without getting out of home. Download now and order with EASI, and receive up to $8 New User Discount.

EASI, make your life easier.

EASI is one of the most popular food delivery apps in Australia. EASI brings gourmets from 12,000+ restaurant partners to our users‘ doorsteps. In Australia, EASI is now serving more than 1,000,000 users in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. EASI is now boosting into an enormous global expansion: We are just starting to serve the users in Los Angeles (US) and Auckland (New Zealand) from 2018.

Why Users Choose Us

● Attentive customer service to ensure better food delivery experience

● Other than delicacy, we also deliver dessert, drinks, fresh food, groceries, flowers

and even courier delivery services

● User-friendly UI and order system

● We value users' feedback and improve our App accordingly based on real-time


Why Merchants Choose Us

● No term charge and no joining fee

● Unbeatable amount of Chinese users

● Comprehensive restaurant management system

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More Information Of EASI - Food Delivery

lable: Food & Drink - Apps Current Version:2.12.2 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:EASI Australia

User Reviews


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Antony Firmanto 2020-07-11

First time user here, I was trying to register into the app using the friend\'s invite link but the app gave me hard time by saying the verification code has been used repeatedly despite this was my first time use. Totally not happy with the registration process. The verification code should have been done after we registered successfully i.e. a separate email to verify the code upon registration (Looks like the system verified the verification code despite it was registered for the first time)
Hamish Mundell 2020-08-03

Dodgy app, one of the most unreliable out there for delivery and it\'s impossible to get refunded. They are using fake accounts to spam 5 star reviews too - you\'ll notice mixed, mostly negative reviews and then suddenly certain dates with 20 5 star reviews in a row, many are copied and pasted identically. Poor product and unethical business practices.
Arc Castanares 2020-07-19

This app no longer provides the english version. I can\'t place my order because the instructions, step by step are in different langauge. Installed 4 times and it never gabe the option to choose english at the start. So disappointing!!!!!
Nicole Ho 2019-09-25

The map in this app always directs driver to wrong location, gps movement is super slow... please lift up your game When i try to communicate with customer service, all they do is throwing coupons to shut you up, while i tell them i dont even want any discount, all i want is a simple answer if they got any quality control. Its sad to see the way how a business run this way just to make money but care factor 0
Feby Fariska Savira 2020-03-13

I like how this app has merchants not provided by other food service apps, HOWEVER the system is horribly laggy (honestly can\'t tell where your driver is moving at all). Also I\'ve had instances where it\'s difficult to find drivers (added a good half hour to an hour extra to the wait) and thus my food arrives soggy and cold. Call centre always busy. I am so disappointed, if it was good I would really recommend to others as I HATE giving bad reviews, but it\'s just been continuous disappointment.
Jennifer Payne 2019-09-16

Great app, now with both english and chinese. Easy to use and fast.
Maikei Lam 2020-01-29

Don\'t order through Easi! With every other food app I have ever used, when you place an order the money is not taken until the order is actually placed, Easi took the money before the restaurant even accepted the order. When the restaurant didn\'t accept the order after 5 minutes, Easi cancelled the order as \"refunded\", but I have to wait \"3-15 business days\" to get my money back!? So I have no food, and I don\'t have another £43 to order more food. Absolutely ridiculous.
Jo See Tan 2019-06-26

My credit card was charged and order confirmed. Then the delivery driver turned up demanding payment as the restaurant did not see the payment come through. EASI had made the driver chase a refund from the restaurant and EASI has done nothing to process the refund. Terrible customer service.
Erica Burford 2020-07-20

It said to update. I updated. It said to update. I uninstalled and reinstalled. It said to update. I updated. It said to update. I restarted. It said to update. I used Menulog to order my dinner. FIX THE ANDROID VERSION SO IT WORKS AGAIN.
Jacket Jacketson 2020-04-06

I don\'t know how to translate the page, so I can\'t understand half the things the app is after. On top of that, it rarely even loads in, and hasn\'t been worth the hassle. I\'m glad I never spent money on it