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Description of Easy Calendar App & Reminder

📅 Organize your day effectively with Easy Calendar App & Reminder. This is a to-do list app specifically designed to help people from all walks of life. Whether you are a business person and put a lot of emphasis on task management, or you are simply a person who likes to be organized, you can use this agenda app in order to be organized. Make your day as productive as possible by customizing your daily to-do list. You can plan out your event calendar in advance and even use this calendar application as your weekly planner.

📅 Our free calendar app also works as a great event viewer and an appointment reminder. With Easy Calendar App & Reminder you will be able to remember birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Add a reminder to your calendar or create an event list with all the important dates that you need. Add event reminders to your daily planner and stay as organized as possible. Our calendar software does not only help you tell which day of the week it is, it also helps you stay organized and optimizes your agenda in a prolific way.

Electronic Calendar functions:

🗓 Event planner and task manager!

🗓 Change view: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly!

🗓 Customize notification app features!

🗓 Add reminders and schedule appointments!

🗓 Set a schedule alert!

🗓 View your monthly calendar!

🗓 Time-saving birthday reminder app!

Easy Calendar App & Reminder details:

📂 Organize your event manager based on your personal plan!

📂 Add birthday reminders for your contacts!

📂 Set a reminder and add to calendar at a specific time and make your task list!

📂 Customize your yearly planner in advance!

📂 Manage your work schedule maker faster!

📂 Choose different calendar themes for your agenda planner!

📂 Quick scheduling features and custom calendar widget!

📅 Make the most of your time with Easy Calendar App & Reminder! Many people are not good at remembering events, so they need a little bit of help. A "schedule planner" will keep you organized and allow you to remember birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. A "task manager app" is a perfect "remind app" for working people also. An "activity tracker" can do wonders for people who are not well-organized, so download our best "business calendar app" for free and manage your activities throughout the day!

📅 A lot of people would benefit from using a "calendar planning app"! This "scheduling app" is not your common calendar, it works equally well as a "birthday calendar reminder" and a "holidays calendar". Customize your calendar and make your own "personal planner". It gives you the flexibility to plan out your day, week or month and help you save time. You do not have to use sticky notes and other reminders when you have an "agenda organizer" on your phone! "Add reminders to calendar" and get notified about future events on time!

📅 With "Easy Calendar App & Reminder" you have a plethora of scheduling options at your disposal. You will never miss another appointment and you will never forget people's birthdays! The "digital calendar" functions also as a "task tracker" and helps you list out all of your tasks during the day. "Book appointments" and view your "events today" or throughout the week. It gives you quick scheduling features, "event management" and editing experience. It works best as a "scheduling tool" for business and working people and is a great "work schedule maker". In fact, various people can find benefit in it. Download our "checklist app" and "event coordinator" so you can have a productive day!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.4 Publish Date:2021-06-13 Developer:Smart Experience Apps

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