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Description of Easy Home Finance

Record every income or outcome you made to your mobile application immediately and you will have a useful tool which helps you track of your finances.

Data are stored in the phone safely and you can backup them locally or into your Google Drive.

The application can be used in all countries, because a particular currency is not specified (CZK, EUR, USD, etc.): Enter the number simply and so much "money" will be counted. If you want, you can specify currency in wallet detail.

The proposed interface allows to switch easily between months and it shows the corresponding amount. Besides the basic functions of adding, editing, deleting and replication the record there is also available search in notes, graphical overview of the individual categories, list of categories, wallets (separate accounts), payment types (optional), recurring templates, backup / restore database, export of all data to Excel, app lock creation and simple widget for home screen.

Easy Home Finance is available completely free - no ads and no microtransactions. The application is compatible with Android v4.1 - v12.0 (API 16-31) and graphic uses Material Design.

The application is available in these languages:

- Czech (created by Vojtech Pohl)

- Slovak (translated by Vojtech Pohl)

- English (translated by Vojtech Pohl)

- Polish (translated by Paula Niedziela)

- Portuguese (translated by Gabriel Reis)

- Romanian (translated by Mihai Savin)

- Turkish (translated by Asil Elik)

- German (translated by Lukas Siedenberg)

- Arabic (translated by Azmy Mohamed Azmy, Ghassan Joudeh)

- Russian (translated by Viktor Maliutin, Pavel Pishchynski)

- Hungarian (translated by Bálint Csefalvay)

- Slovenian (translated by Žiga Veber)

- Finnish (translated by Timo Sandberg)

- Italian (translated by Marco Ieni)

- Belarusian (translated by Alena Yalovenko, Pavel Pishchynski)

- French (translated by Alena Yalovenko)

- Ukrainian (translated by Yura Nesteruk)

- Bulgarian (translated by Vladimir Gospodinov A.K.A "Snuffules")

- Dutch (translated by Stephan Paternotte)

- Spanish (translated by José Antonio)

- Serbian (translated by user)

- Georgian (translated by Mikhail Telpuk)

- Malay (translator)

- Indonesian (translator)

- Thai (translator)

- Chinese, traditional (translator)

Language will be set automatically according to the language of your device, but can be changed manually in settings. In case you want to add translation for your country, or you find any discrepancies, please contact me via email.

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More Information Of Easy Home Finance

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:6.4.1 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:VoPo

User Reviews


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Juraj Danko 2019-04-09

Very easy to use, nice layout, does exactly what I want it to do - keep track of my finances. If you don\'t require advanced features, like connection with your bank and synchronisation, and all you need is a reliable app where to store daily expenses and incomes, this will do the job perfectly and will offer neat graphical breakdown of all item. Great job!
Intan Farida 2019-01-28

I like this colorful apps. No ads pop up. We can divide wallet with different financial cost planning. It would be great if you can develop feature for downloading data in excel and I can email / share those data to others. then I will give you 5 stars
Tony G 2017-12-11

Update: Thank You!!! I really liked this app, now I Love IT. Simply Perfect!!! ...Only thing it\'s missing is a Payee Field. It\'s really just an Expense Tracker without being able to add Payees. Categories are great for tracking your spending but not really a Financial Organizer if you can\'t enter who you have paid. I love the UI and everything else about this money tracker... Really wish it had a field for Payees. This is really a top notch program other than this little issue. I still recommend it too but not as a Financial Organizer. It makes a great money tracker...
Tonia Addison-Hall 2019-03-24

Reviewing an app and mentioning that it doesn\'t sync is a helpful thing, so people don\'t waste their time downloading and installing something that isn\'t useful for them, like me... I wish I\'d have seen the \"can\'t sync\" review before *I* wasted my time with this. Way to be rude, app maker. Good luck making money disrespecting possible customers...
Lou Birch 2019-07-25

This app is simple to use, the calendar enables me to schedule forthcoming figures and amend them as neccessary. Easy to go back over months and easily see incomings and outgoings. No fuss and excellent support.
Nicole Brouillette 2019-09-08

Great app! I needed simple, this is it. Easy to add bills and keep track of when they are suppose to come out. You can add spending in different categories and labels each $ value with a name. Also you can change the date as needed for the next day/week/month(s). Only wish it had the option of selecting 2 weeks at a time. It would be much easier for people trying to organize their budget life as per their paycheck. Thank you for have such a great program. Keep up the great work!!!🤩
Nurdessy Nirmala 2019-11-27

Almost perfect. I wish that the application can be operated by multi user. So the whole family member can input the financial activity together in one account.
Pradeep kumar Podal 2021-01-21

It\'s a good app. Thanks for making it available free. Want to report a bug. Currently when one does transfer from own account to another, those values are missing when export is done to excel. Can you please fix this. Basically, those values should be present in one wallet as income and in another one as expense. But they are completely missing in the exported excel file Edit: I needed to change a Setting. Thanks for the quick support
Kliment Dukovski 2019-05-01

I rarely rate apps, but now that I think about it, I\'ve never rated an app. This is by far the best money management app I\'ve used. I tried a dozen before I settled with this one. Easy to use, no matter which currency, easy to track and monitor, no adds, no annoying stuff. Great job guys!
A Google user 2018-11-24

Solid app, but since the last update the Graphic Summary section has not been functional (simply says, \"No records found\", regardless of the options selected). Gf has the same issue. Will find a new finance app as this is a significant feature to lose.