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Description of Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

Easy-PhotoPrint Editor is an easy-to-use photo print app. It features many useful templates and a free-layout editor for making all kinds of prints (photo layouts, cards, collages, calendars, disc labels, photo IDs, business cards, stickers, posters).

[Key features]

• Intuitive operation for easy printing of all kinds of prints

Just select the type of print you want to make, edit and decorate your photos, and print.

• Comes with plenty of ready-to-use templates

Choose from collages, calendars, and many other templates that use multiple photos in addition to photo prints.

• Make original posters for use in stores and other situations

Just add photos and text to the simple poster template to create original posters you can use in stores or other situations.

• Easy to create other everyday items

The app makes it easy to create business cards, photo IDs, stickers, and other items you use every day.

• Pattern paper for making original art works

The app lets you print pre-designed pattern paper for use in making paper items or scrapbooking.

• Print disk labels so you can see at a glance what’s on your disks

If your printer supports printing disk labels, you can make original disk labels with just your smartphone.

• Slate of editing functions to create just the print you want

Not only can you crop or expand your photos, you can also edit and decorate them with colored edges, text, and stamps.

[Supported printers]

- Canon Inkjet Printers

See the following website for supported printers.


*Some functions are not supported with the imagePROGRAF series

[When the app cannot find your printer.] Check that your printer is in the supported printers list.

The printer must be connected to your network.

Use the "Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY" app to connect your printer to the network.

[Supported OS]

Android 5.1 and later

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More Information Of Easy-PhotoPrint Editor

lable: Photography - Apps Current Version:1.6.5 Publish Date:2022-03-30 Developer:Canon Inc.

User Reviews


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Ed Rosich 2020-04-26

this app is garbage if you\'re trying to do any kind of scaling of the photo and not have a print everything off the page. I have never seen an app with no settings as far as centering or filling the print area. Absolutely ridiculous. I\'ve wasted so much ink and so much photo paper. Windows 3.1 paint could do this
shyam chand 2019-12-20

The app works really well, with of course one exception. When printing photos, unless the paper type is set to plain paper, the printout appears unsaturated and dull. I have literally wasted so much ink and paper trying out each and every paper type and the only one that prints the image as seen on the phone or camera is when plain paper is selected, even if you use glossy photo paper. Thats all good and well, but the plain paper selection comes bordered only. Kinda disappointing
Jamie Danson 2020-05-05

Useless if you don\'t have a Canon printer... will not pick up my hp and can\'t save edited photos outside of the app therefore I can\'t print anything ! Disappointing as it would be very useful for printing more than one photo at a time...thanks for nothing.
Jose S 2020-12-01

Totally bummed that Google Cloud print is going away. Not a big deal for PCs or even Android devices since 3rd party/manufacturer apps work fine. However, they don\'t work with Chromebooks, not even Play store apps, except for Printershare but that\'s $9. Chrome OS only has a limited list of printers it supports as does Moprio. This Canon app does work with Chromebooks and has more customization than the Canon/Selphy app that I use with my phone and is free :)
Jodi Kurlander 2020-01-14

It clearly does not work. I have it on my phone, my tablet and my computer, and it wont even let me agree or disagree to it, and on my phone it stops after I pick the picture and does not let me complete the project.. it sucks..
Alice Loki Lass 2019-05-22

quite awful for printing color pictures. have to edit every picture before you print or it will cut the top of the head off. really rather useless & I\'m sorry I wasted my paper and my ink.
donovan gregg 2019-10-18

Awesome team it would even more awesome if you.s bring storage used option so people can move the application from phone memory /storage to sd/memory card memory /storage
anil ahire 2020-03-12

Very bad worst app ever very hard to connect canon printer to router and this app cant use offline difficult useless app i request google play add 0 star rating for this type of horrible app
Geoffrey Brown 2019-07-10

this is ridiculous , downloaded to my tablet 10 minutes ago to use with my canon print app and I\'m still waiting for it to load . and my tablet has next to no other apps on it because I took them all off to use it as a business device.
Ric TheSeagull 2019-11-08

I have a canon Selphy cp1300 printer and even though my tablet is connected to it, this app cannot find it and just shows the page \"searching for printers\" and that\'s it. I\'ve also noticed that you need wifi to connect to your printer, yet you get a message saying you need an internet wifi connection to use and download the frames and some features etc. Not exactly a smart move is it considering you can only connect to one wifi spot at any one time!