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Description of EasyTrails GPS

EasyTrails GPS is the GPS tracker application for your device.

The perfect application for those who are passionate about OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and TRAVELING, everybody who likes outdoor sports, and not only.

Are you going for a bike or motorcycle ride? Well, EasyTrails GPS will tell you how many miles you traveled, how much time you spent, how high you climbed and many other details. In real-time it will show you the course on a map, comparing it with downloaded tracks and points of interest.

Export your tracks in standard formats, so you can review them on Google Earth, SportTracks and TrailsRunner. Or simply upload them to online services like Garmin Connect, or many others.

Calculate routes and let EasyTrails guide you with turn directions. You can also let it guide you through previously recorded tracks.

It's possible to import tracks by e-mail or web browser (GPX/KML/KMZ file formats).

Load custom cartography, EasyTrails supports MBTILES format.

EasyTrails GPS is easy to use and extremaly accurate. It ensures the maximum duration of battery thanks to the possibility of recording in "StandBy" mode. However, be aware that use of GPS, even in background, will have a significant impact on battery duration.

► For more info, visit our website: www.easytrails.com


► Heart rate monitoring (paid)

We added the ability to connect to compatible Bluetooth heart rate monitors (such as Polar H6 and H7 devices). Heart rate can be seen in real time from the dashboard.

With the 'Heart rate monitoring' in-app purchase:

- heart rate data will be associated to GPS tracks

- saved tracks will have an extra heart rate chart

- heart rate data can be saved to Google Fit

Additionally, with the 'Colored tracks' in-app purchase, it will be possible to highlight heart rate data directly on the map screen of a recorded track.


- Support for many different map types

- Support for user-loaded offline cartography (KMZ and MBTILES)

- Export tracks (single or multiple) in standard formats (GPX, KML, KMZ, CVS), with their associated waypoints, pictures and rich metadata

- Import tracks and waypoints (GPX, KML, KMZ)

- Resume recording of tracks

- Save waypoints with photos and descriptions

- Calculate routes and navigate with turn directions

- Real-time visualization of distance, speed, altitude bearing and other data

- Map Visualization in different modes: street map, satellite, hybrid, terrain

- Charts (elevation profiles, ...)

- Digital Compass

- Heart rate monitoring

- High battery duration (record in standby)

- Intuitive and User Friendly interface

- Lightweight, reliable and accurate

- Doesn't require internet connection except for displaying online cartography

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More Information Of EasyTrails GPS

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:2.8.5 Publish Date:2021-06-11 Developer:Zirak

User Reviews


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Greg Conquest 2020-11-08

I have the paid versions of EasyTrails on both iOS and Android. 1) The iOS version can share multiple, discrete tracks; the android version cannot (it always exports one track no matter how many you select.) 2) The iOS version lets me decrease the logged points by time or distance (filtering). This feature is entirely missing in the android version. 3) Both versions add a sequential number at the beginning of exported tracks. I have to manually delete it every time. ... As much as I like the iOS version, I\'m now looking for a replacement on android.
Linda Gentile 2018-05-22

Hi. I now have a new phone and a paid for app. I found sign in but it wont let me. Help
Giulio 2019-05-31

App che fa il suo dovere, stabile e possiede mappe di ogni genere, tra cui quelle a mio parere migliori pee territori come l\'Italia: Open Street Map. Permette inoltre importazione, esportazione e condivisione di tracce, feature non indifferente per chi la usa per trekking o come navigatore MTB/Enduro. Davvero ben fatta. Per ultimo ma non per importanza l\'assistenza è molto professionale, parte del merito va anche al supporto
B Gill 2018-05-12

It works well for me. I use it for jogging and bushwalking around Sydney. The app developer is very customer-focused -- quick to respond and helpful.
Carl Jan Ceniza 2018-11-14

Great app for those who want to track their surveys, I hope you can add elevations during export on csv by then i would recommend this to surveyors/geo taggers, if elevation will be included on csv.
Julie Cameron 2017-09-19

I love this app but am having some new user learning issues I think. I\'m having a difficult time trying to export a track. I\'ve tried sending all the various formats to someone via text and email with no success. The other person has Easy Trails GPS on an iPhone and I use the Android version. Is there a way to easily share? Also, I was creating a a track a few days ago and sometimes when I would try to access the track on a map the map would suddenly be in Paris when I\'m in the US. What am I doing wrong?
A Google user 2017-08-28

It\'s ok but that\'s the best I can give it. For the last week it won\'t work on my phone. The company\'s email response is basically nonexistent, although I haven\'t tried w THIS problem. They haven\'t responded to other emails, though.
Brandi Poteat 2020-05-05

Was not user friendly
Gayle Thomas 2017-10-29

Installed it on my Samsung Galaxy s8+ and it will not make a trail. I\'ve contacted Zirak, but have not had a response.