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eBay Motors: Parts, Cars, and more

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Description of eBay Motors: Parts, Cars, and more

One of the world’s widest selections of vehicle parts and accessories is available on the eBay Motors app. Use the app to buy and sell vehicles with ease, as well as chat with other auto enthusiasts.

Here are just some of our unique features:

Buy parts and accessories, right from the app

The Motors app offers eBay’s full US inventory of parts and accessories, right at your fingertips. You can also talk shop with a community of auto enthusiasts while buying and selling vehicles.

My Garage provides a place to easily store your vehicle’s specs so you can effortlessly find, compare, and buy parts that will fit your ride. You can easily switch between your everyday ride, and your restoration “project” without having to constantly enter the same information.

After you've added your vehicle to My Garage, check out eBay’s Fitment Finder. It gives you the confidence that the parts you buy on the eBay Motors app will fit your vehicle. Look for the green checkmarks to quickly pick out the right part for your ride.

Safely ship your vehicle with confidence

Our partnership with uShip Logistics has allowed eBay Motors to provide a safe, secure, and affordable option for vehicle transportation.

Securely pay for vehicles with Escrow.com

eBay’s partnership with Escrow.com provides you the most secure way to purchase your next vehicle online.

Chat with those looking to buy and sell

The eBay Motors app has a chat experience for users as they look to purchase and sell vehicles. Communication has never been easier.

Connect with a community of auto enthusiasts

React, share, comment, and connect with other enthusiasts about eBay Motors’ unparalleled inventory. The auto community is alive and well on the eBay Motors app.

Use your phone to scan your license plate and VIN number

Take a picture of your license plate and the eBay Motors app will do the rest--uploading your VIN number and all the details of your vehicle for you.


For all support-related issues, please email car@ebay.com. For questions and suggestions, email ebay-motors-feedback@ebay.com. Your feedback is important to us.

This app is only intended for use by individuals who are 18 years and older.

All vehicle and parts inventory is currently US-based.

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:2.11.0 Publish Date:2021-12-02 Developer:eBay Mobile

User Reviews


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M o 2020-06-11

If you are looking at a seller\'s page/cars. You are not able to sort his vehicles. Like \"newly listed\" or by \" price lowest first\" I might as well use the regular ebay app, I can sort there. Oh, I almost forgot. This crummy app does not list suggested bid increments when bidding on a car. So you do not know if you are bidding the appropriate dollar amount to put you over the current bid on vehicle. Let me know if and when you plan to add these features to the motors app.
eric heath 2020-07-16

Terrible app, pictures go to the wrong place, description section is ridiculously short, video audio was terrible, lots of small bugs. Listed my item and it had the same car saved half done as a draft. App is not refined, needs to be finished before you release it! Why is it so hard to post cars through mobile? Doesnt make sense.
Fly Fisher Matt 2020-09-05

Saw you guys on Donut Media and figured I\'d give it a shot. Everything is great just wish there was a bit more selection. I\'m sure once the app is a bit older everything will be a bit more diverse.
Judy Gilde 2020-07-30

Just installed the app. Only way to respond to a message received on our car we are selling was thru eBay Motors app. Won\'t let us log into our account 99% of the time to respond. Occasionally we can log in from the link in the email. Not a handy app for sellers at all. Thank you, I just called the number and received excellent help. Login is definitely buggy! Could only login when all other apps are closed.
Sangam Patel 2020-12-03

Easy to use, nice options for filtering cars to your specific needs. The only issue I have is that once you click on the picture to view all the detailed pictures, I\'m not able to swipe left or right to view pictures using the full screen which is very annoying. Edit: the developers already fixed the issue, back to 5 stars. Thanks!
Universal Savages 2020-03-13

You guys are awesome! I wasn\'t aware of all of the things you have avaiilable to the public, when it comes too a new or used vehicle yóu guys get a 5 star rating from me by far, and more people should get your app, it\'s really cool, and you can search and review on your phone, thank you for making it easy.....
N N 2021-01-26

Better options out there. FleBay ran most of the auctioneers out by their greedy high fees from the original app. They create several issues for sellers trying to make a sale but do nothing to the dead beat bidders. Such a shame to see what eBay has become. At least there\'s SEVERAL other options and most are handled better.
Rodrigo Galvez 2020-01-24

Easy to use, not made for a hight tech guy but for the higher percentage of buyers. About time, thanks.
E. Jones 2021-01-17

I checked it out. Probably won\'t use it. Mainly because all the low priced private sellers have left ebay because of the deadbeat bidders and high fees. If you are looking to buy from a big dealership it might be useful. But I\'ve found that most of the time those cars are junk. Otherwise they would be at an auction or on the lot given the limited inventory that\'s available right now.
David Saunders 2020-02-25

HORRIBLE FOR COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. When searching for step vans, the only option is to search for that specific term, which only displays 15 results versus using the main app which allows you to select Ebay Motors > Other Vehicles & Trailers > Commercial Trucks > Van/Box Truck > Step Vans displays 115 results. Another undeveloped & untested app, relying on user feedback to develop it.