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Description of eBroselow SafeDose

SafeDose is a FREE medication reference tool. In the US and Brazil, it contains a limited number of acute medications provided for EMS / pre-hospital workers by eBroselow as a public service.

In-App Subscription to SafeDose EMS content (U.S.):

Subscribe in this app to hundreds of additional medications and doses for EMS professionals. Click on Subscribe on the app’s “info” screen to get a free month subscription. After the first free month, the subscription will automatically renew monthly for $3.99 unless you cancel. You can cancel any time by turning off auto-renew on Account Settings at least 24 hours before the end of the next monthly period. You can find Account Settings on your device by going to the Settings icon, choosing iTunes & App Store, clicking on your Apple ID, and then selecting Subscriptions.

In-App Subscription to SafeDose Full Content (Brazil):

In Brazil, you can subscribe to SafeDose Full Content with a yearly in-app subscription. This includes many more medications than SafeDoseEMS. Contact Us if you are in the U.S. and would like access to full content.

Outside US and Brazil:

The app currently contains full content by default.

SafeDose provides mixing instructions, dosing and drug administration information on a single, actionable page. Choose the patient’s weight and clinical need, and instantly see the Dose in mg, Dose in mL, Dilution, Delivery information and Dangers, plus Y-site compatibilities..

The content is tailored to remove irrelevant information, and eliminate the need for math or memorization by the caregiver. This improves medication safety, reduces the cost of care, and improves clinical outcomes.

iMedicalApps said SafeDose is "useful and well designed... Undoubtedly, the potential for medication errors would be reduced if practitioners were to rely on the information provided by this app".

A university research study published in the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that after less than 10 minutes of training, the use of eBroselow’s system increased the accuracy of medication doses prepared during simulated pediatric emergencies by nearly 25 percent, and completely eliminated clinically significant errors.

The research also showed that use of the hospital version of eBroselow, as compared to traditional processes, reduced the time required to prepare medication during an emergency.

Used by hundreds of hospitals and many thousands of practitioners, all eBroselow SafeDose medical content is medically reviewed for accuracy.

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More Information Of eBroselow SafeDose

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:7.0.1 Publish Date:2021-04-22 Developer:eBroselow

User Reviews


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Ahmed Na 2016-02-21

i was love it i was to much love it but after new update many category delete such as antibiotics :(
Ahmed Na 2016-02-21

i was love it i was to much love it but after new update many category delete such as antibiotics :(
shuli bubuli 2016-01-22

Cassie Brockett 2016-02-02

Awesome Love this app use it all the time
Dr. Lalit Sangludkar 2016-09-17

Not good Older version is better .... this version has less drug ... there is no any drips
AL 2013-08-10

Inclusive This app has an inclusive list of info based on weight of your patient. I like the equipment list from oral airways size, ett size, lma size and even suction cath sizes to name a few. You can also look up categories such as what steroids and dosages to give or fluid resuscitation amounts. There is a section for post intubation management to include vent settings. I looked up succs and was glad to see a list of contraindications notes to remind pretreatment with atropine & when not to use. Thank you!
Dr dibbur Ramesh Kumar 2013-04-12

Superb I am a doctor... i really recommending this app....... its Marvelous wonderful , elegant , excellent. Adurs, kevvu kyaka....
Glenn Mark Estores 2013-04-26

great! its verry usefull thanks to this app!..
kitty K 2018-06-21

I finally figured out how to get the ems free version to work. do NOT put something in the user ID box, that is for if your agency subscribes to the paid version, it\'s not clear because it states it after the user ID box. The ems free version works well for PALS type scenarios.
Joni Wilson 2018-08-27

As a pedi nurse I am reviewing this app. I purchased a subscription and still see less than 100 meds. I followed the in-app links to register and see more and got nothing. I watched a youtube video about the app and cannot do the things it shows. Also I am not sure I understand the calculations. For example... For a 36 kg patient I select Motrin which is 10mg/kg. It tells me that 360mg is 9% over when 360mg is appropriate for a 36kg child at 10mg/kg. I will update if I fiscover there is more to this.