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Description of ecoATM - Sell & Recycle Your Mobile Phones

The brand new ecoATM app offers many features that make selling or recycling your smartphones a breeze. It provides a safe, secure, and convenient way for you to leave a positive impact on the planet while also putting money in your pocket.

Lock in a price offer

Phones lose value quickly over time. The app allows you to get an offer from anywhere and lock in your price.

Prepare your phone for sale

To protect your personal information, the app will walk you through all the steps needed to remove any personal accounts.

Price other phones

Get a price estimate for all those phones collecting dust in your drawer, most brands and conditions are accepted.

Find a nearby kiosk to get paid

ecoATM has over 4,500 kiosks nationwide and the app has a built-in locator to find the one nearest to you to drop off your device.

Please note:You must be 18 years or older and have a valid state ID in order to sell to ecoATM.

By using this application, you agree to ecoATM’s Terms and Conditions (http://ecoatm.com/terms-and-conditions/) and Privacy Policy (https://ecoatm.com/privacy-policy/).

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:4.1.4 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:ecoATM LLC

User Reviews


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Rachel Herrera 2019-02-10

5$ PROMO CODE-Anything & everything is possible. I can help you out if its been to difficult for you to figure out. If you got it then might as well get 5$ extra and apply this promo code: (RachVal1) at the kiosk.
Orion Jaeger 2016-11-05

Really? I just got a brand new phone. Straight out of the box. Had it for a month. Then my brother upgraded and gave me his phone (the one I really wanted). The phone I just bought was $180, so I figured I\'d try and get at least some of it back. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. The thing offered me $2 for in \"Like new\" condition and nothing below. Really?!? Brand new $180 phone and it\'s $2. What a rip off. Guarantee you they would make a WHOLE lot more than a couple bucks off my phone. I\'ll sell it on Craigslist.
Ray Bob 2015-10-26

Eco ATM is such a trap. They pay less then low end value. Most phones will not even have a value. If you decide you don\'t like their offer, their machine might eat your phone anyways, and you will be charged $20 for service tech to get it back out in a few days. Just go support a local business instead.
Todd Reed Janicki 2015-10-01

MORE LIKE ECO SCAMMMM - Don\'t waste your time unless you have a new phone you want to get rid of. Service would not take any of my phones - told me they were to old. Whats the point then? Nothing eco friendly about this at all if you can\'t recycle \"any\" phone!!!!
Capricia Woods 2016-12-08

THIS APP IS RIDICULOUS These people should not even be in business with the way that they are scamming. How do you offer someone $2 for a basically brand new phone on top of saying most phones have \"no resale value\". Ummmm I think not. SCAM SCAM SCAM
Alexander Hatler 2019-05-30

this app and these kiosks are worthless!! Both my fully charged samsung smartphone and tablet were worth nothing? gotcha! use craigslist or just throw them away! these things are a waste of time! i wonder if they even do give refunds or are there because they price the devices as nothing and then sell the recycle parts so there is no cost to them but the fee they pay the people to put the machines in their stores.
Steven B. 2020-11-26

You buy the phones way underpriced. It\'s practically fricken robbery. You should pay more for the devices. I paid $600 for my Galaxy S10 5G, 256 GB. Probably would\'ve paid more anywhere else but I got lucky and found it at that price. At least when I bought it. It\'s a new phone, Great condition. I\'m used to iPhones and I fell in love with this phone. But your app said it would buy or the machine would pay $85 for it. I was just curious but shocked at the stinginess. I pray your company changes.
Israel Sustaita 2016-01-08

Eco A Trick More (ATM) to take your money. You\'re way better off selling it on eBay or Craigslist. Unless you want to be given only a fraction of the the actual market price.
Sean Cornethan 2019-08-07

excellent app, easy to work with.
Tammy 2015-09-13

I laugh at the comments. I see lowballed being used. What your not realizing is the phone co you first purchased from already lowballed u. Theses phones are not worth what they sell them for to begin with, But they can sell them for whatever your willing to pay. Besides, almost everything depreciates.