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Description of Ecobank Mobile App

The revamped and enhanced Ecobank Mobile app makes it super easy to bank on the go 24/7. Manage your everyday banking needs anywhere anytime directly from your mobile device.

Manage your account, send money, make payments and get help from the Ecobank mobile app in all 33 African countries where Ecobank is present.

Manage your account

- View all your accounts balances and transaction history

- Open an Xpress Account

- Create and fund a Virtual card

- Set travel notifications for enhanced card security

- Block and unblock your bank card

- Get all your notifications and alerts

- Attach other bank cards for transactions

- Add your banking profiles from different countries

Send money

- Send money instantly to the 33 African countries where Ecobank is present

- Transfer money between your own accounts

- Transfer money to other bank accounts both domestic and international

- Transfer to a mobile money wallet in the same country

- Transfer money by Email and SMS in same country

- Send money to Visa card holders with Visa Direct

Make a payment

- Pay your bills

- Buy Airtime and data

- Pay merchants via QR with EcobankPay

- Request for payment from other Ecobank mobile app users

- Split payments with other Ecobank mobile app users

- Place a standing order for future payment

- Cardless Withdrawal from an ATMs using Xpress Cash

Get help

- Chat with RAFIKI for questions and support

- Locate nearest branches and ATMs

- Give us feedback

Get the Ecobank Mobile App now and experience the convenience and power of digital banking!

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More Information Of Ecobank Mobile App

lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:4.2.8 Publish Date:2022-05-30 Developer:Ecobank

User Reviews


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CHUKWUMA EZE 2020-10-29

Since the update, the app has become very useless, it cant even show account balance again, its slow to load pages and always showing please check ur network connection. I have tried to get the old version, but its not possible. I uninstalled it and installed it again, this time it became more useless because it couldn\'t even activate my app after inserting my phone number Very sad indeed. Right now, I can\'t use the app for the past 48hrs. I don\'t know what is going on.
Chidi Uwaeziozi 2021-03-10

Great app. However, improvements can be done. 1. The app loading can be protected with a PIN/Pattern/Passcode/Fingerprint. It isn\'t good that the app opens straight to the UI. This will be different from the transfer PIN. 2. The option to view history in the app as in web will be welcome. 3. The option to effect limit changes will be nice too. 4. The balance shows if you initiate a transfer even without PIN which defeats the show balance with PIN option. 5. Add Transaction ID to receipt
Amoin Kouakou 2020-12-05

The app does not open past the opening page which says it\'s checking to ensure the internet connection is secure. It stays in that mode for more than 5 minutes (no exaggeration) then a message pops asking to check my connection. It then goes back to the opening page and the little circle keeps turning on itself. No actual substance. Meanwhile with the same internet connection, I can browse the internet and go from page to page. I\'ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I\'m in Côte d\'Ivoire.
Oladele Oladimeji 2020-06-12

Every month, stratch that. For the past 5 days, your app has been impossible. This app frequently. It does not load banks out for transfer always complaining about network which is untrue. This happens frequently. I get stranded. What the heck! Once I get all everything I have out, I promise you...you won\'t see me again. I will advise others to do likewise. Ecobank app will get you stranded.
Eyram Kwame 2017-12-19

This App has been improving over the years and the App offers convenience when the system is up running. Interbank transfers, airtime top ups and statement requests. However, I am still wondering why a mobile banking app will be built to use a phone number as a user ID. Why can\'t customers use their internet banking log-in IDs? What if a customer changes his/her phone number and the customer\'s old phone number is given to someone who is an Ecobank customer? I have an account with GT Bank and I always use the internet banking log-on details to sign into the mobile App. Ecobank, the Pan African bank can do better...
Osayande Onaiwu 2021-02-09

Hello... I suggested additional security measure on this app sometimes ago but to no avail. The idea of one not logging into the app makes it porous to an extent. You don\'t actually need any security to view balance if the phone is open. Once you attempt to make transfer, even if you don\'t have the pin to do so, you see balance displaced in this process without applying the pin to view balance. This should be corrected ASAP. Let there be a logging page, such that you must login to initiate trx.
Lily Odoi 2020-12-13

This app makes me want to open an account with another bank because it continuously fails at mobile money transactions. You have to try severally, and finally you need to uninstall and reinstall. It usually works well after that, and after some time, the problem starts again. I\'ve heard recently from other people how it\'s one of the worst mobile apps and I\'m seriously considering having an account with another bank for these transactions. I think you need to step up.
mercy ukim 2020-10-29

This app is not encouraging at all. I have been trying to activate my account but when I put the pin no. sent to me, activate your account now comes up and I click ok. It takes me back to put your current pin. That has been the case ever since. I can not go forward. What do I do? After updating my app. I cannot access my account any longer it says incorrect password but that is not true. Pls help.
Daniel Onoriode Avre 2019-10-10

The app needs a total review because it doesn\'t work as expected. Unsuccessful transactions or transfers are not revised immediately and when you call customer service they will just be wasting your airtime playing continuous music. This is very very embarrassing to customers. I don\'t recommend the app for any reason. It is bad. I mean what is bad is bad.
Libby Azenda 2021-01-10

I have been trying to activate my app for the past three days now and it keep telling me to check my Internet connection or try again later. Opening an account was stress, get an ATM card was very stressful and frustrating I almost closed the account. To activate the mobile app again is a problem. The stress is too much for a new customer. Please fix it