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Description of Economist

Our global coverage offers distinctive insight and incisive analysis. Start your 7-day free trial now.*

Each week over 1.5m subscribers trust The Economist to help them make sense of the world. Join them by downloading The Economist app.

Free to download, the app includes a handpicked daily selection of the best of our journalism, along with the full weekly version of The Economist newspaper to read or listen to on the go.

Subscribe in-app today and take advantage of our introductory subscription offer.

Already a subscriber to The Economist? Simply install the app and sign in with your Economist.com login details.

The Economist is an award-winning, trusted filter on global affairs, offering in-depth analysis of everything from business, finance and politics to science, technology and economics. It covers every region of the world including the United States, British, European and Asian news. The Economist is also available as a weekly magazine.

App highlights:

• Top stories: the latest news analysis combined with highlights from the weekly issue

• Economist Espresso: a short morning briefing on the day’s global agenda

• The Economist weekly edition: full access to the weekly version of The Economist

• The audio version of the weekly edition to listen to on the go

• A selection of our podcasts, including The Intelligence, a daily burst of illumination from The Economist’s worldwide network of correspondents

App features:

• A morning briefing on the day ahead

• Timely analysis of the world’s biggest stories, updated by the end of the day

• The weekly edition available from 9pm every Thursday evening London time

• Audio versions of the weekly edition read by professional broadcasters

• Reading times highlighted on each article

• Bookmarks to save articles for later or create personal reading lists

Subscribing in-app

• Subscribe in-app and take advantage of our 7-day free trial.

• At the end of the trial, the subscription will automatically renew onto a monthly subscription at the standard price. Annual and quarterly subscriptions are also available in some regions.

• You will be charged in your local currency at the prevailing exchange rate as defined by Google. Payment is charged to your Play Store account upon confirmation of purchase

• All subscriptions automatically renew. Your account will be charged 24 hours before the renewal date, at a cost of £19.99/$19.99 for a monthly subscription, or €20.49 for a quarterly subscription.

• You can cancel your subscription from your Play Store account settings at any time but you must turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current period to avoid being charged again

Full terms of use can be found at https://www.economist.com/legal/terms-of-use

Our privacy policy can be found at https://www.economist.com/privacy

* Some countries may offer alternative pricing plans.

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:3.0.11 Publish Date:2021-09-18 Developer:The Economist Newspaper Limited

User Reviews


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Jaroslav Sladek 2020-11-28

Advertisement within articles is a terrible idea. This is paid publicatoin. I pay for the weekly edition and have no intention of read something that has in article advertising. That\'s too distracting. The old app to read the weekly edition is so much better, with ads only between articles. If this is the way it\'s going to be going forward, I will cancel my subscription.
Patrick Adler 2020-12-12

Update: So I noticed a new icon yesterday labelled \"Economist Legacy App\". The audio interface is so much less useful to me than it was previously. I typically listen in the car, while exercising, or at my desk while doing paperwork. The main problems are: 1. It (legacy app) no longer picks up where I left off when last listening (i.e. in the middle of an article). So now I have to try to remember to screenshot where I leave off and manually navigate to that point. Annoying. 2. It (legacy app) won\'t play in the background while using other apps (i.e. using Waze, Calendar, etc). Makes it also completely useless to me. 3. I went to Play Store to revise my review and it prompted me to install another app. Now I have the Espresso app, Economist Legacy App, and a new one called Economist. This one does play in the background, and picks up where I left off, but it doesn\'t switch to landscape orientation. 4. On the plus side, the playback speed button is now visible. I had stumbled upon its previously-invisible iteration accidentally in the past. If I hadn\'t come to leave a review, I wouldn\'t have known there was another app to download. Paying customers shouldn\'t have to do so much to figure out how to make the app work. Old review (from 2017): No more crashes. Able to download issues for offline reading. Just started getting into the audio downloads. Great for catching up while driving.
Roman S 2020-04-24

I use the app to listen to the audio version of the magazine while driving. It\'s clear that the app\'s main focus is the print version and not the audio. For example, when one wants to listen to an article he must first access the text version and then choose play. Often, the last position of playback is not saved when the app is restarted. There is no \"track list\" that can be easily navigated to maybe revisit an article, or to just quickly play something with an interesting title. Thank you.
Jim Wiedman 2020-12-09

Love the content, but with the latest update, they took a bad app and made it worse! The audio version is the main reason I subscribe. It is now harder to set up a playlist.
Bowe Strickland 2021-01-24

No longer able to read/listen offline!! As a weekly, the Economist has been my go to reading when internet is unavailable. Now, when offline, I\'m required to login to access content downloaded days ago, which is impossible, because I\'m, well, offline. If not for Economist legacy app, this would be a deal breaker and I\'d cancel my subscription.
Filip Klimowski 2019-12-27

I mostly read The Economist on mobile. Coming from the old \'Economist\' and \'Espresso\' apps, it\'s nice to have them together in this app.. 1) I notice I\'m unable to find the 1843 editions, or World In.. editions, so I still need the other app for those. 2) As others have mentioned, a search functionality across topics and regions would be incredible (ex. being in Canada, I\'d love to search for articles on Canada). Keep up the great work.
T B 2021-01-30

This updated app is absolutely horrible. The older app, while not perfect, was tremendously better. Because of this app, my daily use of the Economist is now down to 2 days/week, if that. It’s just too frustrating to deal with the app. Here are a few reasons why: 1. Navigating to the queue is tortuous. It takes at least 3 different actions just to pause the audio. Previously, this was 1-click away. 2. To go from an article currently playing to the next article requires at least 4 actions. The last app could do this in 1 action. 3. The auto play function is temperamental. You never know if or when it will work. Often, it continuously replays the article just played instead of advancing to the next article. 4. The amount of glitches is shocking. I will stop the app to do something else. When I return, my place in the article is gone. Many times, the app starts me all over at the beginning of the queue! 5. The font indicating the duration of an article is microscopic. For sanity’s sake, give us back the old app!
Chris Georgiades 2020-12-06

Great content, terrible app. Download audio file at least 2- 3 times per week because is \"removed\" by itself. Sometimes this happens whilst mid listening, error message no internet connection (why I need internet connection on a download file?) Mostly happens next time you try to listen to audio after few hours (no audio file). Please fix
Walter Kraft 2021-01-12

The content of the magazine is first rate as is the audio quality, but the audio access has become totally unwieldly with this new version. The audio portion of various app versions has always been buggy but manageable. However, audio on the current version seems an afterthought, with even basic features such a generation of a playlist or remembering where I dropped off not supported. I am hoping the designers read these forums. 2 stars since it does work, but the functionality is a step back
Edward Dunne 2020-12-28

I don\'t know what\'s happened to this app. The content as always is excellent, but a recent update seems to have made it unresponsive. Saved articles frequently fail to load, and the app just hangs, requiring either a phone restart or force stop.