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Description of ECOVACS HOME

ECOVACS HOME debuts! With awesome connected features, our latest App allows you to control your DEEBOT anytime, anywhere, and takes your cleaning experience to a new level.

By connecting to your DEEBOT, you can:

• Start, pause, or stop cleaning

• Set a regular cleaning schedule

• Set voice report, suction power, and Do-Not-Disturb time*

• Receive notifications from your Wi-Fi enabled robot*

• Share DEEBOT with your friends through multiple accounts*

• Receive software and firmware updates*

• Access instruction manuals, video tutorials and FAQs, and contact customer service

And you can do much more with your advanced mapping DEEBOT (powered by Smart Navi™ Technology):

• Set up Virtual Boundary™ to create no-go zones*

• Use Custom Cleaning to customize any cleaning area you want*

• View real-time stats from the visual map of your home, areas cleaned, and cleaning time*

• Adjust water flow level when DEEBOT is mopping (Robots with mopping function only)*

*Features vary with models. Go to ecovacs.com to see detailed features of your model.

Plus, you can control your DEEBOT with simple commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Home**.

**Smart Home commands are available only in some countries/regions.


Wi-Fi with 2.4 GHz or 2.4/5 GHz mixed band support only

Mobile device with Android 4.4 or later

Need help? Visit ecovacs.com for more information or to contact our customer service team.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:2.2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:ECOVACS ROBOTICS

User Reviews


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David David 2019-07-20

Requires permissions that should not be necessary (access to IMEI, make phone calls, access to files and photos). Definitely not allowing that. I\'m returning this Deebot. This is totally unacceptable especially that they don\'t give proper explanation. This is going back to Amazon and I\'m getting different brand.
Chris Mitchell 2021-03-12

Was great, not anymore. This app used to be perfectly fine. Not perfect, but perfectly fine. Ever since the update in March 2021 it\'s damn near useless! \"Data Submission Error\" every time I open the app without fail. It also says the robot is offline even though the Google Home app can see it online just fine. The app needs rolled back to it\'s previous version until the latest version has been properly bug tested. I don\'t recall agreeing to be a beta tester.
Becky Horton 2019-07-29

There is no way I\'m going to give permission to my phone\'s IMEI, photos, phone call logs, and/or installing unknown apps. Requiring this to use the app needs to be disclosed before purchasing as the app usage is what sold me. I am reporting this to Amazon, Google Play, and the FTC - that may sound extreme, but so is the right to my privacy.
Chris Szymczuk 2019-06-19

Edit- Dev continues to one star comments with a copy and paste response that does not help with anything. It is actually just really irritating when you see the comments and responses. App itself works fine, but like everyone else says, there is no need for these permissions. If permissions are updated, this app would get a much higher rating.
Adam Hextall 2020-08-16

Needs improvement Ecovacs please listen to all the other reviewers and myself there are major flaws with the application. You need to be able to store maps in the cloud and retrieve them if you need to. 2 you need to be able to save the new map that the robot creates as it goes round a second time and this may enhance an existing map that was already saved. The border creation and room splitting are bad. You need to be able to set the borders correctly and allow each room to be segemtated.
Rik 2021-03-09

Would be nice that everytime you load the app its online. Everytime i load it up its always offline and i have to swipe down to get it online. FIX THIS. You fixed it but latest update broke it again. Now it says \"data submission error\" so you killed the app. It tells me to start all over again.
Jon Shern 2019-07-16

This app requires the Emei number permissions for some reason. First time i have ever encountered this. This can be a way to hack a mobile phone. Had to put on a tablet in order to avoid comprosing my phone Remove the need for this permission and i will increase my review to 4 stars
Laura W 2019-12-18

I have an awesome Deebot, Unfortunately I am forced to use this app with it! It will constantly tell me that my vacuum is \"offline\" even when it is on and vacuuming! When I pull down, to refresh, it still tells me it is offline. That aside, it took me nearly an hour just to get this app to pair with my deebot because it wouldn\'t acknowledge it\'s existence. I have NEVER left a bad review for an app, and it\'s unfortunate that I have to start with something that I have to use, almost everyday.
David Elosegui 2020-10-08

Robot is decent, app is garbage. First off it takes forever for it to fully map your house the first time. If it gets stuck and you have to lift the robot up you\'re screwed and have to start over. Even once the house is completely mapped, my map somehow gets jacked up every month or two and then I have to remap the entire house (which is a pain). I don\'t understand why there\'s no option to store a good copy of your map? A simple backup and restore option would be a lifesaver.
Cameron Pasag 2021-02-01

I\'ve had the vacuum (950) for over a year now and the app just seems to get worse every week. Map overlaps itself, loses the divided areas, fails to clean asigned areas (program it to clean the living room it goes to the dining room across the house). I\'ve never heard of an app getting worse as it updates, and the updates have not even added any features to it! This vacuum costs a lot of money and the map makes it practically useless as a \"robot\". Feel like I\'ve been ripped off.