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Description of Edo Agenda

The first app combining calendar, note-taking and task management: your all in one personal organizer.

Inspire yourself, keep track of your daily life and get stuff done.

Introducing Edo Agenda, the first app that combines calendar, note-taking and task management in one single place easy to use across your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

A blank page offers endless possibilities and a calendar lets you organize, schedule and retrieves all these possibilities.

- Manage personal e work tasks

- Schedule events, activities and reminders

- Capture and organize ideas and notes

- Collect meeting notes and manage projects

- Create checklists and alarms

Edo Agenda lets you choose the way you look at your contents:

Journal (Home Page)

it lets you see all your notes, tasks, to-do lists and events organized by day.

Here you can plan anything you need to do, from a trip to a project, or you can simply track your activities or use it as a bullet journal (unfinished tasks could be moved automatically to the next day).

Floating tasks

Collect here everything that doesn't fit into a specific topic or doesn't have a due date yet.


Here you can combine and organize different contents such as to-do lists, due dates, notes, documents, images, pdf and much more.

A project named "Trip to Japan" could collect things to do, places to visit, scheduled activities, tickets, reservations codes, directions, maps, thoughts and photos, links, all in one place.


Capture and organize here simple meeting notes, class notes, homework, ideas and much more. You can color code notes as well as attach documents and images to them.

Each Note can be linked to a specific day of our calendar and organized in collections (e.g. favorite book passages and quotes, recipes etc.)

To-Do List

Create checklists with descriptions and attachments. It's easy to write down a grocery list, a reading list, a wish list, you name it. Each To-Do List can be linked to a specific day in your planner and organized in collections e.g. work, personal and so on.

All the contents are backed up and synchronized in real time on each of your devices.

Try the web app on https://agenda.edo.io/welcome/ to access your project, notes, to-do list and schedule from your laptop or desktop, it works with all major browser.

Coming soon:

Habit tracking and routines

A place where every day you can take note of all your routines: how many minutes you have meditated, what you had for lunch and dinner or how many pages you read from your favorite book, to have each week a report that tracks all your positive and life-enriching habits.

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More Information Of Edo Agenda

lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:0.90531 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:edo.io srl

User Reviews


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Awato 2019-05-23

This app is everything I need in a daily planner! I\'ve never found a planner app that is as useful as this one. Thank you so much, devs! Take my money, I\'ll be using this app for a long time. 1 suggestion though: It would be nice if I could check off to-do items on the widget instead of opening the app every time I need to check something off. Update: Thank you so much for listening to my feedback!!! ❤❤❤
The Autodidact 2019-08-20

Another calendar and so app, that I\'d gladly invest time in checking out properly - if it wasn\'t for premium features being hidden behind a subscription model. That\'s not gonna happen! Response to the response: The free version do not suffice, and that is why some features are \"premium\" - I get that. I could _buy_ the extra premium features, but I will not subscribe to use them, so a long trial makes no difference. Subscription software is a no-go!
Amar van Duijneveldt 2019-01-03

awful.. the app has great potential but after downloading my \"premium trial\" was immediately over and I keep getting pop ups all over the app that the trial is over. Without it, you cant even add notes or give to do lists colours, it just doesn\'t work
Lily 2019-08-02

this app DOES make me happy :-)
Nana 2018-02-09

Hello, great app. Can you make an option where we can edit tasks in bulk instead of one by one? (be able to highlight so we can bulk delete, change color, move, etc). And it\'s also kinda hard to click on the date we want the task to be in that calender format. Even though I\'ve clicked on the date I want it won\'t save. Please and thanks
Ken Joseph 2020-05-18

Okay I tried this app about 18 monts ago, and it was so, so. I installed today and opted for the montly subscription to see, if things had improved. Well, I\'m completely blown away. The UI is so much better and things that were not working are now fixed. I\'m going to see how this month goes. But if continues to be as promising as things are, then I will be well pleased. For now, I\'m go to increase the rating to 4/5. Well done to the team.
kau Helene 2019-08-01

I have compared more than 10 \"todo\" applications. Edo agenda is the best. It is user friendly, has the possibility to attach a document. The layout is \"clear and clean\", provides a good overview. It helps me to organise my day, remind me of my tasks. Having said this, I would love to have the possibility to create sub-tasks. The IT is working on it. I am rating EDO agenda with 5 stars, because it is the best one in comparison to the others.
Jason Downing 2018-03-08

So far so good. This definitely fills a gap I\'ve been trying to fill for a long time. The marriage of appointments and tasks then notes all in an agenda view just makes sense. Will do some further testing but first impression is awesome. One thing I found is that tasks in the widget still show even if they\'ve been completed. At the very least, they should be crossed out, but removed completely would be nice.
Garret Clark 2020-04-06

Seems to have been bought out by Moleskine and the servers shut down without any notice. Currently have no access to my notes or anything. The hamburger menu is pretty cluttered and I personally feel that $25/yr is kind of steep for the current state of premium. I really like the agenda view and it\'s combination of events and tasks. I think the app layout is better than Any.do\'s layout/navigation.
Andreea Fate Schneider Birth: Eduard Enciu 2019-08-06

Absolutely the best planner app. One feature missing though is e-mail. Many apps do the job very easily but having everything in one place instead of moving from one app to another is really a timesaver and seemless integration works incredibly well. Though thought for individual use rather than team cooperation, it has the best features combined you can find out there. I really want to see e-mail and team chat in this app one day. It is by far the most promising solution for a clean company.