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Description of EdPlus- study smarter

With EdPlus you study smarter, not harder. 150+ topics to learn, with new videos being added daily. Our AI creates a learning path just for you.

★ Topics that you can learn ★

Languages: French vocab, Spanish vocab, Italian vocab, German vocab.

K12 early Math topics: Addition, Subtraction, Times Tables, Division, Comparisons, Counting, Number Bonds, Odds and evens, Doubling & Halving, Telling the time

K12 Math topics: Angles, Measurements, Averages, BIDMAS, Factors, Prime Numbers, Decimals

Academic subjects: Verbal Reasoning, Science and Geography

Important to know: Christianity, Hinduism

The Natural World: African animals, European Birds, Endangered Species, Dinosaurs, Space

Fun topics: Famous Faces, US Presidents, Logos, Harry Potter, Marvel Heroes

★ Why EdPlus is effective ★

- Small and frequent sessions are the most effective way to learn

- Every learner receives personalised questions which adapt to the right level of difficulty

- Our 'Connect' feature makes learning a habit by attaching education to existing digital habits

- EdPlus has been built by an Oxford University spinout

- Proven to help learn anything and a great solution for tests

★ How much does it cost ★

- You get 3 credits to learn any three topics for free

- To access additional topics you may buy additional credits or subscribe

★ What apps does EdPlus Connect work with ★

- You can lock any app with EdPlus

- Apps people lock to motivate them to learn include: YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook

★ Features ★

- Secure EdPlus with a password or pattern

- Change the number of questions you need to get right to unlock an app

- Set a time out period if you don't want to keep having to unlock apps

- Bypass the quiz by using your password or pattern

- Change topic to keep learning

- Monitor what you have learnt and earn badges

- Change your theme colour scheme, your avatar and your tutor to customise your experience

If you enjoy the app, please leave a review. If you have any feedback to help us improve please contact us at support@edplus.app - thank you!

Read our terms and conditions here: https://edplus.app/terms/

Read our privacy policy here: https://edplus.app/privacy/

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:5.14.0 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:HandsUp - learn with live lessons

User Reviews


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Joanna C 2020-09-10

Great app. Very interactive. The only down side was that It stated the course is free but obviously it isnt. I believe this fact should be clearly stated so don\'t have to look for the information in small print. But overall it speeds up the learning process because the way it is built.
Sara 2020-06-07

This app is amazing, but at first I thought the people who were giving examples were trying to compete with me so I got a bit under pressure but then I found out that wasn\'t the case, I wanted to learn Italian so I went onto some lessons and they were great there were people there to pronounce the words for you so it\'s just FABULOUS.
Mya Robinson 2020-10-04

This app is the best!!! I love the designs for some reason, I love the videos, it\'s just amazing.
Eugene Palesika 2019-11-01

Great application, intuitive design, great questions for learning not just for children)
Nicholae Gogol 2020-07-08

So far loving the experience, no ads and Perfect for general knowledge. I Just hope they don\'t get greedy and ruin everything.
catherine 2020-02-27

Awesome I\'ve improved very much thank you No adverts to distract It\'s amazing to have a quick brain jog Only problem is you have to use credits to study other than that it\'s amazing.
xGxpp 2020-05-26

This game is very good I love it but it could change by adding ages so basically like maths for the age your on but it really helped me Thanks to this app I will you use this every day from now on
Nikki Bear 2021-01-03

Compared to other apps, its a great app, I just think the information tho great is a little bit limited..more topics , more questions and maybe a little more listening exercise for us, audio listeners
ha ha 2020-01-13

When you try 7× and 8× it only comes up with 7×9 or 8×6 and its boring it doesnt work at all dont get it
Phoebe Hennell 2020-03-16

Engaging integration of short video clips with learning a range of topics e.g. English language. The kids find it really fun, cannot recommend enough! So many apps out there but this takes a leaf out of the book of successful apps like TikTok and cameo.