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Description of eharmony online dating for you

2021 is over and the best is yet to come! When it comes to dating, let eharmony help you find real love in this winter season. With over 20 years of experience, eharmony can make 2022 your favorite year. If you’re ready to find your next relationship that’s based on compatibility and connection - we’re ready for you. Download our dating app and start free now.


When it comes to love, compatibility matters. That’s why we’ve created the Compatibility Matching System to ensure each of your matches are based on qualities that are important to you.

Our dating site and app makes finding love simple. We’ll guide you through our online dating process in 3 easy steps:


At eharmony, we believe real love should be more than swiping, which is why we start with our Compatibility Quiz. The quiz allows us to take a more comprehensive look at you as a whole and what you want from a relationship.


Your Compatibility Quiz results are compiled to create a Personality Profile, an informative report about your character, lifestyle, relationship behavior and communication style. The results allow eharmony to do the work for you and match you with compatible singles.


It’s finally time to start online dating. Through your Match List you’ll have access to each members’ profile so you can better understand who they are as a person. The list is constantly updated as new members join so you’ll never miss an opportunity to fall in love.


Let’s connect with your matches and meet new people! Try our communication features.

• BREAK THE ICE: Go beyond an introductory “hey” and make an impression using one of our Icebreaker tests. It’s a simple way to get the online dating conversation started.

• CHAT NOW, DATE LATER: Get to know your match through messaging. It’s easy to stay up all night just talking. You can always send a smile to let them know you’re interested.

• GO ON A DATE ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME: Our secure in-app Video Date makes dating from the comfort of your own home possible.

eharmony is the #1 Trusted Dating App. We have a skilled in-house Trust and Safety team to ensure our platform is safe, inclusive, and welcoming to every member of our community.


"eharmony claims to have the most advanced match-making system, and be the best site for finding love. This approach definitely makes them stand out from more casual dating apps like Tinder or Bumble." — (Observer)

"The app serves you connections based on values..." — (PC Mag UK)

"The OG dating site that focuses on lasting relationships through compatibility..." — (Techcrunch)


The Basic Membership is your default free membership upon joining. Begin collecting online dating experience and understand the app before upgrading to Premium. Some limitations may apply.

The Premium Membership is not free, but it is worth it. This gives you full access to all of eharmony’s functions and capabilities, making it much easier to find a connect with your ideal partner.

Membership structure – Online dating is a journey and shouldn’t be rushed. We believe that shorter plans don’t give you the time to properly get to know your matches, which is why we offer our Premium Membership in 6, 12, or 24-month plans.

Download our app today and find your real love.



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User Reviews


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GOD\'S child BabyWilliams 2019-04-17

I spent some time searching for that special connection with that special someone. I have found my Mrs. Right. Had a few lost opportunities, but maybe that was necessary to find True Love. was hoping it would be sooner rather than later so it may ne a case of \'people plan & God laughs!\' We\'ll now my new found love & I can laugh along too. greatest wishes to all whom are still searching. dont lose faith that the one to match ur heart & soul is still out there looking for u as well.
Zita Letenyei 2020-09-16

This my very first 1 start review but this app worked hard enough to earn it. I blindly clicked on the highlighted most popular option which is the one year plan. The profiles that come up as matches are in fact no matches and people were last online ages ago - I understand now why. So I wrote to customer service to cancel my membership thinking I might have lost what I paid for the first month. What happened was shocking. For a few days of membership I was not only charged for the entire month but an extra £55 as apparently I agreed to their terms and conditions which now feels like selling my soul to the devil. At least he gives you something in return but eharmony is just a pure rip off. Oh and even though I was charged for 6 months, my account was immediately reduced to basic which means I can\'t even see profile pictures. I think I was a member for 5 days and it cost me about £70. Before I forget: the bank transfer was considered a fraud by my bank and they blocked my card. Terrible service, disgraceful customer service and the extra hassle to clear my card. Avoid.
Ijaz Farooq 2019-06-01

I wish I could give 0 stars or negative stars. waste of money. but not waste of time because you never received any matches. they sent me matches for first 2 days. but after that so far it has been weeks and nothing not a single match. and yes I did contact your support and they sent me an email about technical details. if your system is too complicated even for you. why are you advertising it as a great app and taking our money. where are the 6 guaranteed matches I haven\'t received any in weeks
Makaelah Todd 2020-01-08

I do not reccomend getting a subscription because you cannot cancel it, you can only stop it from renewing for the next term. So if you have say 5 months left on your subscription, you have to continue to make those payments until the subscription time is completed. I no longer use the app because I met somebody (outside the app) and my partner thought I was using the app because payments were being taken out of my account for the subscription. I would appreciate being able to cancel my service.
Erin Zanders 2019-11-22

The new update took this from a fairly useful tool to a complete mess. Half my matches don\'t have pictures, you can\'t filter people based on the things that are important to you anymore, and suddenly it\'s hounding me to answer a million more questions, which nobody is doing so there\'s no useful info in anyone\'s profile. I paid for a year because eHarmony had worked well for me eight years ago, then they ruined the app. I basically open it, roll my eyes and close it again. Waste of money.
Jean Vidal 2019-04-12

eHarmony tricks people into singing up for free but once they realize that they need to pay in order to have access to all features on the site (For example: you need to pay to be able to reply a message from a match), they just leave, many without closing their accounts. The problem is that if you have paid for it, you will end up matched to all those inactive profiles. Prove of what I am saying is that on March 1st, 2019. They matched me to a friend of mine that got married 2 years ago. I must say that she DID NOT met her actual husband thru eHarmony, she was just one of the cases I described before. I have been reading the reviews on the google play store and I agree with most of them in 3 things, the first one is that this place is pretty much dead. The second one is that all this is a waste of time and money and the third one is and that the only love that we will find here is from spammers. I’m extremely disappointed and I’m definitely not recommending this site to anybody, I wish I could give them 0 stars for not providing the service they charged for. They should be ashamed of their bad business practices and at least refund the money.
Marwa Sewilam 2021-02-11

After a long Q&A session, you finally get on and can\'t see anyone properly unless you pay a lot of money. Be careful, they make you agree that you might incur charges if you cancel but it gives the impression that it\'s for the number of days you use. I was on it for about an hour when I decided that the matches were too far away or weren\'t suitable. I tried to cancel and they charged me £65 for filling out the questionnaire that I had no choice but to fill. You also don\'t even get a copy of it.
Jason Woods 2020-06-15

I purchased a subscription when I got a message from the only contact in my area I wanted to chat with. The contact stopped talking after one day and has not logged back in since. There is not many choices in the 60 mile radius. I feel this message I got was a way to make me sign up. The amount is way too high for the lack of communication in this service. I wish I never paid for eHarmony. Will never recommend or use again.
Tiffaney l 2019-06-03

If I could give zero stars I would. you charge a lot of money for a dating site to not send the correct matches. I was getting people hours and hours away from me, not in the age I was looking for. no matter what I did nothing fixed it. now I\'m paid in full over $150 and cannot delete my account. your service sucks. I will never recommend this to anyone. COMPLETELY UNSATISFIED. do not waste you\'re time.
Candiace Miller 2021-02-16

Do NOT waste ur money and time on this site. They give u so called matches that don\'t even go to what u want. You don\'t get matched with anyone on what ur looking for if u do it\'s maybe 1 or 2. The commercials are a big time lie. I\'ve been on here for almost a yr and no love story for me. You answer all kinds of questions then u find out u have to pay for it, u don\'t get matched with ppl u put on ur criteria. It is a big waste of time trust me. Others will say the same thing. Never again.