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Description of Elan Credit Card

Elan Financial Services is your credit card issuer and creditor and is pleased to offer you a mobile solution to easily access your credit card account on the go.


Easy access is the first step in saving time.

‒ Streamlined sign-up – We’ve made it easier than ever to enroll!

‒ Easy options for login – Choose to login with a username & password or, on select devices, fingerprint or Face ID.


View your account balance, transactions and available credit with ease

‒ Find it fast – Quick-action menus quickly launch commonly used features.

‒ Review recent activity – View pending and posted transactions or search for specific transactions by date or amount.


Make a payment with just a few taps.

‒ Set-up a one time or recurring payment.

‒ Easily manage pending payments.


Control when and how you are notified.

‒ Secure your account by specifying alerts based on transaction activity.

‒ Manage your account by establishing alerts related to payment due dates.

‒ Receive security alerts when personal information is updated.


Can't find your card or need to limit access? No problem!

‒ Easily lock or unlock your credit card in real-time.

The Elan Financial Services Elan Credit Card Mobile app is free to download. Your mobile carrier may charge access fees depending upon your individual plan. Web access is needed to use the mobile app. Check with your carrier for specific fees and charges. Some mobile features may require additional online setup.

Elan is committed to protecting your privacy and security. We collect and use information about you as described in our privacy policies. Read more at:


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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:22.5.3 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Elan Financial Services

User Reviews


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Matthew Finzel 2020-07-22

Remember this device feature never remembers the device, security questions are not relatable. Everytime I need or want access to my account I have to spend half an hour bouncing between customer service agents before one of them is able to help. At least allow the option to make your own damn questions if you can\'t figure out how to allow the app to remember a device. I\'m at the point of canceling my card because of the app.
insanegamer 1988 2020-08-27

I loved the new design and all but I have a problems with it. The (remember this device) button doesn\'t work and I have to input my login I\'d every time I use it
George Lunt 2020-07-28

I know this concept can be tough, but the goal for updating an app should be to make it EASIER and less cumbersome for users. Why are there three screens to log in instead of one now? Why does the app not save my login info? Im trying to give you money and the app makes it near impossible without spending way more time than i should. If you want to have an app that won\'t get an average rating of 2 stars, go look at the Eastern Bank app. That\'s an app that works for banking transactions.
James Schwertman 2020-10-07

Terrible app. Is this 2020 or 1920. Soooo glad I opened up an account with this company only to have no way to access my account other than via phone calls. Not even worthy of 1 star.
Jered Neff 2019-08-22

Every time I try to sign in its says \"check network and try again\". I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice to try and reset the app, however it won\'t even accept my Username anymore.
ThePanzerbox 2020-08-04

This app went from well working and full featured to bare bones. Very disappointing. (Update: fingerprint login removed entirely.) Update4: Has the developer dropped everything but maintenance on this?
Samantha Reviu 2020-09-25

I have similar log in issues as everyone else has. But another thing that bugs me is why don\'t they have a category/column at the end that shows balances after every single transactions? I thought this was a given as every other banking app I have has this information. Its like I have to get a calculator to make sure if everything is right which is VERY VERY annoying.
gordon north 2020-09-28

I have tried at least 10 times to redeem my points to no avail. Go to rewards and a never ending start loop (rotating circle) begins and never ends. Finally went to website and was able to redeem my points. Didn\'t bother with tech support because the APP is the problem. Going to uninstall because other problems (various other errors) also exist!!!! Website works pretty good.
j freeman 2019-09-20

Difficult to sign in..... always issues with security questions and logging into account. If you need account info you are better off calling customer services because when using the app you will have to call them anyways. I would give negative stars for app if it were possible.
Johni Pennie 2020-06-25

Keeps crashing, sends messages about to send system log files. I don\'t really understand what\'s wrong with this app, ? Also the app looks for feedback! I can only reply \'????\' The new update, when you log in with user ID it adds a space that gets recognize as a character that\'s not allowed. I feel so silly. It to me month to figure out somthing so simple. Less or no crashes since the update. Thanks.