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Description of Eldritch Companion

This is a companion app for Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games. The purpose of the app is to replace all of the encounter decks (location, gate, research, expedition, mystic ruins, devastation, disaster, and ancient one) found within the game for all eight currently available expansions: Base, Forsaken Lore, Mountains of Madness, Strange Remnants, Under the Pyramids, Signs of Carcosa, The Dreamlands, Cities in Ruin, and Masks of Nyarlathotep.

With this app you should be able to set up Eldritch games a lot faster and cleanup shall be a breeze. Just fire up the app, select your expansions and ancient one (or randomize the ancient one if you're feeling brave) and get started!

The only decks this app does not replace are the mythos and mystery decks, since most of these need to be interacted with or referenced.

The app automatically saves your game after every encounter as well. If you experience a crash or are just playing a game over several sessions, there is no need to worry. All the encounters you've already gone through remain in the discard pile, but all other decks are reshuffled. Selected expansions and ancient one stay in tact!

You also have the option of using this app with an expansion that comes with a side board (such as Mountains of Madness or Under the Pyramids) but leaving the side board out. Oftentimes there's not enough space for the side board but you still want to play with the new encounters that are in the expansion outside of Antarctica or Egypt. The app allows you to do this :)

This is *not* an official app by Fantasy Flight Games. It is a fan-made app created by me to facilitate the setup and cleanup of the game, as well as adding more table space by removing most of the decks.

If you want to leave a review, I'd love that! Please do not review this app negatively for something it was never meant to do, such as track your character or replace the mythos deck. This app is meant only to replace the encounter cards.

Eldritch Horror and its expansion titles are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.

Eldritch Horror, its expansions and the card text from Eldritch Horror and its expansions are copyright Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:8.0 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Reynier Otero

User Reviews


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Stephan Beal 2016-06-19

The only thing missing is a short how-to for deck traversal. i fought with unduly long before figuring out exactly how tap/swipe behaved. Nonetheless, terribly useful and a big space- and time saver (shuffling, setup, and tear-down).
Jake Black 2016-11-29

Just have This app is fantastic! A bit confusing at first that you need to long press an encounter to discard it when you\'re done but otherwise this thing saves tons of setup time and table space by making all of the encounters app driven.
Jeffrey Hernandez 2018-02-21

I don\'t think I could play this game as much as I do without this app. Amazing work. Can\'t wait for the new expansion to be included...I\'m not even bothering with those old ones or encounter cards until then...too much hassle and needs too much space. Only very minor thing I can see is that when I come back to a game, the Expedition or Mythic Ruins encounter has changed location. That\'s a very minor annoyance as I just sweep through to find the one I originally had, but its one thing I\'ve noticed. Thank you for doing this!! UPDATED: You added the Nyarlathotep expansion...I am ecstatic. Thank you for this work!
Victoria B 2018-03-10

I really love the concept of this app and I think it is very well put together. I have only played around with it but it seems to work very well so far. My only suggestion would to modify the UI a bit because it is very bare bones and not really visually appealing, but it gets the job done and it\'s not horrible or anything. I\'m not sure I would use it for my games in the future just because I do really love using the cards and even though this app would save a ton of time in setup I don\'t mind the extra time to play with the decks. That\'s just me though, this is a solid app and a really great idea.
Jovanie Rodriguez 2017-10-11

This is amazing. Eldritch Horror is so fun and the story driven game play is amazing. But the set up is a pain. BUT, with this app it is so much easier and this app is on pace with current releases. Amazing! As new expansions are released I hope this developer keeps on adding. This app makes it so much quicker and easier to set up the game so you can focus on play rather than build up and put away. A must have for any regular player of Eldritch Horror.
Brian 2017-10-12

I\'ve used this for 1 round and I already love it!
Michael 101 2016-09-12

:/ Thank you thank you thank you :) *edit* gahhh. Game always crashes if i leave app for even 1 sec.
Yulay Devlet 2018-08-27

This app saves both time and table space. It\'s awesome. Unfortunately it crashes alot on my Samsung note 5 (almost every two rounds). It has a continue option which is super helpful but expedition card changes everytime so I use the cards for those.
Jaysaber 2019-08-03

The app itself is great, but unfortunately it crashes constantly; losing all of the current progress. If this gets I\'d happily rate it 5 stars.
John Doe 2019-01-26

What an incredible app! GET THIS RIGHT NOW if you\'re either: 1, sick of wasting dozens of minutes shuffling encounter decks; 2, gawking at the unnecessary space these decks take on your table, or both! This is an app worth spending time to make a review for, absolutely brilliant! I\'d have easily spent money on this and I love how you didn\'t plague us with ad space. SUGGESTION: Please include a section for Mysteries and Mythos Cards! I would love only needing to worry about assets and conditions!