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Description of Electrician Calculator Pro

Electrician Calculator Pro - National Electric Code (NEC) compliant calculator for electricians, engineers and electrical professionals, electrical contractors, designers, lighting experts, inspectors, maintenance personnel and builders!

Compliant with NEC 2020, 2017, 2014, 2011, 2008, 2005 and 2002, and future updates are FREE!

Visit our website for more details: http://www.ElectricianCalculator.com/

Forget about complicated key combinations normally required for NEC calculators! With this app you'll be able to perform the following calculations in a straightforward way:

• Voltage Drop

All voltage drop calculations use NEC chapter 9 table 8 values (either stranded or unstranded), and ambient temperature is taken into consideration as per NEC chapter 9 table 8 FPN 2.

• Find voltage drop (in volts and percentage).

• Find the maximum cable length given a required voltage drop and wire gauge (for single and three phase circuits).

• Find the minimum wire gauge given a required voltage drop and distance (for single and three phase circuits).

• Ampacity

Ampacity calculations use NEC tables 310.16 and 310.17 to find maximum ampacity or minimum wire gauge. The correction factor for temperature is used in these calculations.

• Find the minimum wire gauge given an amps value and ambient temperature (can specify if it will be in a raceway or free air).

• Find the maximum ampacity of a cable given its gauge, the ambient temperature, and if it is in a raceway or free air.

• Conduit sizing and conduit fill

Conduit and cable diameters are obtained from the tables in NEC chapter 9. Maximum fill percentages are obtained from NEC chapter 9 table 1.

• Find the minimum size conduit given the gauge and number of cables.

- Can specify the following conduit types: EMT, ENT, FMC, IMC, LFNB, LFNA, RMC, PVC-80, PVC-40 / HDPE, PVC-A, PVC-EB.

- Can specify the following insulation types: THHN, THWN, THWN-2, THW, THHW, THW-2, TW, XHH, XHHW, XHHW-2, RHH, RHW, RHW-2.

• Find the maximum amount of cables that can be used, given conduit size and type, and cable gauge and insulation.

• Motor full load current

Motor full load current values are obtained from NEC tables 430-247, 430-248, 430-250 in chapter 9.

• Find the motor full current load for DC motors, single phase, squirrel cage, wound rotor, and synchronous electrical motors from 1/4HP to 200 HP.

• Grounding conductor

Find the grounding conductor for service entrances and equipment, as per NEC tables 250-66 and 250-122.

• Capacitor KVARs

Find the capacitor KVARs that must be connected to the system in order to correct low power factors caused by inductive loads.

• Power cost

Estimate the financial cost of running a specific load. You enter your KWH rate, the load in KW, and the hours spent with the load connected, and the calculator will return the cost. You can select your own currency from the Preferences section.

• Preferences

The app preferences will allow you to choose to enter Values can be entered in Feet or Meters, Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can also select to use copper or aluminum cables by default, and select to use stranded or unstranded cables.

• Support

If you are not 100% satisfied with this calculator please email us at info@electriciancalculator.com so we can answer your question or comment before posting any negative reviews. We are constantly providing updates and adding new functionality. Planned updates include bend radius calculations, circuit breaker selection, SI units and more.

Note: This product is not associated with Electrician Talk, Calculated Industries, ElectriCalc, ElectriCalc Pro, nor with Electrical Calc Elite. NEC is a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Electrical apps, electric apps.

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User Reviews


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Kevin Kreider 2015-02-21

Nice app. Others are cheaper, but this developer gives me peace of mind that data is accurate and up to date according to NEC. Don\'t worry about the dumbasses reviews on here that don\'t know what NEC says and claim the app is inaccurate.
Mark Richards 2020-02-07

For $14 app should be up to date. Still using 2014 NEC in 2020, that\'s 2 editions old. App has no ability to calculate derating.
David White 2015-06-23

Wrong grounding info Says #2 when should be #4
A Google user 2019-01-17

I love this app.. it\'s great app to quickly find answers whether conduit fill, voltage drop, wire size..etc meets NEC code
A Google user 2012-08-17

Happy Customer Good app. Very helpful
Thomas culpepper 2017-10-04

Very useful app, developer did a great job on this one. Worth every penny.
A Google user 2012-10-23

Must have for EEs This tool covers all those calculations that consume your precious time as an EE when doing any kind of electrical design. It\'s the perfect tool for a quick and reliable estimate or for a formal design. I have used it for 220V monophase residential designs (At fist I was a bit skeptic so I verified with NEC 2008 and it checks out). Although it\'s quite simple to use, you need to know what you\'re doing; dont expect it do you your work for you. It\'s basically a great little trustworthy tool that will save you tons of time, reduce error proneness on calculations and all for a great price.
A Google user 2012-08-12

Awesome tool This tools contains all that I need. The design is simple and effective. It b makes the app very easy to use. The multiple languages support is one feature that makes this app the best. Definitely a must have app for Electrician Engineers.
A Google user 2012-03-23

Great app.very useful Takes up the full screen on my Acer a500 tablet
A Google user 2011-11-25

Awesome, a must have A must have for any electrician or engineer. Best Android app of its kind, beats the ElectriCalc and is much cheap