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Description of Electrohelper: EE Toolbox

Electrohelper is carefully designed to address the need for electronic engineers and electronics hobbyists in designing an electronic circuit.

The app contains the electronic components reference section, electronics circuit reference section, and electronics circuit calculation section.

Tedious electronic circuit calculation such as Butterworth, Sallen-Key, Chebychev, and Bessel filter is made easier with the app.

The App features are:

Electronic components section:-




Transient voltage suppressor(TVS)

Rectifier diode

Signal diode

Zener diode

Bipolar junction transistor(BJT)

Metal oxide field effect transistor(MOSFET)

555 timer

Operational amplifier (Op-amp)

Arduino boards (arduino uno and arduino nano)

Atmega 328

Voltage regulator integrated circuit(IC)







Shift registers

Electronics circuit section:-

Class A amplifier circuit

Class B amplifier circuit

Class AB amplifier circuit

Relaxation oscillators circuit

Sinusoidal oscillators circuit

Resistor-Capacitor filter (RC filter) circuit

Inductor-Capacitor filter (LC filter)

Active rectifier circuit

Bridge rectifier circuit

and many more

Electronics calculator section:-

NE555 timer Astable multivibrator

NE555 timer monostable multivibrator

Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) analysos

Inductor winding

Toroidal inductor winding

Transformer winding

Butterworth, Bessel, Chebychev passive filter calculator

Sallen - Key active filter calculator

Inverting, noninverting and difference operational amplifier calculator

Resistor in series calculator

Resistor in parallel calculator

Capacitor in series calculator

Capacitor in parallel calculator

Capacitance of a capacitor calculator

Resistance calculator

Series LRC circuit impedance and reactance calculator

Parallel LRC circuit impedance and reactance

Charging and discharging a capacitor

Charging and discharging an inductor

Polyester film capacitor code

Ceramic capacitor code

Resistor color code

Air core inductor

Voltage divider

Current divider

Ohms law (current, voltage and resistance relation in a circuit)

Delta to star resistor network conversion

Star to delta resistor network conversion

Light emitting diode (LED) resistor calculator

Double pole Sallen - Key

Butterworth filter components value calculator

Surface mounted (SMD) resistor code calculator

Pi, Tee and Bridge attenuator

Radio frequency(RF) calculator

Alternating current (AC) power

Direct current(DC) power

Read more

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.51 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Anas Abubakar

User Reviews


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Atul Kumar 2020-04-29

Data is correct but not in readable format. App showing some calculations in form of \"power\" in numbers. Such as time is 10^-4 seconds, it is not easy to understand 10ms is better instead of this.
mark kehler 2020-04-22

Very intuitive, great for calculating electronic equasions, easy to use and free. Love it!
Scott Cato 2020-02-23

Good information. Eazy to navigate. Find what you need quickly. A must have, especially for the novice.
Joe Loucka 2018-01-28

It might be okay in a while. But now it\'s incomplete
Scott Gilmour 2020-04-24

Even in the free version it has almost all of the tools and memory refreshers I\'m looking for.
Lalzuali Ralte 2020-09-01

Awsome app, this app can make me build variable things, thanks for the devrloper. If able to give 10 star i would probably rate it n\'way thanks again and again..✌👋👍
Willis Whiting 2020-02-24

A lot of helpful features packed into one app.
kamsali Jagadeesan 2020-09-10

Very useful app. Thank you team Electronic components.
jitendra rathod 2020-08-20

Nice, easy to understand for interested in electronics ..
JR Rid 2020-03-29

For what it is, it\'s a pretty good app, I feel like it\'s missing its final touch though, I think it should be more in-depth informative and more dynamic in the circuit building part, but I\'m sure that will come and when it does it will get five from me.