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Description of ELSA - Learn English Speaking

Is speaking in English a struggle for you? Does your American accent bother you? We hear you!

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is the only Online English learning app that can help you correct pronunciation errors for every syllable with Artificial Intelligence equipped with exclusive voice recognition voted Top 5 in the World. Join a trusted community of over 10 million students, professionals & travelers on a journey to learn English in an American accent more confidently & error-free.

Why us?

- Online AI English learning app that helps you focus & study English

- Real-time speech recognition feedback on English pronunciation & fluency

- We bring 3000+ lessons wrapping the everyday English conversation

- Easy assistance in English language learning with vocabulary & conversation at any hour of the day & receive precise feedback

- Effortless & easy-to-use tool to speak in English with correct pronunciation with our English pronunciation coach

- Best bite-sized lessons to help you study English online & help you with your English accent

English Language Learning Solutions:

English learning app for students

An English speaking app, designed for English competitive exams & to help you learn English & practice English online & prepare for TOEFL, TOEIC & IELTS exams & your ESL classes easily.

English speaking app for professionals

Do you find holding a conversation or English learning in general difficult? A lot of English phrases go around your working bench. ELSA engagingly builds the vocabulary & library of English phrases just about every day to help you learn English.

English speaking app for travelers

Do you desire to learn to speak American English quickly? ELSA brings an AI-enabled speech tutor to aid you better, which helps study English. Practice speaking English and learn the American accent quickly.


Speaking Proficiency score: Get a deep analysis of your strengths & weaknesses around English pronunciation & learn American accent on our pronunciation app.

Bilingual expertise: Available in 45+ regional Languages, English online learning has become more comforting with this language learning app. Learn to speak in English in your native language to assist you quickly through the English learning journey, learn the English language comfortably at your own pace.

Tips & Advisory: Over 40 topics ranging from travel tips to job interviews for you to explore. Speak American English smoothly & keep growing exponentially.

Learning Games: Practice English speaking with stimulating games to uncover the core of the language. The in-app learning games help you learn English & sharpen skills like English pronunciation, grammar, word stress, rhythm, intonation, listening & conversation. Practice speaking English fluently with our language learning app.

ELSA Pro Subscription:

- Save time & grow as you engage yourself in 3000+ bite-sized English online learning lessons

- Approach 40+ essential topics like American accent & culture, Travel 101, job interviews, tips in IELTS & TOEFL & so much more!

- Get a look at customized training to improve English pronunciation & learn English speaking quickly on our pronunciation app

- Tracking tools to help you see your progress in all essential speaking skills with our English speaking app

We got featured!

- Honorable Mention in the AI & Data category of Fast Company’s 2020 World-Changing Ideas Awards

- Top100 Influencers in State of EdTech Report by EdTech Digest 2020

- Grand Winner at SXSWEdu Launch 2016

- Gold Winner for “The Best Digital Learning App” by Reimagine Education 2016

- #1 Education App on ProductHunt 2016

- Mentioned by TechCrunch, Forbes, Mashable, VentureBeat, Yahoo, Salma Hayek, & more

Reach us:

Email: support@elsanow.io

Website: https://www.elsaspeak.com/

Terms of Service: http://elsaspeak.com/terms

Privacy Policy: http://www.elsanow.io/privacy

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:6.7.5 Publish Date:2022-05-20 Developer:ELSA Speak

User Reviews


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Totallymaria 2021-02-18

Great app. But i it would be so much helpful if i could pick words from a sentence and listen to the correct pronunciation of that single word. The choice is given to listen to the letter sound of it ,but not the whole word. Also it would be great to have a course to help distinguish the difference between long and short vowels and similar sounding words like sheep, ship cheap chip.
Farzanehhh F 2021-02-08

The app is great and my pronunciation has improved a lot during last 2 months. I can say It\'s the most innovative and useful English learning app I\'ve ever experienced. I wonder how we can access to our full practice history. At the end of 2020 I received an Email showing my whole practice time during the year. It would be nice if we had access to these figures every time we want. Thank you :) __________ Edit: Thank you for adding learning history part, you are number 1 🥇😻
Jimmy Perez 2021-02-05

Hi there. I really like this app. It\'s amazing and have helped me to improve my pronunciation even when I think I\'m doing it well, I noticed I\'m not. I\'m thinking in upgrading Elsa Pro (maybe a year or for ever) but in my opinion it\'s expensive and I can\'t afford it. If you guys offer something cheaper, I will purchase your lifetime membership pack
Frederick Kramer Dal Pra 2021-01-20

The app seems to work fine and does what it promises. However, the monetization feels really bad and it\'s not cheap. Elsa is constantly throwing you to other lessons (that you don\'t need) and locking content that was previously available. With a free account, I don\'t see anyone moving away from the very basic anytime soon. Not to mention the reminder for the paid version all the time, everywhere. What a shame.
Brahim Boutaleb 2020-12-16

The best app I\'ve ever used. I really improved my English with it: Not only pronunciation, fluency, intonation, word stress and listening. But also vocabulary and grammar in an active learning way that makes me feel better and more confident when I speak English. The app is updated regularly, that\'s what I appreciate, because I would be in continual challenge. Elsa really inspired me, it gives me the opportunity to have someone to practice English with. It\'s really a favor for me.
Isaac Carranza 2020-12-24

I\'m an advanced learner with several pronounciation mistakes. The app accurately finds your mistakes and helps you correct them. After I bought the lifetime membership, I noticed a bug. Most of the times, the system accurately finds my mistakes but when listening to the audio samples of the word I mispronounced, the audio contains a different section or a word that doesn\'t match the mispronounced word in question. However, this doesn\'t affect the detection of mistakes.
Cauã 2021-02-24

The app is simply amazing. It has a lot of different tools help you learn everything about the language, I almost didn\'t believe when I saw how many lessons it has in the first time. It has a gorgeous layout, the voice that helps you doesn\'t seem like a robot, being very similar a human voice.
Michelle Love 2020-06-10

This app is super organized. I had trouble pronouncing my words correctly but now I can actually pronounce words propely. I love how this app helps say words/sentences, and gets feedback from me. I am a native speaker from the U.S.A but like I said above I had a very difficult time pronouncing word and I didn\'t think long enough to form my sentences properly. This app was totally worth the money my mother spent. An 1hr a day keeps the language OK. LOL Love , Michelle
Giovanni Sirio Carmantini 2021-01-29

ELSA feels 5 years ahead of the competition. I\'ve been using it for months and made lots of progress on both my ability to perceive some nuances of the American accent I couldn\'t quite grasp before, and of course in producing the sounds more natively. The way it manages to pinpoint exactly the specific sounds and articulations you need to improve is just great. Highly recommended.
Adam Mazur 2021-03-14

I\'m using Elsa for almost half a year, day by day... and it\'s amazing! It just helps train how to pronunciate a single words, phrases and the whole sentences; there are video tutorisls, and a huge amount of diverse excercises, always pointing out in detail what was wrong and how to be better... you can also track the long term progress with a few metrics... last but not least, the app still surprises me from time to time with something new... Much kudos for all involved in the creation of Elsa!