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Description of Email Spam Blocker

Automatically detects and moves email SPAM from the INBOX to the email SPAM folder. Only shows shows email notifications for NON-SPAM emails.

[Please note: The app does *not* auto remove email SPAM from the INBOX of Android email apps unless the INBOX is set to resync with the email SERVER. Also, be sure to choose an email SPAM folder on the account setup page! The auto detector requires USER training, pressing thumbs UP and DOWN icons on the email spam TRAINING page.]


 • Auto: Uses a machine learning algorithm to make intelligent email SPAM filtering decisions.

 • Blacklisting: Define rules for emails that should be blocked. [Ex: Subject is "Viagra"]

 • Whitelisting: Add email addresses to the contact app to avoid family, friends & colleagues being filtered.


 • Baked SPAM: The app is able to detect common SPAM phrases upon first use. [Ex; "Act now", "While supplies last"]

 • User Training: On the history page, press the thumbs up and thumbs down icons to accept the auto spam filter's decisions.

 • Adaptive: The auto SPAM filter will use the emails that you certify to make better decisions in the future.

Directions: 1, 2 and 3

 • Setup account : Press "Accounts" to setup an email account and press 'Check connection' to confirm the email setup.

 • Set SPAM folder : Choose an email SPAM folder for your account.

 • Help Me Learn : Go to the training screen to confirm or reverse the decisions made by the app.

Good to Know:

 • Mail Support: IMAP, IMAP IDLE and passwordless GMail authentication [OAuth2]

 • Completely private! Your data/email NEVER leaves your device!

 • No subscription fees since the email processing is performed locally.

 • POP3 is an older email protocol that does NOT support email FOLDERS. The app cannot move emails without email FOLDERS. But the app can still be used with POP3 as an email notification app that only shows email NOTIFICATIONS for non-SPAM emails.

The Science:

 • Bayes Filter: Recursive Bayesian estimation, also known as a Bayes filter, is a general probabilistic approach for estimating an unknown probability density function recursively over time using incoming measurements and a mathematical process model.

 • History: The approach to SPAM filtering used in this app is based on a paper called "A plan for SPAM" by Paul Graham: http://www.paulgraham.com/spam.html

support@maxlabmobile.com for questions, suggestions and help!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.22 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Maxlab Mobile

User Reviews


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John Burkett 2020-09-29

Really quite impressed with this app. You need to take the time to set it up and train it, but the benefit of that is that you are not subscribing to a 3rd party generic spam blocker, this app is building the blocking rules according to what you classify as spam, so the blocking profile is unique to you. Have purchased the additional account facility as it appears to be effective, and I only have it 28% trained so far! Good app, worth investing the time to use correctly. **UPDATE 29/9/2020** A recent update appears to be causing unusually high false positives and some spam previously trapped is getting through. Has the learning algorithm been changed? One review point deducted for the reduction in functionality.
Brian B 2018-11-09

At first I didn\'t think this app was doing anything at all. Then I realized I needed to set up the right folders and train the app. Now it\'s doing its job very well! I like it!
Chaula Gundavda 2020-08-02

I installed and paid for it It worked for some days and now stop working I don\'t see this on my phone icon which shows it is working first few days red icon was showing when it was working don\'t use and pay for this one
John Smith 2019-11-26

So far its still learning, after just a few days, and has begun sending spam messages away from the inbox. Its looking promising, just be sure that you read the guide and follow the steps. Went ahead and \"donated\" for the app, to end the vibration. Will amend this review, as necessary. At 97% complete, seldom get spam any more. Don\'t know what happens when it finishes learning, but I\'m pleased with the app.
Sidney Levine 2019-02-11

E - mail SPAM Blocked 5 Stars best application to stop having people annoying you. safe secure very nice smart professional experts I am very happy with this application because it blocks all the senders I don\'t want to read them annoying. sidney-007
Nick Botti 2018-12-19

After 3 or 4 days of adding spam mail to the spam list(via history) so it can learn what spam is, there was no change in spam and I continued to get the usual 100 spams a day. I was close to uninstalling it when I noticed I didnt get spam in the previous 2 hours. I left it alone over the weekend and not 1 spam mail was in my inbox throughout. Now here it is Tuesday 12/18 and I have not gotten ANY spam. This app works beautifully. Add spam as it tells you to and be patient. IT WORKS!!!!!
Betsy 2020-04-28

Really pleased with it so far. The last few weeks I\'ve been hand-deleting 60-70 spam emails per day that my normal filter isn\'t catching, even though I\'m reporting all of it. I\'ve only been training for a couple of days and it\'s already catching 90% of the junk. Halleluia!!
A Google user 2019-03-31

Would be great if it actually worked as advertised. I don\'t use outlook or gmail, maybe it works for those email providers but it does absolutely nothing for any other type of email and I\'ve been training it for 4 months now. Uninstalling. I\'m not sure how this app made it to Google play.
Scott McGregor 2021-01-15

This app is absolutely wonderful. I have fought the worst spam attack on my Samsung Note for over a year. I use Samsung email app and a local internet provider email. Neither having sufficient spam protections. After a few weeks working with this app I have blocked 99% of all spam emails. I use my phone for almost all business, finance, home automation, & communication tasks so it is always with me and spam was becoming so frustrating. I consider this app as essential - Thank you for creating!
Chris Van Wagenen 2018-09-12

I was getting slammed by spam. The key to getting the most out of this app is to train it what to look for through your history. This saved my Yahoo account