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Email Yourself

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Description of Email Yourself

Do you send yourself emails all the time and hate having to type your email address over and over again?

Email Yourself saves you the annoying steps of sending yourself an email. Take a load off and let the machines work for YOU for a change!

Quickly save your email and subject (Note To Self), and a shortcut will be added to your home screen. Just open the shortcut, write your message, and hit send. You'll never have to type your email or subject again.

Plus, Email Yourself's 1-click sharing is the absolute fastest way to share on Android!

Just click the green share icon and the webpage, photo, tweet, or anything else you can share will instantly be emailed to your inbox.

Give it a try. If it's not for you, just shoot me an email and I'll gladly refund you your money!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Jeff Angelini

User Reviews


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A Google user 2020-01-05

UPDATE: Email Yourself continues to be an essential app for me. And it continues to be well supported by the developer. Recently I notified him of a problem that had cropped up, and he swiftly issued a new version to fix it. PREVIOUS REVIEW FROM 2018: I use the Email Yourself app in conjunction with K9 Mail to share browser links, photos, etc. to my own email account and to friends/family. Once set up, it\'s simple and quick to use. I used it often. There are 2 methods available. The 1-click method sends the content immediately in the background. The other method brings up either your default message or allows you to select among multiple default messages. With the 2nd method, you are presented with a draft email and can edit it before sending. Note that some of the configuration is done not in the app itself but via the app\'s share icons. This is puzzling at first but easy to adjust to once understood. There is also a home screen widget that can be configured to send emails to one or more people, aside from the sharing function. The developer is responsive.
Brad Schmidt 2020-03-01

This app solves a problem that Google seems to think we don\'t have. Maybe I\'m the only one, but searching the net says otherwise. I like to share pictures I take with two specific people via email. Not on google photos or some other share site, but as attachements in an email. This isn\'t an option in the google share menu, although it does occasionally show up there. There doesn\'t appear to be a way to KEEP it there, instead the share menu thinks I\'d rather text the picture to people I NEVER text. This app solves that problem very well. You can pin it to your share menu and with it you can create shortcuts (as many as you want) to send an email with the attachment to anyone OR to a group in one or two clicks. And it is consistent - it stays there and it always works. I looked for several days and couldn\'t find an app or setting that does this consistently at any price. So far there are only two drawbacks: there is a cost (not free) and the instructions could be better. Support is amazing, though - I went back and forth several times with the developer to fix what didn\'t work for me - and it wasn\'t something that needed fixing. He just had to explain to me how to do it, the program was more than capable. If sharing photos (or anything else) to specific email addresses is an issue for you, this is the fix. You won\'t be disappointed.
Callum Horsley 2021-01-05

Great, simple app. The price of purchase is worth the value it provides - if you\'re looking for a fast way to capture things to your workflow. Developer is very responsive and nice to deal with.
David Miller 2019-02-23

Updated - The author did indeed add the option requested. The app is just perfect! The author wrote me back about my \'subject\' concern and said he is thinking about adding an option. What service! Adding a star for just the consideration.
Richard M 2020-05-18

Does what I want and developer was super quick to add a feature request.
Awerkamp Family 2019-03-09

Developer was very responsive to my suggestions. I have tried a number of apps and I think this is the best one to send quick notes, and share content, to your email. Well worth the few dollars.
Murray Carew 2019-07-02

As my workflow depends on quickly emailing myself a lot of short notes and other content, this app was exactly what I needed. The time and distraction it saved in just the first few days was worth the cost of the app. Also outstanding customer support.
Keith Beadle 2019-01-03

Google Inbox is being discontinued by Google after I became accustomed to managing my reminders and saved web links with the built-in snooze feature in my inbox. This phone app allows me to mimic that behavior in Gmail. Thanks for a great app!
Eric 2019-11-02

Definitely 5 stars. Simple and easy to use, and terrific fast support from the developer.
Ken LaVoie 2019-06-23

have installed for at least two years now and use it daily.