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Description of Empire Z: Endless War

After "The Event" the world lies in ruins.

You must lead the remnants of humanity to band together and desperately try to rebuild civilization. The only remaining areas safe from the infected are within the fortified walls of your city.

It is up to you and your allies to create order from chaos and help restore humanity.

Game Features:

• Form powerful alliances!

• Rebuild your city from ruins!

• Train your troops for combat!

• Battle with thousands of players online now!

Empire Z is an intense combination of city building and alliance warfare with other live players. Create an unstoppable army of Commandos, Boomers, and mighty Zombie Dozers. Forge an alliance with other players and rise through the leaderboards.

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:2.3.1 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:Ember Entertainment

User Reviews


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Vinny Gaytan 2017-03-09

Love the game been playing for about 6 months now little less than a $80 spent on it and 70m power if you play smart (keep rrs in a bubble, march troops, hide troop, don\'t attack, high hospitals) then you will grow fast if you buy a pack only buy speed ups that\'s where the problem is when training troops or building buildings can take days at a time.
Jeff Williams 2018-09-05

I enjoy the game and friends I\'ve made, but this developer doesn\'t respond to players. As I type this, the game has been down for over 14 hours for a \"short server maintenance\". They say if the problem persists that players should check their Facebook page. Unfortunately, they don\'t post updates on it nor do they allow players to post. I get that you\'re in a business for profit, however, you do actually need to take care of your players. Let\'s be honest, Empire Z is Ember Entertainment\'s Cash cow. If you want the money to keep flowing, keep the players happy.
A Google user 2016-04-27

Stopped playing Real life money to be spend to get anywhere in game and for a second you don\'t spend time on game you get wiped out what you build up over a long period of time. Even if you 24/7 on game you can\'t do anything to huge players.
Dr Trouble 2016-10-06

WAS an amazingly awesome game - now worst Pay-to-Play game ever Ember\'s new name for the game, \"Empire Z: Endless War\" hits the nail on the head. It is an endless war......against Ember. Good job at taking an awesome %@$&ing game and totally turning it to complete GARBAGE, Ember. No wonder you were getting sued by other mobile devs. It\'s amazing that they\'re the only ones who\'ve sued you so far (and won, by the way).
Martin Shim 2017-03-11

It\'s a poor verson of last empire war z and sizes are so massive there impossible to grow when top people are like over a billion
Ashlee Bennett 2016-12-21

Pineapples 🍍🍍🍍🍍
Joshua H 2018-10-07

Good game, has loads of potential. Only problem is, is data. I started playing ages ago and I\'ve recently began playing again. I worked up to such a high level that it\'s no longer fun. I would like to start a new game but after contacting the support team they said the service is not provided and the data cannot be deleted. I believe this is a significant feature amongst games such as these because It would allow for a more comfortable way of playing for players. It\'s common amongst many games and is a relevant feature. If anyone knows a way how to please contact me. Otherwise the issue should be bought up with the game developers and the feature is a recommended add.
Ben Peacock 2017-02-26

As normal you have to pay to get to the top (which is no surprise). Events run 95% of the time so you always have a chance to get prizes even though they might not be great alot of the time. Plenty of research to do, but it\'d be good to have equipment to make for your hero or territory to be grabbed by your alliance, but generally a good game. The connection to the game very unstable, lose connection for a second you have to load all over again. Spent a bit of money in game but you definitely don\'t need to
Sagnik Dey 2016-02-23

I just installed d game like 1 hour ago but still can\'t begin with d game. The game loads till 50% or so and den it gets freezed. I would be really pleased if u guys help me out a bit here :(
Momomo2018 Brighton 2018-09-07

Game, awesome! Problems very poor with generic in-game response and server failures causing issues and purchases don\'t always give what you pay for. They need to hire real people and a support call center. Takes forever for In-game response and through their web support, seems like one man show with tech and bots to assist grieving customers, business is about customer service, that that stink at in a major way.