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Description of EmployNV

Looking for a great job in Nevada? Find jobs that align with your skillset or training using the EmployNV app. Instantly view any job posted to the web directly on your smart phone or tablet.

Select the latest job openings in your area from nearly 16,000 websites. With the EmployNV mobile app, you can:

• Search by keyword and location (state/city/zip code). See results in either a list format or as pins on a map.

• Focus on specific industries you’re interested in.

• Save and share your favorite jobs via email, Facebook or Twitter.

• Map all the latest jobs near your current location using the unique “Jobs Nearby” function.

• Tap color-coordinated pins to see more information or to apply for a job.

• Instantly return to previous searches, recently viewed jobs and your favorite jobs.

Visit EmployNV at www.EmployNV.gov!

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:5.5 Publish Date:2022-03-25 Developer:Geographic Solutions Inc.

User Reviews


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Tiffany R. Laskey Brown 2020-07-23

This is the only thing I can think of that\'s even more useless than the actual State of Nevada Unemployment \"System\" & I still wonder why this non- functioning app was even released for anything other than job search information.
kendrick eastes 2020-05-13

Quit working after last update
Patricia Poling 2020-11-22

The application is very easy to navigate. I loved the mapi app intergration that\'s not only cool as heck but it\'s very helpful for job search location. Getting lost or running out of gas on your way to an interview or training course will no-longer be an issue. Nice touch. I\'m not following your reason for all the personal information options that are index within the application. Unless you would be doing high level security back ground clearance checks on new employees.
Chris Cooper 2020-12-22

Been trying for 2 weeks. Nothing Disappeared from my phone. Downloaded this one still wont work. Worked before they did a update.
steve Holbrook 2020-06-05

I had to register,so I put in my user name .as I got farther in I had to put in a new username and password .low-end behold,neither works.
Don Bey 2020-06-18

At first it seemed difficult but after reading all of it , no problem !
Stephanie Alvarez 2019-02-13

had uninstall it fustrated me because i tried registering and it kept saying captcha code not valid! and yes i capitalized and lower case when needed. so fustrating!!
Blake Heiken 2020-05-25

No better than the wesite. Error Code after 4th or 5th page. Useless
Tee FLOURNOY 2021-02-23

The State of NV Sucks! They will force normal people to commit suicide bc they can\'t feed their family! Meanwhile every Crook in the world has got a check! They look for any reason to deny normal people, their system has stupid glitches that they\'re too dumb to catch,and meanwhile the crooks know just what to put to steal all your money. the entire system is flawed the crooks know how to get the money better than we do and we need the money and guess we are being too honest! And what the crooks don\'t steal the government officials do to \"fix up City Hall\"!!!
John Doe 2020-05-24

Don\'t waste your time. App is useless. I think these are the same folks who screwed up the PUA site as well.