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Think the credit system is stacked against you? So do we. Empower is on a mission to help more people access affordable credit, build their credit history, and rewrite their financial story. No credit score or security deposit to qualify.

(Empower is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. Empower Thrive provided by FinWise Bank, Member FDIC.)


Tight on cash and tired of asking friends to cover you? Empower will float you anywhere from $25 to $250 when you need it most. Instant delivery available. No interest, no late fees, no credit checks. Just pay us back when you get your next paycheck.


Start with a $200 revolving line of credit and grow to $1,000 with every on-time payment. Enjoy instant delivery and 0% APR** (when you pay your balance on your next paycheck date, otherwise 35.99% APR). Building credit just got a whole lot easier.


Wish payday came sooner? Wish no more. With the Empower Card, you can get paid up to 2 days earlier than most banks.


Perks of a credit card but with a debit card. With the Empower Card, save money on the places where you shop already, like restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and more. No overdraft fees.

Empower charges an auto-recurring monthly subscription fee of $8 (a) after the 14-day free trial concludes for first-time customers, and (b) immediately for customers returning for a second or subsequent subscription. Cancel anytime.

* Eligibility requirements apply. Free instant delivery is available for eligible customers with an activated Empower Card.

^ Eligibility requirements apply. Opening an Empower Thrive line of credit restricts access to Empower Cash Advance, with access restricted until the Empower Thrive line of credit is closed and you meet the eligibility requirements for Empower Cash Advance. Instant delivery is available for a 5% fee of the draw amount on the line of credit. We report your payments to the credit bureaus. Pay on time and keep utilization low for the best potential benefit. Many factors impact your credit score, and while making on-time payments and keeping utilization low may improve your score, there is no guarantee this will improve your score.

** The Annual Percentage Rate is subject to change. An Empower Thrive line of credit is subject to credit approval. There are no costs to open an Empower Thrive line of credit. If you choose to pay your draw in full on your next paycheck date, your rate will be 0% APR; if you miss your payment, you will accrue interest at 35.99% APR and may incur late fees. If you choose to pay your draw on a date other than your next paycheck date, your rate will be 35.99% APR or as otherwise required by state law.

† Early access to paycheck deposit funds may vary by employer. Cashback deals on Empower Card purchases will vary and must be selected in the app.

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User Reviews


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Paula Macon 2020-12-12

It\'s extremely frustrating waiting to see what your advance is approved for and when it finally shows you ...it\'s just 50 bucks. The whole reason I even downloaded the app was because I kept getting notifications that it\'s $250 advance as long as you have a direct deposit into your bank every month. It\'s disappointing.
Dylan 2019-04-04

UPDATE: I\'ve been using empower for a couple months now and they long since fixed my previous issue. The app is great, and I love the card. I\'ve already made over $20 in cash back! Literally free money! I get notifications every time my card is charged which is nice incase it\'s ever stolen. The transfers take almost a week but that\'s my only real complaint.
Kevin Ketelson 2019-06-02

Useful for cash back, savings account with high APY. So far, the card has been accepted everywhere. From burger king, grocery store, liquor store, etc. Pity I can\'t link my Old West credit union account. They\'re not a huge bank, so that could be why. Probably be recognized one day. I will likely be recommending it to others, provided the next few months go smoothly :)
Veronica Jordan 2020-12-19

The app is just ok, biggest problem is it take days to transfer money that you might need asap. 12-17-20 This app sucks. When need assistance you can only email them. No live person to talk to and the response time is so long. When you need to take care of financial business quick there is no one to help. I about to close my account.
Careless Whispers 2020-05-01

All of my money is now in limbo for the next 3 weeks and I can\'t pay my bills. Thanks Empower! USE SIMPLE INSTEAD. The Simple app has everything Empower doesn\'t. A competent app design, checks, photo deposit, etc. It is a full online banking experience. Empower is garbage by comparison.
David Spence 2019-05-16

This is a very clean app, nice interface. The potential to connect crypto accounts is awesome! Connecting to Coinbase unfortunately is having issues though. A couple things I\'d love to see: a way to have total balance (i.e., net worth) displayed on the main screen of the app, and a way to draw crypto prices from one of the exchanges to track values of assets held in cold storage.
Rob Peterson 2021-01-31

No real Customer Service to help you at all, app stops working, advances you never get and still get charged for. Been using it for a bit now, about a month. It was helpful and then after 4 weeks later the app stops working. You get an advance but it never shows up. The empower page says unexpected error occurred and won\'t reset, you can\'t view any info about the advance or your account. And yet you still have an advance to payback that you DIDN\'T RECEIVE! Plus the extra charges. Isn\'t worth it
Derique Washington 2020-12-14

This company went from 0 - Sketchy really quick! When I signed up I was notified it would be a 30 day trial and my account reflected as much. I later got an email saying that they made mistake and I\'m only supposed to have a 14-day trial like I was about to get charged. Update: Since the initial review and my voluntary closure of my account, they placed a block against my phone number preventing me from creating a new account. They clearly don\'t like negative feedback on their scam.
Jonny Thomas 2020-10-03

Honestly not liking this app anymore. It detects that the bank im connected to got my paycheck but when i go for the cash advancement it says it hasnt detected any paycheck in my bank account. And after weeks of this app finally recognizing that i paid it back two months ago i cant get another advance anymore when i really need it right now. This app is a joke now.
Jose Moreno 2020-09-06

Awesome when it works, but the app and software are frustrating and unreliable. It keeps telling me I don\'t meet the criteria of having a minimum of $100 2 days after payday, even though I do. A week goes by and it doesn\'t update. It does take your payments to them on time and without a hitch though. If you need something reliable for a cash advance you\'re better off using another app like Dave.