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Description of EMT PASS- NEW

NEW & REDESIGNED! To better help you study for and pass the NREMT exam, we have redesigned EMT PASS to include smaller topical review questions and two summative final exams. All questions have been revised and updated to provide for the best learning experience.

Topical review tests include sections on Airway, Cardiology, Medical, Trauma, Operations, OB & Pediatrics. All review tests include a detailed written rationale to help you better understand the answer and how to interpret an NREMT style question.

Once you are ready to test your readiness and challenge your stamina, move on to the two simulated 120-question NREMT exams in the test section.

Still the tough, high-quality questions you have come to expect from Bill Brown, former executive director of the NREMT, the redesigned EMT PASS will prepare you like no other for passing your certification exam.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.1.3 Publish Date:2021-08-20 Developer:Limmer Education, LLC

User Reviews


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Jennifer Luke 2020-09-22

I took and retook test until I scored 100 and knew why I was choosing the answers. Took NREMT. Answered 72 questions in 20 minutes. Passed. This app is the best app out there, hands down. Thank you Limmer Education.
M Fulling 2021-01-07

Resets you if you close the app. But I passed my NREMT first try with this only did one of the practice tests. Not too shabby.
Conner Matthew 2020-06-17

It\'s alright. Questions are good and explanations are good but it\'s doesn\'t saved your spot. If I close the app while reviewing a subject, it resets me. Kind of frustrating
Donica Malone 2020-10-21

Explanation were great. Great exposure to material not in the EMT course book. Great tool to introduce new material to yourself and go into depth and learn to better your chances of passing the exam. I used this app mostly to prep for the exam and passed on the first try. Test ended at 70 questions and got my last question incorrect.
Jonathan Saletri 2020-07-20

Horrible, it doesn\'t even cover the right material. It also will not let you refund it so I just threw away $32.
Blazinlamar 2020-07-31

Because of this app I passed the nremt EMT Basic exam thank you. Now for medic school :)