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Description of EMT Review Plus

**Updated 10/1/21 for new AHA Guidelines and added Multiple Response questions to reflect NREMT change.

EMT Review Plus is the leading NREMT study prep tool on the market, written by leading national EMS educators who have also written for the NREMT exam. Get exactly the content that you need to study, not easy recall or memorization questions or content not tested on the major exams. Our apps provide: Relevant, Focused, High-Quality content.

EMT Review™ Plus contains over 1,100 high-quality review items including :

• 400+ study cards

• 300+ multiple choice review questions

• Five 100-question NREMT-style examinations.

Unlike other EMT study aids, EMT Review Plus contains pathophysiology for the EMT, critical thinking and mental conditioning questions to best prepare you for the NREMT or state certification exam.

EMT Review™ Plus uses our S-R-T method™ to assure its users have the best preparation possible to pass the test. Our S-R-T method includes:

S = Study - Learning cards help students study and master critical components of the EMT course. In addition to promoting recall, our learning cards also allow students to quiz themselves and define, integrate and explain key concepts. You have the ability to remove cards from the deck once you have mastered them.

R = Review – Multiple choice questions help you review and test your knowledge on all EMT topics. Ideal for classroom review and content mastery, the review section helps you throughout your class and during final preparation for your exam.

T = Test – This section provides focused practice for the NREMT or state final examinations. Exam questions in this section are scenario-based and created by experienced national EMS educators who all have written for the NREMT.

**Updated 10/1/21 for new AHA Guidelines and added Multiple Response questions to reflect NREMT change.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:3.1.1 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Limmer Education, LLC

User Reviews


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Stacy Murphy 2016-12-28

Not bad, but there are better study prep apps out there Good concept and better than nothing. It is a good step toward learning how the computer nremt exam is given. However, some of the questions contain false information and inconsistent or confusing answers. There were a few typos as well. I expected more out of a paid app. I recommend EMT-b Exam (the best) followed by EMT Study to better prepare you for the nremt computer exam. For skills practice and knowledge base, emt trainer is excellent as well.
Tyler Snead 2016-12-01

This app is the best study guide I have found for the NREMT! I failed my first attempt and on the advice of a friend I downloaded this and after studying it for a month I went back and passed the NREMT! The different areas are great to study and ultimately the full 100 question test really gets you ready! I would recommend this to anyone who\'s in class or getting ready to test!
A Google user 2015-04-25

I\'d totally recommend this app Failed my NR first try but.....Passed my NR on second try after downloading this app
Laura Arrington 2016-03-04

Highly Recommend this app! Read the study cards and did the exams for this app over and over till I got a 90 or above and also re-went over the night before the different major emergencies and how they work, what the signs/symptoms were, and what intervention you would do for all the major ones and I passed National Registry first try cutting me off at 70 questions. Questions are really close and similar. Will definitely prepare you for the exam.
Carleen Reed 2016-12-18

I passed Because of this app, I passed. I really dont think I would\'ve without it. I got up to question 85-90 and it shut off, I thought I had fail. But I couldn\'t have been more wrong
A Google user 2015-06-12

Passed nremt with this app The questions on the nremt are worded very similar, and a few verbatim. I used this app and the EMT pass app to study. I did not use the book, instead I looked up the words in the questions that I didn\'t completely know.
Mitch Hightower 2019-02-26

Used it for my state exam and questions on state exam were almost identical to the tests questions you get here. Tip: if you\'ve already taken the EMT class skip the study part, just hit the review and practice tests over and over.
Zack Davis 2018-12-29

Passed my NREMT exam first try. Just graduated the fire academy and one of the reasons Definitely was this app. To be quite honest some of the questions asked on the app were harder than the NREMT. GREAT APP
A Google user 2019-03-17

Helped me narrow concepts I was weak on to study better and pass the NREMT. Highly recommend. Use it daily / consistently.
Ariel Scanlon 2017-12-09

There is NO way I would have passed without this app. It has been 7 months since I finished class and I was positive I\'d fail. When the test cut me off at 70, I was heartbroken, but I passed. When I first used the app I did poorly on the questions so I bought the full version and after a week I was doing great. It brought it all back and got my mind used to the style of test. I strongly recommend