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Description of EMT Study - NREMT Test Prep

"Very few apps that I have seen match the level of this one. With up to date information, 2 different ways to learn it, and an easy to use navigation, definitely needs to be on your phone/tablet." - amedicsworld.com

EMT Study is the ultimate and most current guide to the NREMT designed and developed from the ground up by currently practicing EMTs and Paramedics. Whether you're studying for the NREMT, an employment exam, or simply an aspiring EMT, this app is for you.

EMT Study contains hundreds of quality questions with detailed explanations and intuitive easy to use flashcards over the six major chapters of the NREMT including: Airway, Cardiology, Medical, Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Trauma, and Operations. All material is verified from current 2014 text books and updated/revised regularly.

EMT Study is a unique and powerful study tool for several reasons:

First, this app will quickly identify your weak areas by providing a detailed breakdown on how well you perform on each EMS category; this allows you to easily determine where you should focus your studying.

Second, EMT Study provides detailed explanations after every question whether you answered right or wrong so you can fully grasp the concepts.

Third, all questions have been written by experienced paramedics and educators with a sole purpose of adequately preparing an individual for the NREMT.

Finally, EMT Study comes with an extremely easy and intuitive to use flashcard system to help memorize the MOST important material while having fun in the process!

Don't chance the NREMT! Download EMT Study and be prepared!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this app, please email us at emtstudy@yahoo.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Good luck my future EMS brothers and sisters!

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User Reviews


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Christian Longway 2016-02-10

Great Took about 2 months after passing the class before I got scheduled for the nremt, this was my only study tool I used and passed with my first try, great study tool. It may not give you the nremt questions but it does get you into the mindset to take the test. Thumbs up to this app
Seth Mosier 2015-09-07

Close enough for OEC Wish I could work with the authors to use the core of this to make a OEC version. App seems great and I just bought the full version. Easy to use and helpful for learning. Well organized.
Angelica Pappas 2015-12-08

Great app, I\'ve used it all semester for EMT and right now before the final. I highly recommend 😊
A Google user 2018-02-10

I took and passed my NREMT-B exam two days ago and studied almost 700 flashcards from this app in preperation. It\'s a good app and worth getting if you\'re studying for the NREMT-B written test as it helps establish a basic foundation in the knowledge base you\'ll need to pass. That being said, I would not recommend that you use this app alone as I found the questions on the test to be harder than the ones this app presents. However, the obstetrics material in the app is very good (it can be difficult to find good OB study material but this app has it). I recommend you get this app (paid version) and use it with studying, it\'s a great supplemental study resource and as that, has my compliments.
Sector X 2018-02-18

Completely useless app. The questions don\'t come anywhere close to how difficult the exam is.
Dustin Hahn 2017-08-10

Theres a few wrong answers idk when you would place a person with a spinal injury in recovery position
Lori Martin 2018-10-02

Would definitely recommend.
Robert Mott 2014-11-19

Great NREMT Study guide! I found this app to be a really good study tool. Questions are very similar to the nremt and the flash card feature is really cool! The only app that I\'ve found that actually tells you how well you do in each nremt category. Highly recommend this app
Chris Anderson 2014-11-10

Very good study tool. I like it. Has some very good questions and I like the flashcards. It could use a little more variety and maybe even a scenario mode where you start from being dispatched all the way through giving your report to the nurse on arrival at the ed.
dwayne thompson 2016-07-10

Appalicous new word. New word Lol I recommend this app great study guide. This app helped me tremendously.