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English Grammar Test

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Description of English Grammar Test

Language learning requires a lot of books and different online resources to be used during the curriculum. This is a time-consuming and uncomfortable way to learn English.

Our language app is another way to study English and to practice English. Stunning minimalist design and clear user interface make it easy to test your grammar skills.

This English Grammar Test app is perfect for Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels.

The test is divided into two levels. Each one contains 30 tests with 20 exercises.

We have managed to put 20 English grammar units (for each level) in each test in a way that each question is a part of a certain unit.

When you complete your English test you see which aspects of English grammar you are good at and which of them require more practice.

When you make a mistake the app explains you why your answer was not correct. Here we offer you an absolutely unique feature — simple explanations for each question that help you understand why we should use certain answer instead of the other.

English learning is nothing without feedback. Use our app to get information about your good and bad sides. Take a grammar test once or twice a week during your curriculum and analyze your results. Focus not on mistakes but on the explanations given.

With the progress page provided in the app you can see your total score and result of each english test. There are three scales from bad to perfect which indicate your percentage. If your total score is colored green then you are ready for a new level.

Another unique feature that you will not find in other apps is the English chat. Download the app and join the chat where you can speak English with thousands of learners around the world.

Moreover, our app provides FREE daily classes, exercises and lessons via popular social media channels.

Learn English free, find new friends — this is the best English practice you can find at the store!

Download one app to get much more: practice, analysis, communication, interesting information.


- 60 tests and 1200 english exercises

- 20 English grammar units in every test

- simple explanations

- total score and progress analytics

- English chat

- clear user interface

- beautiful design

- daily English lessons and exercises

Syllabus covered in english test:

- Word Order

- Articles

- Present Tenses

- Past Tenses

- Future Tense

- Passive Voice

- Modal Verbs

- Phrasal Verbs

- Irregular Verbs

- Pronouns

- Adjectives

- Adverbs

- Relative Clauses

- Noun plus Preposition

- Prepositions

- Adjective plus Preposition

- Nouns

- Some, any, a lot of, many, much etc.

- Conditionals

- Reported Speech

- Gerund

- Infinitives

- Confusing Words

- Linking Words

- Expressing hypothetical meaning

- Word Formation

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More Information Of English Grammar Test

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-05-10 Developer:SevenLynx

User Reviews


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Manoj Kumar Chaubey 2021-01-03

Almost good for grammar practice,👍but at the other hand it has full of bugs, annoying ads, unsual fake i\'d ,i personaly recommended you that. If you\'re serious learner then, ignore chat box, otherwise it\'s the best👍app for students.And plz improve there ads really too much annoying, hope you will it. Thank you!!!
gun Lean cool 2021-02-05

I really really like it but the only thing is that they keep repeating the same thing over and over again on every test and to improve your service you need to make sure someone has completed the course first because there is a easy way to cheat. But other than that I think people who want to download this app will have a really interesting and exciting experience. I think the people who created this grammar test thing worked very hard and there hard work has paid off
tr4velman 2020-10-11

This app full of bugs. Firstly , you should minimize ads , there are ads while launching chat and during chat . Secondly , I can not type in chat after returning back to app while it is in opened tabs. I have to re-open program . Dear developers , focus on ads. It is interrupting . And make update for app. I have been using EGT for 5 months. Last updated in november , 2019 . No new content to solve and learn. At the end . It would be better , if you check for bugs and updates !!
Bob lok 2021-01-19

The test and the practice is great, but the ads are so annoying. They cover the whole screen and I cant close them
Beni Sangma 2020-11-14

Can\'t even concentrate on writing and learning from the other one. Wow countless of Advertisements 😆😅😂 Text Box doesn\'t even appear on my screen
Umar Hana 2020-11-16

cant chat and open...too many ads
Maryam Khamesi 2020-12-16

It\'s easy and useful at the same time! I mean it shows you some little details that you weren\'t careful about. even in simple grammars.thanks
Pravesh Nirala 2021-01-20

Nice app for English practice ...But when you give the test three times, the new test does not come again to do ..
taghbaz 2021-01-19

Very educative. I wish it covered more topics though. I would like to learn more about clauses, like noun clauses, or adjective clauses.
Vivian Grants Pass OR 2020-10-18

Love the challenge. My phone screen is so sensative that my competitive self is so ready to answer that my screen senses my finger and picks up the wrong answer. I need to keep my finger at a greater distance. Love this test.