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Description of English Grammar Tests

Learn English grammar right from your phone with this app perfect for all non-native speakers. Thousands of questions with instant explanation, sorted by topic:

- Nouns (plural, countable and uncountable, partitives/quantifiers...)

- Articles (a, an, the, zero article)

- Adjectives and adverbs (comparative and superlative. As or than? Good or well? Enough or enough of?)

- Pronouns (Subject, reflex and possessive pronouns. There or it? Some or any? Or none?)

- Tenses and verbs (Past, present and future tenses. )

- Irregular verbs (begin - began - begun

bring - brought - brought)

- Verb patterns (Verbs followed by a to-infinitive or by -ing/gerund)

- Questions, auxiliary and phrasal verbs (Question tags, indirect questions. Verbs with prepositions.)

- Word order (Order of words in sentences. )

- Reported speech (Indirect speech and change of tenses.)

- Prepositions (Time and place prepositions (at, on, in). Until or by? Verbs with prepositions.)

- Word formation (prefixes: in or im, suffixes: ible or able, compound words...)

- Idiomatic expressions (idioms, similes, proverbs and binomials)

- Clauses and conjunctions (Conditional and wish clauses)

Use Study plan, track statistics and see your results.

You can also try our online tests at https://www.eductify.com/

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More Information Of English Grammar Tests

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:1.1.4 Publish Date:2022-02-23 Developer:Eductify

User Reviews


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Veronica Dessesseau 2020-02-15

Makes you think, and shows where I need to brush up on my basic English skills, some areas, I already knew I needed to work on. Strong in certain areas and need to practice in others.
vamshi voore 2020-01-11

Vey nice. Tests are good to learn. Immediate result with description is good. If you add more description by adding more link. That would be more benitifical
Thierry Massihians 2020-09-24

I bought it, but I expected more. There\'s only one set of quizzes per topic. My interest was on defining/non-defining clauses. There\'s only one quiz and that\'s it.
Nadia Duffey 2020-04-02

I like this app and it works 100% and I\'m learning a lot💙💜💙
Elilta Angosom 2020-08-17

I really recommend this app because it really gives you good choices they also have a maths one uh yeah if you\'re struggling on English this is for you absolutely I give this 5 stars I got this today and the maths one it has a study plan for you shows your progress
Maryann Njoki 2020-11-22

Its a good app because it would give like a sentence for you to answer then when its wrong it rectifies you.... And also good for children
Chani Kuperman 2020-06-19

Excellent resource for teaching!! Thank you!!
Feyisayo@gmail.com Sayo123 2020-12-18

I enjoy learning with this app . Only two problems, it does not have the theory like the math tests. Secondly, why do we always have to pay for the primuim app.Pleeeeease!, fix it 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Simelwe Melwe 2020-09-10

It real good and it helps but can they add a voice
Doris McNeal 2020-10-11

I enjoyed playing this game. It really exercised my mind!