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English Skills - Practice and Learn



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Description of English Skills - Practice and Learn

Learn grammar and spelling in English in an easy and fun way! With English Skills you can practice English playing games.

In this application you will find very useful content for you to learn English or practice your knowledge of the language. In addition to games well known as Hangman or Word Search, with which you can review and learn new vocabulary, the application includes grammar questions and word order exercises, so important when learning English.

Are you bored by the classic English lessons? With English Skills, you will learn English by playing in a pleasant way, without theoretical lessons, just by practicing English in a fun way.

The game offers educational content for three learning levels:

- Beginner

- Intermediate

- Advanced


- Hangman: Find the hidden word.

- Word Search: Learn new vocabulary by searching for the proposed words

- Word Order: Put the words in order to form sentences correctly

- Definitions: Prove you know the meaning of thousands of words in English

- Use of English: Grammar and spelling questions to practice your English knowledge.


- Educational and fun

- Gradual learning with different levels

- Learn new vocabulary

- Completely free game

- For students of all ages


Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We love creating fun and educational games for people of all ages. If you have any questions or suggestions about this game you can contact us through the developer's contact or through our profiles on social networks:

twitter: twitter.com/edujoygames

facebook: facebook.com/edujoysl

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User Reviews


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Abhijeet Biju 2020-07-24

Great app I love everything and it a lot of fun to learn since it has offered a paradise of base of the English grammar .only experience it has taught me all the basics with constant proficiency that are related to the writing skills and interaction among the sentences.it has readily gave an exotic replenishing experience deliberately crutinezed my base which I used to learn but forgot on the walkthrough of lockdown days as vacational treason I,m fabulously fully contended with this education
Sajia Hassan 2020-04-04

It is a really good app and it really helps me shake my nerves whith this virus every where it has hangman ,word searches and mostly ever thing and that\'s a lot comming from someone who hates writing reviews if you want to get some where in life down loud this app it is the best app I have wow wow.
Muhammad Javaid 2020-03-26

It\'s really a fantastic game to improve your english grammar. I will recommend it to every guy who is weak in english because in this game you have a chance to fix your mistake and learn from it👍...But the word refrence does\'nt have urdu language translation so please add urdu language in it
Mina Kassandra 2020-05-29

I expect that I will have some conversations or something that I could talk to to improve and develop my skills in English... but still its a fun game and you could still learn English tho. Better if they put some explanations on the words to understand the word
Benitsen Meljoe S 2020-07-28

Nice interface......cute and all.......but the content should be reviewed so bad. In hangman, Watch isn\'t a piece of clothing it\'s an accessory And ladybugs will never evolve into animals if that\'s what you\'re hoping for. Please review the content This app here deserves 5stars if it did it\'s purpose (i.e) to teach English
Renjith Raj 2020-09-11

It\'s a nice app. It\'s Helpful for basic english education and fun. It would be better to add some more games in this app. In hangman some mistakes are there. Animals doesn\'t includes ladybug. And many such small mistakes. The result is opposite to what we except.
Caroline Balkon 2020-06-05

3 stars because ads keep trying kick you off play and block a person, I think they should had what most ppl had used ads to benefit the game instead of behavior I recieved. For app itself it is and english test variety on what you know from elementary to Highschool it would be more interesting have college?
Ecka De Leon 2020-01-17

If you are looking for a free learning game then this is not the one for you. Yes you can download the application for free but all the game modes are for premium users only. Therefore, if you don\'t have premium account there\'s nothing for you to play.
Emir Farhan Iskandar 2020-06-17

In my own opinion, I\'d recommend this app to anyone who are going through numerous problems with their English speaking and writing.It\'s educationally fun and beneficial to those who want to brush up their English.
Genie Wilson 2020-12-02

I really like the game but when the ads pop up you cannot get out of them at all. Not even the back button and there\'s no X. If u touch it, it will take you to google play to download some game. The only way to get out of it is to exit the game and start over. It really sucks too because I did like that app overall.