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Description of English Spanish Translator

Translate Spanish texts into English. There are three features that can help you translating from English to Spanish. First is text translator , second is translate from speech to text. Third is translation from image's text.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.2.3 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Nolreom Buremut

User Reviews


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Makes communicating much easier. However, the Spanish is completely proper and some words might not be recognized regionally. I am able to read and understand Spanish, however constructing proper sentences is a struggle. This is how I was able to determine that certain words might be misunderstood.
Joseph Cumming 2020-05-09

It actually works, I can chat with my friends from around the world. It surprised some of them when I could respond in there native language. It has helped me to build bonds that are only achievable though clear communication and comfort. That\'s what this app can do!
John Dempsey 2020-07-23

Works well. Seems accurate...every understands when I speak to them or let them read the text. Haven\'t used the voice feature.
Charles L Boyd 2020-06-03

I will begin to use it for work. Wish i could use it as a headphone for instant translations hor work. I would speak english and they would hear spanish and they would speak spanish and i would hear english. That is a million dollar idea
April Caropepe 2020-07-22

Love it! Works perfect to help me communicate with my significant others family and them with me. So far it has been accurate and easy to use.
Juliana Brews 2020-04-01

I thought that the man that said this app was hard to operate has never had a bad day! This is an incredibly easy app. I wish this was avalible when I was in high school. I am glad I tried it even though there was the bad comment. Just goes to show you \"One man\'s junk is another man\'s treasure!\"
Ikahba Stone 2020-09-26

Very useful and easy well as far as if you\'re able to comprehend multiple bilingual linguistics,it works great so far without any situations like that much that I would actually advise my associates to download this particular app for helping learn to write read and understand Spanish in it\'s various linguistics of the latin realm
jesse Diaz 2020-01-22

Great app First thing I translated and it came out wonderful I\'m very happy with how easy it was to use, thank you very much
William Belle 2020-02-13

Extremely proficient and helpful, love the varying language indept set ups, and teaching ways, easy to master and learn as well as express the languages. Thanks!
Angel Solis 2020-05-31

Great app. Makes it easy to communicate with my family, that doesn\'t English, that well. 👌