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Description of English with Lingualeo

Lingualeo is a user-friendly and effective platform for learning languages. Lingualeo is a linguistic super app with lots of tools and learning techniques.

Learn English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Czech, Greek and Serbian.

Over 23 million people all over the world use Lingualeo!

✦ Variety 🌵

• Over 12 vocabulary trainings (that are constantly updated)

• Grammar exercises

• Thematic courses

• Videos as a tool for learning ("Jungle" based on YouTube, etc.)

• Relevant articles and books in their original language

• Featured collections (TED Talks, etc.)

• "Battling" with other users

Follow your interests, not the tutor's instructions!

✦ Track your progress 📊

Track your progress in language learning and focus on developing certain skills:

• Writing

• Listening

• Speaking

Vocabulary and other types of game-based-training will help you achieve your goals, improve your vocabulary and develop all your skills.

✦ Availability 🙌🏼

A wide selection of free content, exercises, and courses. Cross-platform: the same account can be used for apps in the App Store, Google Play, website and Huawei AppGallery.

For additional features, we offer a Premium version.

💚 The World is yours with Lingualeo! 💚

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More Information Of English with Lingualeo

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:3.3.25 Publish Date:2021-08-28 Developer:Lingualeo LLC

User Reviews


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Дарья Желтоухова 2020-11-30

Cannot to add word in a custom way, for example, I want to add verbs with \"to\" in the beginning (\"to chill\" - instead of this I get just \"chill\" in my set, but, of course, in a search field i\'m typing \"to chill\") . In general, work with word sets is not comfortable, for example, I can\'t just remove word from set. To delete word I have to push \"+\" button, type needed word, choose same translate and push \"add\" button. It\'s not very user friendly.
Lera komkov 2020-12-27

Good app. for learning English with some drawbacks; like bad search(actually lack of search) in reading material and irrelevant matireal (no, I don\'t like reading subscribes of some movie without watching it or reading instructions to unknown program).
Irina Galiash 2020-10-16

I\'ve looked through the German pack and unfortunately it\'s pretty raw. Articles are very important in German and it seems like user dictionary is not able to pick them up from translators. Default word sets also contain a lot of mistakes of this kind, trainings display nouns in lowercase etc. But in my opinion, the biggest bug/inconvenience is that on mobile in jungle mode only one translation is shown. It was not that way, who thought that it would be a great idea?
A. Ulvi GÜLŞEN 2020-11-29

It\'s the best application, that I\'ve ever seen, from the price-benefit perspective, to learn a new language. It\'s in the middle of my daily life instead social media apps.
Катя Воронюк 2021-01-07

One of my favourite apps which helps me widen knowledge & improve skills. Very convenient & friendly interface, an abyss of information & a lot of interesting exercises & tests, which turn learning into real amusement. I like Lingualeo very much !
Tatiana Durova 2020-11-19

The mobile app is useless in comparison to web version. I study German and after last release I even can\'t train phrases and grammar there anymore. Upd: my issue happens only if English chosen as my native language. With Russian native language I have all exercises available. Also I need possibility to study German via English, but at the same time keep train English (might be with native language = German, or Russian is also possible).
Alexander Sydorchuk 2020-12-17

Excellent application for learning English. Especially if you are a lazy guy)
Roman Malyavin 2020-10-30

Hello! I like your app and service! But I can\'t understand, why its impossible to do 3 simple actions in the app: 1. Add words to Leo vocabulary from mobile chrome and other apps(as in desktop version) 2. Add words from vocabulary to word set(and quickly create it there) 3. Train only selected words(now when I choose to sent to train selected words nothings happen)
Get To Interesting 2020-10-22

Actually, I hate this app!!! I\'m listening a music in headphones on my phone, and reading a text, and if I tap on the word the app immediately stopping the music and pronouncing the word! I tried to torn off it, but nothing doesn\'t work!! Thank you guys for this, I just waste a money on it! In previous version all was good!
A Google user 2020-07-11

После последнего обновления не понятно как удалить слово из словаря. При введении слова в строке поиска оно появляется без возможности удалить его. Удалить можно только из общего списка, но путём прокрутки его найти невозможно!!!! Как это сделать?????