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Enjin: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT Crypto Wallet APK

Enjin: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT Crypto Wallet



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Description of Enjin: Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFT Crypto Wallet

Built for crypto trading

⚔️ Impenetrable

🛡️ Trustworthy

🔐 Privacy first

✅ Independent audit approved

📋 Paper-powered 12-word backup

⛓️ Hardware wallet tracking

Exchange, sell, send or hodl Bitcoin, NFTs, tokens & other 100+ cryptocurrencies easily from your Enjin smart wallet. Unlock capabilities of decentralized exchanges to help manage your crypto portfolio & wealth in a single app.

Download Free Enjin Wallet Now!

Free Transactions for ENJ & NFTs on JumpNet

Enjoy instant, gas-less, and secure on-chain transactions of ENJ and ERC-1155 tokens with JumpNet.

Meet your new blockchain & cryptocurrency wallet

It's impenetrable, feature-packed, & convenient—supporting Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), ERC-20, ERC-721, & ERC-1155 tokens & NFTs.

Built for crypto traders, holders, NFT traders, & gamers, the user-friendly Enjin blockchain & crypto wallet feature a marketplace for trading blockchain assets, DApp browser for interacting with DApps and DeFi platforms, blockchain gaming support, & in-app token swap featuring Kyber, Bancor, Changelly.


Create, import, use, and track an infinite number of crypto wallets—all in a streamlined, easy-to-use app. Create wallets for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Dogecoin (DOGE), ERC-20, ERC-721, Coinbase, & Polkadot (DOT), & ERC-1155.


Stash your blockchain assets & collectables & trade them on the Enjin Marketplace. We've made buying assets as simple as the scan of a QR code & selling them as easy as a few taps of a screen.


Scan a QR code to instantly receive ERC-20 airdrops, altcoins, or valuable ERC-721 & ERC-1155 digital assets & NFTs.


No annoying ads. Zero trackers. Your private keys are your own.


Swap hundreds of crypto tokens from thousands of available trading pairs instantly & directly via our exchange partners Kyber, Bancor, & Changelly. In-app token swap supports ERC-20 tokens, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), & Litecoin (LTC).


Interact with any DApp or DeFi swap—without leaving the safety of your crypto wallet.


We take security seriously, & so should you. Independently audited with pioneering security features unlike any other wallet, the Enjin Wallet turns your phone into a hardware-like blockchain & crypto wallet.


We've partnered with Samsung to seamlessly integrate the Enjin Wallet with the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.


Your new crypto wallet is built for convenience:

✅ Fingerprint Unlock: Use your fingerprint to immediately check your cryptocurrency portfolio without needing to enter yet another password.

✅ Hardware Wallet Tracking: Tired of cables? Use the Enjin Wallet to easily track your hardware wallet balance & transactions. Track Trezor, Ledger, & other hardware wallets.

✅ Auto-Add Tokens: Automatically add & detect tokens from the blockchain wallets you import or track.

✅ Custom Fees & Limits: Use optimized, dynamic fee, & gas calculation—or set your own custom fees and limits.

✅ Import & Sweep: Import from all major blockchain wallets such as Trust and Coinbase in a few easy steps, & sweep Bitcoin and Litecoin.

✅ Local Currency: View balances in your local currency.

✅ Multilingual: Support for over 30 languages.


Founded in 2009 & based in Singapore, Enjin offers an ecosystem of integrated blockchain products that make it easy to create, manage, explore, distribute, & integrate blockchain-based assets and NFTs.


Have questions or need support? Visit our support center at https://enjin.io/help or contact us at support@enjin.io.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.15.1-r Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Enjin PTE LTD

User Reviews


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bnjmn 2020-07-11

Beware!! Coinswitch exchange function is unsafe. I attempted to exchange 1500 LINK directly in the wallet. I selected the Coinswitch offer and mistakenly assumed it was an atomic swap (trustess). No! Enjin system message stated the exchange had \"failed\" (timed out) BUT in reality Coinswitch was able to withdraw my 1500 LINK without completing the transaction! Took over two weeks of harassing Coinswitch to retrieve my tokens. Enjin refused to assist.
Steve Shen 2018-10-20

Great alt coins wallet and the support team is super 10 out of 10. Keep up the great work :)
Darac Alexandru 2019-06-16

This is the best crypto wallet you can have. The thing that I like the most is the advanced mode when sending ERC-20 tokens (you can set your own gas and gwei). I wish they added that to the collectiblles tab. The lastest in-wallet crypto to crypto exchange make things sweeter.
Adel Yaghoubzadeh 2020-06-20

I installed the app a couple of days ago and postponed backing up my 12 word passkey and also I didn\'t set any passwords. Then I deposited some BTC in the app, but now whatever I wanna do, all of a sudden it asks for my password! The password that didn\'t even existed and I have never set in before. I\'m feeling like, it\'s a trick by the developers to seize people\'s assets. Simple and easy! I even contacted support and they told me the same thing. I wasn\'t even promoted to set a password. Beware!
Mr. Crowly 2021-02-03

Very nice wallet to store a sea full of suppprted coins. Fees are very low and transactions complete mostly in 24 hours. One thing I\'d like and that is a price ticker, and also would like you to add #Dogecoin, #TRX, #XLM, #TRL - ( TronLite TRC10 ) please. Thank you for the speedy support received.
A Google user 2018-11-16

Sleek interface, Beautiful Aesthetic, Ultra easy to use. Only downfall is that it doesnt list some very popular coins. Monero Neo Bitcoin Cash Nem Stellar Ripple to name a few
cod links 2021-02-14

I had a \"pending\" issue and I originally gave the app 1 star as I couldn\'t buy anything. But the customer service has been amazing and I\'m all sorted. Would give it 5* if I could see what nonce my account was upto without going through customer support.
Stanescu Silviu 2020-04-15

best use case coin 2019/2020/2021/∞ Awesome wallet from every point of view! With the tools enj offers and the user friendly wallet it will sure take the market by surprise. This project is underrated and under the radar but still enj team works so hard and offer results after results,always growing,good job enjin team 🙌
Bob Angels 2020-02-19

This is one of the wallets I use and it\'s one of the easiest and complete. All tokens are automatically entered and followed what makes it easy to follow. I have compared this wallet with others and it\'s one of the best. Easy to enter with fingerprint, direct overview of your wallet with real time values. This is what makes a wallet very usable during daytime to follow up movements in the market. The only thing I miss is a dark skin for the wallet, but maybe one day it will be possible. I think with the new steps this wallet will become even better. Great work.
Jim h 2020-06-17

I\'ve only just recently started using this wallet and I must say it is very user friendly. Great selection of most coins and features and easy swaps/transactions now that Enjin links to kyber. If this wallet supported xrp,xlm and also had staking feature, it would truely be the one wallet to rule them all! Hopefully future updates will include these.