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Enki: Learn data science, coding, tech skills



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Description of Enki: Learn data science, coding, tech skills

The award-winning app to learn data skills, pick up or improve coding, and sharpen your work skills in general!

Over 1 million people have used Enki to build and improve their code, data & tech skills. Useful for both non-technical beginners and developers of all levels.


Enki is your personalized continuous learning coach. It helps you learn and maintain your coding, data and technical skills through a science-backed, interactive learning experience tailored just for you.

★ Learn something new every day through personalized workout suggestions

★ Make progress through the structured curriculum in as many skills as you like

★ Write code to solve real-world problems and learn through interactive quizzes


● Personalized workout suggestions based on your learning preferences

● Coding playground to apply your knowledge

● Mentor review to help you grow

● Interactive questions to stimulate your thinking

● Revision workouts powered by spaced repetition science

● Hands-on exercises to apply your knowledge

● Daily reminder to help you build a learning habit

● Tracked learning streaks to motivate your progress

● Lesson bookmarking for quick access and sharing


● Engage in discussions and collaborate on exercises within the Enki community

● Team up and learn with friends, co-workers or peers and track each other's progress

● Improving and create content for a community of 1M+

● Share your favorite lessons with teammates or anyone across the internet

📚 1500+ lessons in 20+ skills

● Coding Intro ● Python ● SQL ● Data Science ● Data Analysis

● JavaScript ● React ● Blockchain ● CSS ● HTML ● Web

● Security ● Git ● Computer Science ● Regex ● TypeScript

● Docker ● Golang ● MongoDB ● Linux ● Java

● Spreadsheets ● Webflow ● Zapier ● Airtable

What the media say about us:

”The exercises on Enki are focused on making software developers more productive.”

- Forbes

”Ever imagined yourself as a JavaScript whizz, or pulling no punches with Python? Want to get a handle on SQL, or let yourself loose with Linux? Then let Enki be your coding coach, setting you daily workouts that tackle the intricacies of coding languages in bite-sized steps.”

- Apple's App Store; featured as app of the day in 100+ countries

”Compared to free reading options this is structured, personalized content. Enki creates a 5-minute “workout” for software developers to learn important concepts in their spare time.”

- TechCrunch

”The app supports everyone from beginners to more experienced coders. You can almost think of Enki the same way you would an exercise app. It provides you with daily workouts, but here you’re leveling up your coding skills instead of burning fat and building muscle.”

- MakeUseOf

”Enki adopts a different approach to the apps we’ve seen so far. It makes use of spaced repetition to help you learn specific concepts regarding coding.”

- iGeeksBlog

To learn more, visit www.enki.com

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lable: Education - Apps Current Version:2.8.0 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:enki.com

User Reviews


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AJ Worthing 2018-01-23

Much better now that it\'s functional. However there are a few things. The UI is beautiful and functional, and almost intuitive. Work could be done answering the question \"what do I do now\". Can I only do one workout a day? I finished my first Linux workout and it had me play a game (that was way more advanced than the first beginner workout and didn\'t help at all due to the unknown information being presented) and now all I can do on the workout page is play this game that currently doesn\'t help me learn
Ben Preater 2019-04-13

This was 5* but the update has ruined the app. You now have to pass tests based on the premium content to progress so they almost might as well not have the free stuff there at all. Do not bother with this app.
Heather Gray 2017-10-18

UPDATE: The next day ,the workouts were available and I love the app. So if you get the issue I got below, wait until the next day and your workouts should be there. This app is great for learning new skills or staying informed on things you already learned. Good explanations and exercises. OLD REVIEW: No workouts available after signing up. Galaxy Note 8. Says I\'ve achieved all my learning goals for the day even though I\'ve done no workouts at all and has no option to select the work out because there aren\'t any listed.
abhay Tiwari 2019-02-18

Well, i hardly write reviews for any app but this app is one of its kind. but there are some fixes and this is a request so please do it if you could, like after a topic, when we \"try it out\". we dont know if we answered right or wrong, which leads us to check ourself from the topic above. One more request, could you please add topics in web development like modelling and orm basics. Overall, this is a good app, l want it to be the best one. 😄
Chris 2018-06-02

This app will definitely teach you new coding practices but its one short lesson a day, and you cant skip ahead or relearn material without paying. The app also asks about your level of experience with a particular subject. If you enter beginner for example, you would think it would start with barebones basics. They will give you an example that makes sense, then the second example they give will introduce new concepts without explainations of those concepts. The app likes to assume you know more advanced techniques, even if you are a beginner. I\'d say you can get a faster, more reliable learning experience elsewhere.
Lauren Orsini 2018-09-07

The best learning app I\'ve used so far. Gives great explanations without treating you like a child. Great lessons and tips that I can learn and review in just 5 minutes of free time. My only issue is my streak seems to break randomly. There will be a 3 day gap appear out of no where when I\'ve been doing lessons everyday. When this is fixed it\'s a definite 5 star. Edit: as of September 2018 the streaks are still broken, went down to 3 stars.
Ben Hansen 2017-11-01

The price for pro is absurd. I am a student that has little money. Most educational recourse have discounts for student. I feel like your business model targets companies that pay for this app for their employees. I wish it also understood the educational market so that I can benefit. I am willing to pay a one time buy for each course (example: the node would be a $5 purchase). Consider building an in app economy similar to a free to play game like Portal Quest. The app is great, but there is no way I am paying for the prices you are putting up.
Mubeen Mubeen 2018-12-12

As soon as i finish ONE workout it quizes me and then after the quiz the app is no longer responsive. If i reopen the app it shows the enki splashscreen then just sits on an empty gray background with the enki menu at the bottom. Only the NEXT DAY when i relaunch the app it will show me next workout. I tried a bunch of stuff and nothing works. I have wait entire day to reuse. Thos reduced my learning to snail pace. I love the app and love the content and how its put together but it\'s bot usable. I don\'t wanna uninstall and loose my progress. Please fix or help me
Tyler Tomlinson 2019-06-14

update killed it, this app was amazing and I loved it to review some algorithm material but now I have to pay for it. If you are going to make people pay for your app do it from the start not later on. This is bad business practice.
Giovanni Prinzivalli 2019-05-28

so I loved the original Enki, but the 2.0 update is a flaming pile of awful design choices. The color coordination and separation of the original was superb, but now it\'s all emojii and iOS Messenger bubbles. This visual flash is cluttered and busy and doesn\'t improve my workflow in the least. and emojii should just be shot and killed on sight, it\'s useful as an expressive communication tool, but not in an educational setting.