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Description of eNotify

[Please note: The GooglePlay version of eNotify no longer supports SMS due to GooglePlay policy changes...]

eNotify is the most powerful solution available for email notifications & SMS notifications on both your Android device and accompanying Android Wear smartwatch.

Highly configurable, eNotify supports rules with custom email alert & SMS alert sounds for different accounts, senders, subjects, recipient addresses, phone numbers & more. Easily silence day-to-day background noise and stay aware of priority messages.

eNotify does it's work *entirely* on your device working in the background. Your email is safe and your data never leaves your device. Your information is never sent elsewhere. Period.

Sample Use Cases:

 • Play a unique sound whenever my boss emails between 9am and 7pm from Monday to Friday

 • Override phone's silent profile with 'Godzilla Roar' whenver my wife emails

 • Repeat the email alert sound until cancelled when the email is from my accountant

Functionality Supported:

 • Notifications: Status Bar, Popup & Smartwatch

 • Email Alert Sounds: Set different sounds for accounts, senders, subjects, recipients, and more [150+ email alert sounds, OR add your own]

 • Vibration Patterns: Choose or create your own

 • Text to Speech: Read email notifications aloud

 • Do Not Disturb: Stop email notifications during specified interval

 • Override Silent: Configure some email alerts to override the device silent profile

 • Repeat: Configure some email alerts to repeat at specified interval

 • Smartwatches eNotify offers extensions for Android Wear, Sony SW & SW2, Pebble & Toq

Mail Support Info:

 • IMAP: IMAP4, IMAP IDLE (Push Mail): GMail, Yahoo, Exchange, and more

 • POP: POP3 accounts: Hotmail, and more

 • EWS: Exchange Web Services: Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010

 • Dependencies:None: No requirement to use K9 or GMail. eNotify can be used alongside any email app.

Notification Commands:

 • Open: Opens the email app associated with the account

 • Quick Reply: Reply quickly without opening email or SMS app

 • Archive: Move the message to your designated archive folder

 • Delete Message Delete the email from the server

 • Mark as Read: Mark the email as read on the server

 • And More...

In-App Purchases:

 • The only in-app purchases in the app are optional donations for users that wish to provide us with added support

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More Information Of eNotify

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.161 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:Maxlab Mobile

User Reviews


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Brian Howard 2019-03-11

This is a good app, but apparently it doesn\'t support SMS on androids anymore. This was really the whole point of downloading and paying for this app.
Edd LeMan 2019-03-07

Use it to ensure I am notified of alerts from my security system. Works great! Looked a long time for an app like eNotify.
Devon H. Fason 2020-09-19

I\'ve been using this app for years to help my phone when lost in the house, immediately review emails from certain people with key words, etc. It never fails. I love this app. *** UPDATE 2/27/2020 *** New rating is 1 star. Does not work anymore with Android\'s recent updates. *** UPDATE 9/18/2020 ***. New rating is 5 stars. Customer service reached out to me and gave me a new version that works perfectly again. Version 4.147 - it supports my Gmail account and text messages.
Calvin Nguyen 2019-03-12

Normally I don\'t ever do reviews, but this one definitely deserves one. Out of all apps on my phone, this is my favorite and goto app. I tried alot but no one has anything close to eNotify. I use my phone for business so I can\'t afford to miss any messages. eNotify alerts me to ALL my important messages like clockwork. Worth it 100x!
A Google user 2016-07-21

Love the app, be careful when upgrading from free version I love this app, it\'s exactly what I need. I don\'t want to use my phone for reading or sending email, but at times it really comes in handy to know a certain email has arrived. I don\'t have to keep going to my PC to see if it\'s there yet, I can just wait until I hear the notification sound. I liked the free version so much I bought the full app. Only problem is, now I have to enter all my accounts and settings all over again.
sy excell 2018-09-11

It\'s a good app but if every phone company took samsung attitude and put custom notifications as standard it wouldn\'t be needed, we pay up to around 600 for a phone it should do what we want it to do straight from the box
Evo E 2019-04-09

text to speech doesnt work - stops working after about 20 min. resumes working for another 20 min if i restart the app. Galaxy Note 9. update: contacted the vendor by email as suggested. the response was \"i may look into it and may be provide a fix whenever i decide to get up from the sofa\" haha (he also admited the issue had already been repirted by others too ...)
Kristina C. 2019-08-18

I just bought this app.. it won\'t add my email, why? I had the lite version and I couldn\'t so I figured it was because it would be on the paid version instead so I paid for it and still can\'t add my email! please help
Todd Sherman 2021-01-07

The link to the Guide in the Help screen needs to be updated. Also, is there a NON-Google Play version of eNotify that DOES support SMS?
E T 2020-11-03

Great app but not suitable for my needs. It\'s an android issue not the dev. I need something monitored every 30 seconds or less.