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Description of Envel - Banking for a new Gen

Envel® is a financial technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you manage your hard-earned money better than any bank.

Why Envel users love us

• Save and Budget with one click

Don’t have time to manage your budget? Automate your budget using our AI mode feature, Autopilot. This automatically splits your deposits into your envelopes creating a fully autonomous budgeting and savings experience.

• No monthly fees or minimum balance

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you to open an account, nor do we charge any minimum balance fees or monthly fees! Plus, you get free withdrawals at 37,000+ MoneyPass ATM networks

• Get Paid 2 days early with direct deposit

Get access to your paycheck up to 2 days early! Eligibility for early direct deposit is based on your employer.

• Automated savings, budgeting, and goals

With our Autopilot feature, you can build your savings account, reach your personal finance goals, and manage your budget effortlessly. You tell us your expenses and savings goals, and the AI does all if the heavy lifting for you!

• Security at your fingertips

We want to protect your security! Freeze, unfreeze, or order a new card with one click. You are the owner of your data and your privacy and security is our main concern just as we’d want that too as individuals. Envel leverages cutting edge technologies and encryption to safeguard the Envel ecosystem, money, and customer data. Deposits are FDIC insured up to $250,000 through nbkc, Member FDIC.

• Create up to 99 checking accounts (we call Envelopes)

Envel allows you to create in seconds up to 99 FDIC insured Envel spending accounts for whatever reason i.e. groceries, holiday, goals, gas, bills, coffee.. you name it! We get you started with a 4 envelopes called Cash, Bills, Emergency and Vault so you can organize your hard earned money easily.

• Send and receive money instantly

Need to pay a friend? Send or receive money instantly to any Envel user with Envel Send.

• In app customer support live chat & community

Chat with our support team in the Envel app with live chat. Join our communities on Discord, Reddit, or our dedicated Community Forum to chat with the Envel team and other users, voice your feedback, and get timely support.

• Customizable color themes and modes

Who says budgeting can’t be fun? Customize your own experience by choosing your own background and theme colors. You can also choose between different humor levels: funny, sarcastic, or off.

• Share Envelopes with Friends

Need to create a shared envelope with family or friends? Envel allows you to create envelopes to share funds with friends where everyone can contribute. Withdrawing funds requires the original envelope owner’s permission for security.

• Automate your Bills

Never miss a Bill payment again! With our Itemized Bills, you tell us your different Bills, due dates, and payment frequencies, and our AI will make sure all your Bills are covered.

• Switch your Debit Card to any Envelope

The Envel Visa® Debit Card is linked by default to the Cash Envelope however you can temporarily link it directly to any of your other envelopes instantaneously using Cardlink™ for easy access to your funds.

• Google Pay

Connect Envel to Google Pay to pay easily

• About Envel

Based in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, founded at Harvard with backing from MIT Sandbox, we are committed to consistent app updates to fit the lifestyle needs of our users and grow our Envel Community. See community.envel.ai

Envel is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by nbkc bank, Member FDIC. The Envel Visa® Card is issued by NBKC Bank pursuant to a license from VISA U.S.A. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

For more information head to www.envel.ai

Copyright © Envel, Inc. 2021

More about how we look after your information in our privacy policy here https://www.envel.ai/privacy

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.2.0 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Envel Inc.

User Reviews


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Steve McGee 2021-01-15

Since Simple announced they are closing I\'m looking for a replacement. Envel seems like it could be even better than Simple! I got signed up, the process was super smart and the screen designs look great. I just need to move some funds over and start using it. And that\'s where I get my first red flag. In order to verify the account to move money from my credit union, they make two small deposits and then a withdrawal and I need to tell them how much the two small deposits were. For 3 days only one of them showed up, then this morning the other one showed up and they happened at the same time on the same day so where was the other one for 3 days?
Justin Wilson 2021-01-26

Not wowed so far. Most digital Banks you can open in one minute this bank I had to upload pictures of my social security card my W-2 my driver\'s license two sets of pictures in my driver\'s license and then they said they\'ll get back to me. we\'ll see how it goes I\'ll upgrade my rating after I\'m approved and can actually use the service. Well it\'s been over a week still reviewing my account. Not looking good
BMF Fights 2021-02-16

Extremely impressed with this well designed application! Very intuitive design, and easy to navigate. Each \"Envelope\" is it\'s own checking account with routing/account numbers for every one of them! That\'s a great feature. I can\'t wait to switch everything over after full launch. I will make my review 5 stars when instant deposit is made available.. which currently says \"coming soon\". Can\'t wait! Thank you for putting the effort into such a quality banking application
Ceola Crawford 2021-01-16

I don\'t write reviews for apps often but this one earned It. Makes me excited about budgeting and it\'s so nice having everything in one place
CJ Page 2021-01-11

Outstanding for being so young. Desperately needs Mobile Check Deposit. 5 stars once that\'s added.
Aaron Pearson 2021-01-11

Cannot sign up. I enter my email and it sends me a confirmation email that I click on that takes me to the app again asking for my email address. I\'ve tried several times and every time the same thing happens.
Paul Spoerry 2021-03-07

Facebook trackers and says I\'m rooted when I\'m not. This looked like a great place to jump since Simple is closing but I cannot even launch it because it says my device is rooted. I have a Pixel 3 XL and it\'s 100% stock.
Matina D 2020-12-09

Very cool app for budgeting! Great colors and overall style! Love it!
Twanna Genus 2021-03-13

I got signed up and received the email that I got approved. However, I\'ve been waiting for the app to update and say I\'ve been approved. It\'s stuck on \"We are still receiving your application \". Just need a little help Edit: Just as I sent out the initial above review, I got a response via email about my concern. Soooooo fast! Faster than SIMPLE BANK for sure 👌. Not fixed yet
Deanna Warren 2021-03-11

Where\'s my money? I did a transfer of funds on Sunday and it\'s Wednesday now and still no money. I like the concept but I need my money to transfer quicker. Also, mobile check deposits. My company doesn\'t do direct deposit so I need to be able to deposit checks. Needs more work. More stars when I get my money quicker and can deposit checks.