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Description of Epic Ride Weather

If you ride a bike, this app is for you. From pro world tour teams to casual riders, Epic Ride Weather helps cyclists to achieve their goals, get out more often, and have more fun on the bike.

* Pick just the right kit every time.

* Choose the best time of day to ride.

* Plan to maximize the tailwind, and avoid a headwind on the way home.

* Plan perfect hydration and nutrition.

Epic Ride Weather provides personalized weather forecasts that take into account your speed and location, combining multiple forecasts to give you a precise projection of weather for the duration of your ride.

How It Works

Epic Ride Weather connects with your favorite GPS app such as Strava, Ride With GPS and Komoot. You pick the route, set the start time and Epic Ride Weather provides a forecast for the whole ride.

A distinct forecast is provided for every 10 minutes of ride time, based on the location that you'll be at that time. With unmatched hyperlocal forecasting from DarkSky, you'll see how temperature, wind speed and direction, and probability of rain vary throughout the ride.

Pick the best time of day to ride based on your route and pace, with the best (or worst) conditions shown for start times throughout the day.

Strava Segments: Your favorite segments are shown alongside your activities and routes. Segments can be sorted by current weather conditions, showing those with the highest tailwind first based on the forecasted wind speed and yaw angle. Today could be your day to best your PR!

UCI WorldTour teams can connect to VeloViewer Race Hub directly with Epic Ride Weather. State-of-the-art weather forecasting can be used to inform race day tactics and strategy for any upcoming stage, race, ITT, TTT or prologue from VeloViewer Race Hub.

Official supplier to pro team Jumbo-Visma

The Epic Ride Weather app is free and comes with a 30 day trial with 1000 free forecasts, which is about thirty or fourty 100 km (60 mi) rides. Continued use requires an in-app purchase. More details are provided in the app.

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More Information Of Epic Ride Weather

lable: Weather - Apps Current Version:2.0.27 Publish Date:2022-02-22 Developer:Green's Opinion

User Reviews


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Jamie Bowen 2019-06-20

I really like this app. I find it to be accurate and extremely useful when planning bike rides. However, the color for cloud cover is too similar to the color for precipitation and it\'s difficult to tell the difference. I am much more concerned with getting caught in the rain than it being cloudy! ------------------------------------------------------ Update after the developer responded to my review... I did not know I could change the colors. That\'s fantastic! Thank you! 5 stars.
App Box 2020-08-04

I tried it one time with one route. Now it says I used 90 forcasts. None left. What? Also, neither do I see prices nor a way to somehow subscribe from within the app. The one route I tried delivered a useful map with wind directions and stuff. Well, guess I\'ll uninstall it, since it\'s useless to me.
Chap Travels 2020-02-24

Fantastic app! I use it multiple times a week for choosing routes and what gear to wear/bring. Of course we are dealing with weather forecasting here, so it is not 100% accurate, but I have never been disappointed ... it is another great tool for avid cyclists.
karlo bozic 2019-04-23

Great support, after i had an issue with phone, was helped resolve it even though it had nothing to do with the app. in general great app to figure out weather and more importantly tail winds for me. One suggestion would be, if it is possible, to have an alert of tail winds on your favourite segments :) Maybe also to choose your min wind speed to get alerted
Christopher Bennett 2018-01-03

This is the ONE app that all cyclists need. I do endurance races--Tour Divide, Transcontinental, Indian Pacific, etc. which span weeks. You ride until you can\'t ride any more and then rest. I use this app to tell me what is coming (particularly with regard to wind!) and then plan my stops around it. Many is the time I\'ve decided to push on for that few extra hours when I was tired, because I knew the following day was going to be miserable. Buy it. You won\'t regret it.
Mike Blackstock 2016-11-10

This application is great - simple and very useful. I\'m glad it also picks up walks and hikes from runkeeper since I am not an avid cyclist, but still want to know what the weather will be like along my favourite hikes and walks around the city. I am recommending it to hiker friends. I\'m not sure how to switch to celcius, and it wasn\'t obvious how to \'favourite\' a route (maybe a star on the top left of each route?)
Wayne Richter 2020-06-13

It\'s accurate enough for me but being able to dial in the date and time for a ride using the on-screen swipe up and down controls is probably a lesson in frustration for most people because it only works when it feels like it. Luckily I use a Galaxy Note with a stylus which makes that task so much easier.
Graham Hill 2018-02-04

It\'s a great app but the charging is a rip off. It\'s just stopped working as it claims I have had 20000 forecasts. I\'d have had to use it about 54 times every day! Who are you trying to kid! Uninstalled. You steal from me no more.
Claudio C. 2020-03-26

I was blind but now I see! no more overdressing, or being cold, never rained over again, no more trying to guess the weather looking at the radar, this thing gives predictions along your route considering where you may be on the route based on your expected avg speed. Is worth absolutely every penny.
paul lewis 2017-05-06

A unique forecast for cyclists that includes your route and predicted weather conditions along your route at the appropriate time you\'ll be at that point. This app is also ideal for planning hiking routes. In the UK the weather data is sourced from the Met Office, so I also have confidence in the predictions. Excellent work, thanks.