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Description of Epson iLabel

Smarter labelling…

Epson iLabel makes it easy to create, store, and print labels from your Android phone or tablet.

Use your smart device's functionality, including voice transcription, contacts and image gallery, to add a new dimension to your labelling experience. Users can easily share label makers with the Epson iLabel app.

The Epson iLabel app works with the Epson LabelWorks wireless printers. To buy one of these label makers or LK/ PX tapes, please visit www.epson.com or contact your local supplier.

[Main Features]

- Create, edit, and print labels wirelessly

- Generate and print QR codes

- Barcode printing: eight types supported

- Support creating multiple length labels at once on Mix Length function.

- Select and print from a variety of pre-defined, commonly used labels

- Quick timestamp function

- Store label data on Dropbox or Google Drive for sharing with other smart devices.

- Up to 100 created labels can be saved and reused

- Up to 100 printed labels can be automatically saved and reused

[Additional Features]

- The status of your label printer can be checked on your smart device (set tape width, errors, and connection status)

- Three original fonts for ribbon tape creation, Algiers Medium L1, URW Chancery L1 and URW Coronet L1.

- Voice transcription (enabled by your Android OS) *1

- More than 100 label design templates and over 400 symbols are available

- Insert images from your camera roll (two-tone image conversion)

- Drawing tool; sketch labels using the device's touch interface

- Camera-based preview tool: digitally see your label on an item before printing *2

- Data can be shared with other smart devices through email.

- Support to import and edit the label file(s) created on Label Editor for Windows (v1.70 or later)

*1 If your device supports it, you can use voice transcription to input text into the Epson iLabel app.

*2 If only front camera is available, camera-based preview tool cannot be used.

[Supported Models]

LW-C410 / LW-600P / LW-1000P / LW-PX400 / LW-PX800 / OK600P / OK1000P / LW-Z5000 series/ LW-Z5010 series

(Actual product name may differ across regions.)

[Supported Device]

Android 6.0 or later 

Screen definition should be more than 800x480 pixels 

*Note: More information about Epson iLabel and LabelWorks solutions is available on Epson’s website.


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More Information Of Epson iLabel

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.7.6 Publish Date:2022-01-07 Developer:Seiko Epson Corporation

User Reviews


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laurie9300 2018-11-29

Good App lots of features, but after the last update my font is printing smaller? Now my new labels don\'t match the old ones!
Christopher Lavezzo 2020-04-23

Brand new printer and this app can\'t find it. Creative app dosen\'t support it. Epson is seriously lacking in support. Might be time to switch to another company.
Yasser Saeed 2018-01-07

Always crash.. Dose NOT work on HTC 10!! Useless app 😠
Alex 2016-03-15

OK app for a great printer Every Android update seems to break this app turning an awesome printer into a doorstop. Eventually Epson fixes it, but the app was broken for 4+ months when 6.0.1 came out. The app works but can be slow and buggy... Epson needs to hire some better developers.
Nick Hawkins 2017-06-12

Once Worked Now Buggy. Since the last update it will print t about 3 labels and then disconnects from the printer and refuse to communicate with it. I have to close the app and restart it to get it to find the printer again and print. It\'s not the fastest printes but this makes the job so time consuming having to keep restarting the app and reconnecting it to the printer. I use the app on a phone and a tablet and it does the same thing with either device. Sort it out.
Justin Sturdee 2016-10-07

I was hoping I could easily setup labels where I could specify the distance between the center of two or three sections of text, i use this to make labels for data and phone outlets. so it reads: \"21 22 23\" where the spacing doesn\'t change and the center of the text is always at that measurement. Secondly circuit breakers in a switchboard are 19mm wide for a single, 38mm for a double and 57mm for a triple etc , so, a way to define a label to fit inside those measurements or a way to specify them would be great PLEASE add these features....
Andrew Ladlie 2018-02-24

Would love is Epson could actually support this app. I have not minded the app, but it has received no supprt for over 2 years. Fells like it could get a refreshed and up to date interface. Maybe some new tricks. Also would love if they would update the interface for use on chrome OS.
Rachel Holl 2020-08-05

Unable to find printer hate things that don\'t work!!!
Habibur Khan 2016-10-01

Help Am unable to find printer. Doesnt even search
Justin Charles 2020-11-25

I have used Epson printers for the last 10 years as my printer of choice. I was looking for an app to allow label printing from my mobile devices.. This app is a big disappointment, like others on this review page. I have the same problem \'the printer cannot be found\'. I use the epson \'iprint\' app and that works perfectly. This iLabel app is not ready for use still need some work. The developer should look at the reviews here and give some response, where they are with getting this fixed.