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Description of Epson Smart Panel

Visit the website below to find products which are supported by this app. When using a printer or scanner that’s not listed on the website, please use instead Epson iPrint for printers or Document Scan for scanners. Epson Smart Panel will not be able to find or connect to your product unless it’s on the website’s list of supported products.


High performance, easy-to-use mobile command center for your Epson wireless printer or scanner1. Easily set up, monitor and operate your Epson product from the convenience of your mobile device with this powerful new tool.

- Easily set up your Epson product on your Wi-Fi

- Innovative action tiles make your Epson Product simple and quick to use

- Fits like a glove -- auto configuration and customization tailors the experience

- Receive the support you need - register, get supplies, or find help all in one convenient place

- One interface for your Epson Printers and Scanners -- auto configuration tailors the app's functions to your device.

1. Requires Epson Smart Panel app download and a compatible smart device. Data usage fees may apply. For more information please visit www.epson.com for support.

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More Information Of Epson Smart Panel

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.4.0 Publish Date:2022-02-24 Developer:Seiko Epson Corporation

User Reviews


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J 2020-04-26

need to access external memory also for printing. also need to be able select multiple files without having to go back and forth.
Sara Incontro 2020-10-06

Not able to find printer, but everything else can. I would just like to be able to scan a 4 page document as 1 document, not 4 separate like my printer is making me do. This app was supposed to help do that. Can\'t do that if it can\'t find the printer!
S P 2020-10-02

Form over functionality. There\'s useless non-standard graphics and too much clicking to actually scan things. A quick scan preview is missing as well. Typical functions have no defaults set (there\'s 99% chance I want my scans in documents folder, not a custom one, but still have to select it)
Bob Costello 2020-06-13

Horrid! Not having a computer for its tutorial value to instructvme step by step was problematic. But... as you will... trial and error let me copy then print in ONLY selected albums of current or recent imagery. It still exempts me from accessing that of my 6700 images or documents that are on either SIMS CARD OR SD CARD. NOW what do I do? Then, tell me how to rid the Canon printer priority for that of my Epson XP4100 as primary and only printer. Print quality is slightly better than marginal.
Rahul Raj Maurya 2020-07-10

App is not able to search printer ... Epson iprint app is working perfectly fine
tricia C 2021-01-27

Am so aggravated with Epson right now. I should not associate this app with my experience after I installed it and agreed to a Update. Thank you Epson printer developers for dictating to me and shutting my ability to print things like resumes to gain work because I like many currently are trying to save where ever possible. I purchased generic ink refills and after I agreed to your invasive update my printer won\'t print because it doesn\'t recognize the full ink refills. Am replacing the printer.
Marcos Antonio 2020-09-19

The app not found the Epson Printer WF 2860 with Android 8.1.0 ☹️
Kłäÿ Bãñkž 2021-01-16

It works great!!@!! The app downloads fast to the phone and to the printer. Its easy to set up in the phone and to change from color print to B/W print. I Love It!!@!!💯💯💯💙
Victoria LaRock 2020-12-09

Finally able to print without a desktop or laptop! It took awhile to set up and I had to download 2 other apps (Epson iPrint and a samsung print connect) to finally get my android to print with a XP-4100, but it worked!
Derek Brown 2020-12-04

Won\'t find my printer. Doesn\'t work or seek my new xp4105. My tablet keeps asking me to free up storage. I have plenty. Works well on my Samsung phone though, but even then, that took a lot of time and patience.