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Epsy - seizure, aura, medication epilepsy tracking



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Seizure tracking has never been easier. Think of Epsy as your daily companion to help you track the things that matter. This includes staying on top of your medication routine, as well as logging other factors that can affect your condition.

Over time, Epsy gives you a much clearer view of your epilepsy and what triggers it, making it easier to spot patterns and trends. This helps you understand your condition, leading to better conversations with your doctor to develop more informed treatment decisions, and live better with epilepsy.

Features included in the app:


Every time you have a seizure or other relevant experience, just open up Epsy and log the event to see it on your timeline. Doing this regularly helps you track your personal experience with epilepsy.


Get a medication reminder when your next dose is due. Use the app to set-up your medication plan, get useful nudges to help you remember and keep track of your medications as well as how they make you feel.

Use Epsy to manage your medications and track your seizures. Get to know your triggers, learn more about how your mood, sleep, diet, and other factors, can affect your condition. Show up for every appointment with all the useful information you need right inside the app.

Live better with Epilepsy by using Epsy.

Epsy is currently available only in the USA.

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:2.18.1 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:LivaNova USA

User Reviews


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know-it-alls knownothingatall 2021-01-19

I like the app but I wish there was an emergency contact button u could push to alert people that you are, in the middle of or have had a seizure. So that everyone in your support circle can be notified. Or maybe even a video chat emergency button you can push so your support can see you and call 911 or someone in your area that lives close (if you live alone, like I do), to you, to come & check on you.
jason thomas 2020-08-30

This app shows missed medications for 5 minutes late. That\'s not missed medication by any stretch of the imagination. Please fix this glitch or I will delete this app. Also, it shows missed medication when I haven\'t even made it to the time of day when I\'m supposed to take the medication. This app could be very useful.
Natalie C 2021-02-13

This app is not compatible with Android phones. I have the Samsung Galaxy S8. This app was incredible for a while. With every update it got worse. Today it wont even open up. Also, I am not able to get medication reminders which is extremely important. The support team has been great in communicating and trying to help. After countless messages back and forth, they still cant fix the bugs regarding Droid phones. Extremely frustrating.
tiffany hayes 2020-10-01

this app has helped me and my family so much. I love that it reminds you to take your meds and that u can lig side-effects,auras, and if you have a seizure
Joshua Briggs 2021-01-15

Thr app does pretty well in helping you track your meds and seizures as well as any episodes you have. It does have a couple of bugs to work out, but all in all, it\'s an easy app to use.
Tina Timmons Gathings 2020-10-07

Love this app. It so easy to use and reminds me of my meds. So much more to say by don\'t no how to say it. Its a must try. Highly recommended!
Tiffany Stokes 2020-10-10

Great app! If you have Epilepsy and I\'m sorry you do but we are fighters, this is a wonderful app to help keep your medications organized and set up reminders 😊!
Abby Poku 2021-01-17

I\'ve only used it for to track my sons seizures for a few days but I am looking for an alternative. There have been several times where I have logged seizures and medication and seen the check mark afterwards but would go back and nothing was logged. With everything else going on in our lives I need a reliable app to help me relay seizure frequency to the doctors.
Greg Rozenski 2021-02-06

I like the app quite a bit. However I find it frustrating that I can\'t print information. My neurologist doesn\'t use the doctors side of the program, so it is difficult to provide info like notes to my doctor. I work for the university my neurologist does & suspect it is due to HIPPA concerns or university policy. I also would like to pull it up on my computer. I like the convenience of doing things on my phone I would like to pull it up on a bigger screen at times.
TyCat7 the Furry 2020-10-13

Terrible. I\'m a brand spanking new user, and this app is FAR from user friendly. I can\'t even log a seizure from 10 years ago because I have to back track one day at a time despite have a month option listed. I\'m not taking any medications for this yet either, but this app keeps harassing me to list mine. I\'m going to visit a doctor soon for this condition, but I wanted to have a log ready using this app. Apparently, it\'s not easy.