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Description of Eredan Arena PVP

Incredibly fun, simply smart

Choose your 5 heroes team carefully, every decision you will make during combat can change the outcome!

Obtain new heroes, make them evolve and become the master of the arena !

Easy to get in, hard to master!

Easy to get in: With it's very fast and intuitive gameplay, you will get in the game in not time.

Build your deck: Hundreds of characters are available for you to master. The more you play, the bigger your team.

Evolve: Your characters skill evolve has you play. They keep getting better at what they do!

Play anywhere: Available on mobile and desktop, you can continue your battles and your climb in the charts anytime.

Lead the leagues! Show how good you are and win prizes along the way!

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More Information Of Eredan Arena PVP

lable: Card - Games Current Version:3.2.69 Publish Date:2021-06-01 Developer:Feerik Games

User Reviews


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Ranger Danger Oranger 2018-12-22

Good lord. This might be the most boring, most broken, most unbalanced card game ever. Every opponent runs with crazy over powered cards, you can\'t do anything against them. If you are reading this, stay the hell away from this mess. And don\'t let me start with the customer support. My game auto changed the language after a battle to italian or spanish and they can\'t do anything to change it back to english! Worst customer support than EA! Let that sink in.
Simply Watch 2017-02-10

At first I thought that this game is silly because of the battle is about rerolling dices and you rely on luck so I uninstall it. Then I download it again, give it a second chance. Then I realised that I can locked in the dice by touching it. If at first roll, all the dices are enough to successfully cast my card skills, you just touch all six dices and then press \"OK\"(the \"Reroll\" button will change to \"Ok\"). If not, you can reroll it twice. Choose combination that help you win the battle and you can rank up. Also what I love about this game is that even if you lose, you can loot and reward. Helps you get stronger.
TheGianKl 2017-03-29

Es el mejor juego que tendrás en playstore. pero hay cartas nivel 3 que son feas.. y me gustaría que hubiera ligas para las cartas nivel 2 y 1 y que pudieras usar las cartas de nivel 3 también para en esas ligas usar sus nivel 1 o 2.. para variar porque todo es nivel 3 nivel 3 y después de años jugando estoy un poco(pero muy muy poco.. casi nada) aburrido de eso jaja
Pedro Lanuza 2016-09-01

Not digging the seals update I\'ve been playing for over 2 and a 1/2 years. I LOVE this game. What I love about this game is that everything is balanced. No card is overpowering. All of them have strengths and weaknesses. But when you start adding ways to modify heroes then that\'s when this game is going to become broken. I\'m lowering my stars due to the new update.
Balmungxcx 2019-04-21

The game is pretty fun and a good time killer. I like the twist of rolling dice to activate your card\'s abilities. There\'s a lot of variety in character types, abilities and artwork that it makes it fun to collect new cards which also feels like a pretty constant flow. I would definitely recommend it to someone who wants to play a more casual card game with a twist of dice rolls but I can\'t say I recommend spending any money on the game.
Matt Harper 2018-12-10

Its such a fun game and its really easy to get into. BUT ITS SOOOOOO AGGRAVATING CAUSE THE FIGHTING STYLE IS UP TO CHANCE! you can know all the best moves for your character, you can strategize which character is best against who, BUT IF YOU DONT GET THE RIGHT ROLL YOURE FUUUUCCKKEEDDD... Love the game, BUT BLEH! FRECKIN BOLLZ
Stephen Rosales 2021-02-24

I\'ve been using this game to kill time since 2014 so I\'ve gathered my share of cards. Over the years I\'ve watched it become extremely pay-to-win. The EX cards available over the weekend will be able to out damage the old ones 9/10 times. Imagine your card does 3000 damage vs their card 7000+. Old cards are being updated, but at a random and uneven pace. Unless you\'re willing to pay you stand no chance of winning as a new player. Also, as of 2/23/21 the Scarab function doesn\'t always work.
Marcos Oritz 2019-12-18

Dont bother, I played for a long time, it still sucks even though I deleted it and downloaded it again. I have cool cards but I lose to everything, they all deal more damage and my dmg is less than what it says on my card. It\'s not balanced at all unless you pay more than 50 dollars to try to get something good. All my money has been a waste on this game. Even then you might get a level 1. I just want my money back at this point. The art is slacking. The art was better before, cheating ass game
Sifa Sengsouriya 2019-01-12

was a great game but now has become trash! anyone that is Ice is over powering. it has now became a Pay to win, theres no way you can just play and get those cards when they are exclusive. isnt only the Ice clan, there are a few others that are just over powering and if you use old cards, they cant even do anything anymore. I get damaged from using a spell come on now. also 2500 shield in 1 move, old cards get 250-500 shields in a move, 2500 in 1 move that\'s ridiculous!
Solomon Ojuromi 2020-01-02

Good Game, so many strategies to choose from but still would be 3 stars for now